Best Catalina Island Hotels

Our Picks for Best Catalina Island Hotels by Type

Patio View from Hotel St Lauren
••• Patio View from Hotel St Lauren. David Prasad/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

The Catalina Island hotels listed below are the best in their category in Avalon. If none of these hotels meet your needs, or if they're all booked up, the Visitors Bureau, maintains a list of rooms available in all the Catalina Island hotels.

Have reasonable expectations no matter where you decide to stay. You'll pay more for Catalina Island hotels than you would on the mainland. Most Catalina Island hotels will also require a two-day minimum reservation on weekends and three days if it's a holiday weekend.

Best View

The Zane Grey Hotel is undergoing renovation, but the Inn on Mt. Ada also has fantastic views.

Best Value for Money

The Aurora Hotel isn't the cheapest of all Catalina Island hotels, but offers the best price-to-quality ratio. Lower-priced rooms at the Aurora are far superior to those at other similar-priced properties in town. Read guest reviews and compare prices for the Aurora Hotel at Tripadvisor

Best for Families

Pavilion Hotel: Located right in the middle of town and across the street from the beach, the Pavilion Hotel is one of the more moderately-priced Catalina Island hotels and each room can accommodate up to 5 people. Read guest reviews and compare prices for the Pavilion Hotel at Tripadvisor

Best Luxury/Romantic Hotel

Avalon Hotel: Located just steps from the waterfront and simply gorgeous Craftsman-style touches. Read guest reviews and compare prices for the Avalon Hotel on Tripadvisor

Best Inexpensive Hotel

Hotel Atwater: Highly rated by people who stay at the hotel and some of the lowest prices in town. Read guest reviews and compare prices for the Hotel Atwater at Tripadvisor

Best Moderate-Priced Bed and Breakfast

Old Turner Inn: Comfortable surroundings in a pretty house. Read guest reviews and compare prices for the Old Turner Inn at Tripadvisor