The Best Camping Lunch Recipes

Our Favorite Camping Recipes to Make For the Lunch Course

Lunch recipes for the campground
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Our favorite camping lunch recipes are simple and tasty and can be prepared with minimal effort, no hassle, or and include very easy clean up. You'll love our favorite camping lunches like dogs in a sleeping bag, campfire pizza, or turkey burgers.  Try one of our favorite campground sandwich recipes for lunch, or a variation of tacos in a bag for the last day at the campground. 

If you aren't eating delicious food and enjoying cooking great meals all day at the campground, then you are doing something wrong!

Try preparing one of our favorite recipes for the lunch course. 


Hamburgers and hot dogs are certainly popular camping choices, but sandwiches, in general, are a big hit too. Try these sandwich camping recipes for a nice change.


A nice hot bowl of soup will warm your bones at the campground, and most of them are easy to make. Try one of our favorite camping soup recipes on a cold day for a campground lunch. 

Pigs in a Blanket

This Pigs in the blanket recipe it is simple and Kids, along with adults, love it. Put it on a stick, and kids can eat it like a corndog.


You can use ham, pineapple, mushrooms, sausage or anything left over that you would eat on a pizza. Add your favorite toppings and go. 

Scram Burgers

This scram burger recipe is great for getting a burger that's good for different size eaters. Adults and kids will love to scram their burger. 

Sloppy Daves

Lightly toast the buns and serve with potato salad and baked beans.

Try topping with hot salsa or hot sauce of your choice. 

Sloppy Joes

Who doesn't like Sloppy Joes? Try this easy recipe at the campground. It goes great with Cole Slaw and potato chips.

Tacos in a Bag #1

Tacos in a bag are a popular lunch camping recipe because they are easy and require minimal cleanup Everyone can customize their own ingredients.

It's great for the last meal before breaking camp because of the easy cleanup. This is the favorite recipe of Girl Scout Troop #149. Note: use Ziploc Heat-resistant bags

Tacos in a Bag #2

This recipe is very flexible as you can prep as much as you like. It all depends on your eaters. Usually, one bag will fill up an adult male. I got this idea when I worked in a school, and they used these as a fundraiser at tournaments.

Tonka Toaster Tacos

Our Scout troop created this as an alternative to the grilled cheese we normally teach Girl Scouts in the pie irons.

Turkey Burgers

A delicious turkey burger camping recipe. Can be frozen and reheated.

Updated and Edited by Camping Expert Monica Prelle.