Best Chicken Wings in Pacific Beach, San Diego

Want Some of the Best Wings in San Diego? Head to Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach has some of the best chicken wings in San Diego.
Pacific Beach has some of the best chicken wings in San Diego. Paul Poplis/StockFood Creative/Getty Images

When deciding on the best chicken wings in Pacific Beach (PB), it's almost as if declaring the best wings in all of San Diego as PB is known for having some of the most popular wings in the city. With a laidback vibe, PB is also the perfect place to eat a messy meal of hot, steaming chicken wings in San Diego. Bars line the streets of PB and most have some type of chicken wing on the menu, but there are a few bar and restaurant establishments in PB with wings that stand out high above the rest.

So if you're looking for some of the best chicken wings in San Diego, here are three places you should head to in Pacific Beach. 

Bub's Dive Bar: Wings with Archie Attitude

This self-proclaimed dive bar has peanut shells covering the ground and great beers on tap in an airy atmosphere. The wings are grilled and though Bub's Dive Bar offers a variety of sauces to toss the wings in, its house Archie sauce is a popular choice for many San Diego wings fanatics. The Archie sauce is a combination of Bub's spicy buffalo sauce and tangy honey mustard sauce. Head to Bub's on Wednesdays for its half-price wings special. Looking for a side dish for your wings? Try Bub's delectable tator tot nachos.
Address: 1030 Garnet Avenue, San Diego
Phone: 858-270-7269

710 Beach Club: Fried Wings by the Beach

710 Beach Club is located right next to the beach at the very end of Garnet Street. 710 serves up food and drinks in a chill environment, often with live entertainment. The wings at 710 get a nod as some of the best wings in San Diego thanks to them being fried, which gives them a crispy skin ideal for sinking your teeth into. You have an array of sauces to choose from at 710 Beach Club: buffalo, spicy garlic, red hot, Cajun hot, BBQ, honey mustard, spicy Thai, teriyaki and Daytona. For cheap wings, head to 710 Beach Club on Thursdays when its wings are half-off.
Address: 710 Garnet Avenue, San Diego
Phone: 858-483-7844

Dirty Birds: Best Wings in All of the Land?

Get into a debate about the best chicken wings in San Diego and not only will you find residents are very passionate about their favorite, you'll also find Dirty Birds comes up a lot as the best wings in town. Dirty Birds is a no-frills bar with wide windows that open onto Mission Boulevard and a vibe that's focused on fun. So maybe it's no wonder that a fun food such as spicy chicken wings has become a prominent fixture at Dirty Birds. The wing flavors at Dirty Birds are ranked from one to five for no heat to really hot. Try the five (the habanero sauce) if you dare. Dirty Birds has over 25 flavors, ranging from traditional options like BBQ and garlic herb to unique wing flavors like taco or margarita (tequila and lime flavoring). Dirty Birds also has a secret hot sauce recipe that it infuses into several of its sauces, such as its Dirty Blue and Honey Hot flavors. You can get a special on wings Monday through Friday at Dirty Birds during happy hour from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. when they're half off. On Tuesdays, happy hour lasts all day.

Address: 4656 Mission Boulevard, San Diego
Phone: 858-274-2473

The wings competition is fierce in Pacific Beach, which is a good thing for people in San Diego as you have lots of excellent places to choose from to get some wings. Once you've decided on your favorite wings place, you'll have one more choice to make: ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce?

Where is your favorite place to eat wings in Pacific Beach or elsewhere in San Diego?