The 11 Best Camping Chairs of 2022

Use these top picks when you need a good rest from adventuring

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Anyone who has ever sat in a saggy, unsupportive and uncomfortable camping chair knows how important it is to choose your chairs wisely. But with so many on the market, finding a durable and comfy camping chair that meets your needs can feel like an overwhelming task. When shopping, you should first consider what you want most out of your camping chair. If portability is important, look for one that’s lightweight, but if you’re most concerned about comfort, you may opt for a chair that’s a bit bulkier and padded. Whether you’re looking for a compact supportive chair, the perfect chair for stargazing, or a reasonably-priced chair to buy in bulk for the family camping trip, we’ve got the perfect one for you. 

Read on to see the best camping chairs available.

The Rundown

Best Overall: Coleman Cooler Camping Chair at Amazon

The steel frame supports up to 325 pounds and comes in four colors to match your other camping accessories.

Best Value: Stoic Fireside Side Table Camping Chair at Amazon

Enjoy a hearty meal after a long hike with this affordable chair that features a built-in side table.

Best Folding: Alps Mountaineering Chair at Amazon

With the ability to fold easily into its storage bag, you'll be able to carry this chair on many adventures.

Best Reclining: Nemo Stargaze Chair at Amazon

Recline, stargaze, and enjoy a well-deserved drink in this aptly named chair.

Best Lightweight: Helinox Chair One at Amazon

Weighing only 2 pounds, the Helinox Chair One can easily be taken on any camping or backpacking trip.

Best Compact: Cliq Chair at Amazon

The bottle-sized chair packs so small you can easily pack six of these into a backpack.

Best Lounger: Stoic Fireside Lounger at Amazon

With two cup holders and mesh panels for ventilation, this lounger is ideal for cooling off.

Best Wood: Orvis Folding Chair at Orvis

This American-made ash hardwood camping chair will serve as a permanent fixture in your backyard or trunk.

Best for Kids: L.L.Bean Packlite Chair at L.L. Bean

Collapses down to a small size for grown-ups or kids to haul around during camping.

Best Luxury: Yeti Trailhead at Amazon

The sophisticated look of this camping chair will fit right in with a high end, well-manicured backyard.

Best Overall: Coleman Cooler Camping Chair

This high-rated camping chair from Coleman will help you relax after a long day of hiking. True to what the Coleman brand is known for—beverage containers—the camping chair can hold up to four cans and keep them cool at the same time. There’s also a fully cushioned seat and back to keep you comfortable and in place while watching the stars or campfire dance before your eyes. The steel frame supports up to 325 pounds and comes in four fun colors—black, blue, grey, and red—to match with your other camping accessories.

Best Value: Stoic Fireside Side Table Camping Chair

The budget-friendly Stoic Fireside Side Table Camping Chair is a great option for those that like to have a meal after a long hike or day of road trip adventures. The built-in side table allows you to place a small plate of food down along with a beverage inside the cup holder compartment. The chair is constructed of polyester with a durable steel frame and makes hiking with the product seamless as it folds into its own bag for easy hauling.

Best Folding: Alps Mountaineering Chair

With the ability to fold easily into its shoulder carrying bag, you'll be able to carry your Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair on an unlimited amount of outdoor adventures without the cumbersomeness of chairs that do not fold. Holding a massive weight of up to 800 pounds makes this option versatile for different types of people. There are also clever storage capabilities like the cup holder and a side pocket on the armrest to hold your keys and camping essentials while lounging.

Best Reclining: Nemo Stargaze Chair

The high price point for the Nemo Stargaze Chair has to do with its top-tier engineering: there is a low center of gravity in the seat and an extended fit range. Oh, and the chair also swivels so that you can enjoy conversation, whether in a circle or behind you. If you have a beverage to cool off after your hike, plop it down into the no-spill cupholder. The chair also reclines with the aircraft quality aluminum legs, which allows you to gaze at the stars before heading in for a restful night's sleep.

Best Lightweight: Helinox Chair One

Weighing only 2 pounds, the Helinox Chair One can easily be taken on any camping or backpacking trip. The collapsible chair fits snugly inside a drawstring bag. The Chair One is made with a woven 600D polyester that is both weather and UV-resistant, and resists tears, abrasions, and wipes clean so you can use it on countless outdoor adventures. What’s better, there are multiple colors to choose from to pair with your outdoor attire like forest green, blue stripe, and tan.

Best Compact: Cliq Chair

When bringing the gang on your next adventure, the Cliq Chair is a must carry: being both lightweight and packing super small into a backpack makes for easy hiking with groups or couples. The bottle-sized chair packs so small you can easily carry up to six of these chairs in your bag. The product is durable too: it's double seamed; has solid rubber feet tips; rustproof legs; and a tear-proof construction.

The chair sits a comfortable 10 inches off the ground and can hold people that weigh 300 pounds or less. Have back pain? The chair is also designed with lumbar support to support the curves of your back.

Best Lounger: Stoic Fireside Lounger

The Stoic Fireside Lounger comes in a fun, bright Merlot color that you should be able to spot your campmates seated in from a far distance. After a sweaty hike, the two cup holders will be a welcome relief to set your cool beverages inside. If you decide to camp in a warm-weather destination, then this is a fitting chair with its mesh panels, which allow for cool air to flow through. The collapsible chair comes with its own bag for easy hauling from your RV or on long hikes.

Best Wood: Orvis Folding Chair

Orvis Folding Chair

Courtesy of Orvis

If you’re searching for a great looking chair that is both sturdy and can serve as either a folding camping chair or a permanent fixture in your backyard, then the Orvis Folding Chair is a good fit. It features an American-made ash hardwood construction, along with a fade-resistant green canvas that is held open with ChairLock buckle closures. The chair also folds down flat: perfect for fitting inside a snug trunk or backseat.

Best for Kids: L.L.Bean Packlite Chair

L.L.Bean Packlite Chair

Courtesy of L.L.Bean 

The L.L. Bean Packlite camp chair is small enough for a 4 year old and light enough for them to move it around on their own. Of course, it’s also a fit for adults, holding hundreds of pounds of body weight. The 2 pound, 11-ounce chair collapses down to a small size for grown-ups to haul around during camping or hiking. The fabric is durable and the aluminum frame is lightweight. There are two modern patterns to choose from: either the red Buffalo Plaid or the blue Night Sunrise.

Best Luxury: Yeti Trailhead

The sleek flex grid fabric is the first thing you notice about the Yeti Trailhead. Although it’s a collapsible camping chair with its own carrying bag, its sophisticated look would fit right in with a high end, well-manicured backyard. Supporting up to 500 lbs of weight, the Trailhead has lockdown comfort technology that curves with the back and arms so that you have enough energy to get back out onto the trail after a good rest.

Best Zero Gravity Chair: Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair

You can envision the astronaut you grew up admiring while plopped down in this camping chair. The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair reclines to 160 degrees so that you are fully laid back, simulating the gravity-free environment that astronauts experience in space. Reducing back and leg pressure by elevating you to zero gravity, you can recline as easily as if you were in your granddaddy’s La-Z-Boy.

The chair is fully padded, including the seat and the removable pillow for both head and lumbar support. It’s heavier than most other camping chairs, so this works better for car camping, rather than carrying it with you while hiking to an overnight camp spot. However, it takes only seconds to disassemble, saves space once it's folded up, and doesn't require assembly.

Final Verdict

Our top pick goes to Coleman's Cooler Camping Chair (view at Amazon), which features a built-in cooler, adjustable armrests, and storage pockets. Even though it's reasonably priced, this high-quality chair has a cushioned seat and can hold up to 325 pounds.

What To Look For in a Camping Chair


Those with bad backs should consider chairs that have extra padding in the seat and upper back. After a long day of hiking or setting up camp, you'll be happy that your chair is comfortable enough to spend a few hours by the campfire in. Some chairs are also made with lumbar support built into the frame and come with pillows attached for an extra layer of padding.


Some camping chairs are made better than others. If you're planning on using it outside often, the material will help your chair last for multiple adventures. Look for durable legs made of rust-free aluminum, steel, or wood. The chair's fabric should also be strong enough to hold a lot of body weight. Nylon and other mesh fabrics are great options that can also be UV-resistant, which will help extend the life of the chair.


A camping chair's overall weight is an important factor to think about before making a purchasing decision. People who go for long backpacking trips or use campsites that aren't close to their cars will need a lightweight chair. Chairs that come with a carrying bag will also prove useful as it will leave hands free to haul other items on trips.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How should I store my camping chairs?

    You can store your camping chairs in a garage, shed, attic, crawl space, or basement. To ensure they don't become damaged, you may want to put the chairs in oversized storage bins or cover with a blanket or tarp. Also consider the environment where you'll be storing your chairs to prevent rusting or molding.

  • How should I clean my camping chair?

    When you're enjoying the outdoors, dirtying or staining your camp chairs is likely. You can start by brushing off the surface of the chair. A method to consider is spraying the chair with a mixture of 1/3 warm water and 2/3 vinegar. With a cloth or sponge, scrub the chair. Then, clean the legs of the chair with warm water and some mild soap. Rinse the chair entirely and allow to air dry. However, before attempting to clean with any of your own methods, be sure to look at the product's tags to see if there are any specific instructions on how to clean it.

  • Are camping chairs good for the beach?

    You can absolutely take your camping chairs to the beach, but it's important to consider how portable they are and sturdiness in sand. You should also test for comfort, as some camping chairs might be too elevated, so you may not be able to stretch out your legs onto the warm sand. Another factor to take into account is weight. You won't want to lug a heavy camping chair across the beach with the sun beating down on your back.

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