Best Cheese Classes in NYC

NYC is a great place to explore the rich history, science and flavors of cheese. From hands-on classes, to tastings and wine pairings, NYC is home to hundreds of cheese classes from a variety of renowned fromagers and cheese shops.
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    Hands-on Mozzarella Making Class
    ••• Hands-on Mozzarella Making Class. Photo © Artisanal Premium Cheese, used with permission.

    Students will learn from the pros at Artisanal Premium Cheese how to make and taste fresh mozzarella cheese in this hands-on class. Class includes a one-of-a-kind tasting of fresh mozzarella from Italy and the US and attendees will leave with their very own homemade cheese.
    Class Details:
    Schedule: 2 hours
    Neighborhood: Hells Kitchen
    Price: $110

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    Mystery of the Caves at Murray's Cheese
    ••• Mystery of the Caves at Murray's Cheese. Photo © Murray's Cheese, used with permission.

    You’ll learn the basic practices and sciences behind cheese-making before venturing down into the cheese caves at Murray’s Cheese - one of the 50 coolest places in the world according to Conde Nast Traveler. On the unique guided subterranean tour, you’ll see and taste the benefits of the cheese aging process for yourself.
    Class Details:
    Schedule: 2 hours
    Neighborhood: Greenwich Village
    Price: $60

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    Love whiskey and cheese? Learn how to make them work together at this class hosted at The Homestead, the classroom inside The Bedford Cheese Shop. You’ll taste a flight of different whiskeys and pair them perfectly with their dairy counterparts.
    Class Details:
    Schedule: 1.5 hours
    Neighborhood: Flatiron District
    Price: $65

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    Learn how to assess a particular cheese and how to enhance it through ideal wine pairing. You’ll explore a variety of cheeses for their ripeness, flavor profiles, aromas and textures and find the wines to match. Hosting your very own gathering will never be the same.
    Class Details:
    Schedule: 2 hours
    Neighborhood: Hells Kitchen
    Price: $75