The 11 Best Camping Blankets of 2022

Make base on your next adventure with these blankets

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Camping in the cold is no fun. Cozy up to a fire with a blanket draped over your shoulders and enjoy the night sky — without shivering. But every outdoor adventure requires different gear. So before settling on a camping blanket, it's important to keep some factors in mind.

Are you sharing a blanket with some friends? If so, it's important to opt for oversized. Is your dog tagging along? You'll want to make sure your blanket is pet-proof. Will you be lugging around a backpack? Then a blanket made of lightweight material will be key.

With endless blankets to choose from, deciding which to buy can be overwhelming. Here are the best camping blankets to take to a national park or your backyard.

The Rundown

Best Overall: Yeti Lowlands Blanket at Amazon

Pet-friendly and made for all terrains, the Yeti is ready for any adventure.

Best Budget: Kelty Bestie Blanket at Amazon

It's perfectly sized, comes with a stuff sack, and has an accessible price tag.

Best Lightweight: Patagonia Macro Puff Quilt at Patagonia

Although it's nearly a queen-size blanket, the Macro Puff only weighs 27.4 ounces.

Best Oversized: Sorison Large Puffy Camping Blanket at Amazon

This oversized blanket measures 80 x 54 inches, so it's big enough for two or three people.

Best Down: Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket at Amazon

The down and feather filling boasts the perfect blend of weight and warmth.

Best Waterproof: L.L. Bean Waterproof Outdoor Blanket at L.L. Bean

Coated with rugged, durable polyurethane that effectively keeps out moisture.

Best Fleece: Kammok Mountain Blanket at REI

Decidedly softer than your average camping blanket, the Mountain Blanket is crafted from plush fleece.

Best Wool: Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket at Amazon

If you frequently camp in cold temperatures, this cozy wool blanket is a fantastic pick.

Best Print: REI Co-op Camp Blanket at REI

This vibrantly colored camp blanket is stylish and more functional than others.

Best Insulated: Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy Blanket at Rumpl

Made from 100 percent recycled NanoLoft insulation.

Best Overall: Yeti Lowlands Blanket

Nothing is worse than plopping down on a blanket and feeling the wet, cold ground seep through. Thanks to its waterproof Hydrobarrier, the Yeti Lowlands Blanket keeps you warm and dry—no matter where you've made camp. Though it's a little bit heavier than other models on this list, the Yeti wins us over with its versatility and durability. This all-terrain model is great for car camping, tailgating, and backcountry adventures. Padding and insulation keeps it comfy on the inside while a durable, waterproof cover repels dirt and pet hairs, so fido can nap on it as well. Just throw the Lowlands blanket into the washer and it'll be ready for your next adventure.

Best Budget: Kelty Bestie Blanket

Outdoor-savvy shoppers on a budget should look to the Kelty Bestie Blanket for its cozy insulation, softness, packable size, and accessible price tag. Weighing just 1.8 pounds, with a stuff sack size of 6.7 x 11.8 inches, this blanket packs up easily and takes up very little space. You could even opt to simply keep it in your car, for on-the-fly camping adventures. The Bestie comes in four cool colors (shades of purple, light blue, brown, and navy), and, crucially, the soft-brushed fabric on both sides is silky to the touch. It’s perfectly sized for picnicking on the grass, adding an extra layer of warmth and insulation to your sleeping bag, or wrapping around your shoulders while you chow down on s’mores.

Best Lightweight: Patagonia Macro Puff Quilt

Patagonia Macro Puff Quilt

 Courtesy of Patagonia

No surprise to outdoor gear-heads everywhere, Patagonia makes an incredible lightweight camping blanket: the Macro Puff Quilt. Although it’s nearly a queen-size blanket, the Macro Puff weighs just 27.4 ounces and packs up easily into its included stuff sack, taking up virtually zero space inside your car—a key criterion of any good camp blanket. It's crafted from ultralight, water-resistant shell fabric and treated with a durable water repellent finish, so it stays warm when wet, while the feather-light PlumaFill insulation keeps you feeling nice and toasty when the temperatures start to dip. Not to mention, this blanket has webbing loops at all four corners, so that you can hang it from a tree if necessary, or even attach it to your sleep pad.   

Best Oversized: Sorison Large Puffy Camping Blanket

Cuddle up next to the campfire in Sorison’s Large Puffy Camping Blanket, and you’ll never be cold—this plush oversized camp blanket is made with roughly three to five times' more Atomic Loft insulation than other blankets, which is a soft blend of synthetic down and microfiber that provides supreme comfort and warmth. This blanket is 2.8 pounds and over 80 x 54 inches, so it’s nearly big enough for two or three people. The 20D ripstop nylon fabric is tough enough to withstand years and years of campouts. In a clever touch, it also comes equipped with a sizable secret pocket and a stuff sack with shoulder straps, to allow for easy transport.

Best Down: Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket

Durable and lightweight, the Down Camping Blanket from Horizon Hound is made from high-quality, responsibly-sourced down material. Not only that, but the down and feather filling boasts the perfect blend of weight and warmth—it’s everything you need to stay cozy and warm throughout all four seasons. The 20D ripstop nylon outer is also resistant to water, sand, and animal fur so it will be easy to care for while outdoors. Take your pick from two sizes, the Trek (11 x 5.5. x 16 inches) and the GR20 (12 x 6.5 x 18 inches). The manufacturer recommends the Trek for use in warmer climates, while the GR20 is best for colder months.

Best Waterproof: L.L. Bean Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

L.L. Bean Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

 Courtesy of L.L. Bean

Don’t let the rain ruin your camping fun. If you know you’ll be camping in inclement weather, a genuinely waterproof blanket is a must-have. Whenever you get caught in a light drizzle, it’s L.L. Bean’s Waterproof Outdoor Blanket to the rescue. The top of this blanket is crafted with 100 percent polyester fleece, while the bottom is made with 100 percent nylon, which is coated with rugged, durable polyurethane that effectively keeps out moisture. This blanket also rolls up easily into the included stuff sack and washes well. And, at 80 x 72 inches, it’s large enough to comfortably let two people wrap up underneath or even four people sit on top of it.

Best Fleece: Kammok Mountain Blanket

Kammok Mountain Blanket

Courtesy of REI

Decidedly softer than your average camping blanket, the Kammok Mountain Blanket is crafted from plush fleece that brings the utmost comfort to your campsite. And that’s just one side of this versatile blanket—the other side is made from a hardy 40-denier ripstop with a Durable Water Repellent Finish, making it resistant to dirt, moisture, and rips. As if that weren’t enough, this blanket can transform into a variety of different modes, thanks to the multiple snaps along the edge. It can go from camp blanket to minimalist sleeping bag to pillow (with the help of the reversible stuff sack), and, with the center opening, it even turns into a poncho—perfect for those times when you need to stay warm and dry, but want to keep your hands free. 

Best Wool: Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket

If you frequently camp in cold temperatures, the Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket is a fantastic pick. Made entirely of a high-quality blend of wool (86 percent) and cotton (14 percent), this blanket offers a blast of warmth that’ll have you feeling cozy in the chilliest weather. It also won’t trap odors and isn’t the least bit scratchy, unlike some other wool camp blankets. Measuring 84 x 66 inches, this blanket is roomy enough to wrap around multiple people’s shoulders and you could even use it as a bed cover if desired. Not to mention, with its vibrant colors and cool striped pattern, the Yakima was basically made for the 'gram (#vanlife, anyone?).

Best Print: REI Co-op Camp Blanket

REI Co-op Camp Blanket

 Courtesy of REI

Who says you have to drape yourself in a standard brown or black blanket when you’re camping? The vibrantly colored REI Co-op Camp Blanket is both stylish and cozy, and more functional than most. It’s made with soft, ripstop nylon that has a DWR finish that sheds both water and dirt. The quilted construction keeps the fiber insulation evenly distributed to help eliminate cold spots, which is always a huge plus when you’re outdoors. This blanket is machine-washable, comes with a stuff sack, and measures in at 70 x 54 inches and 1.6 pounds.

Best Insulated: Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy Blanket

NanoLoft® Puffy Blanket - Black

Courtesy of Rumpl

Synthetic insulation is beloved among outdoor lovers for its ability to mimic traditional down while also being quick-drying and highly durable. Unlike blankets made from regular down, the NanoLoft Puffy Blanket is made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled NanoLoft insulation, making it an eco-friendly and long-lasting option. The blanket’s technology traps warmth inside tiny pockets of air to help provide you with comfort when you’re camping. There’s even a DWR finish, for stain and water resistance, and a Cape Clip for hands-free use. Opt for the one- or two-person size depending on your needs, both of which pack up neatly into 6 x 14 inches and 8 x 16 inches, respectively.

Best for Backpacking: Matadoor Pocket Blanket 2.0

For the dedicated backpacker (or even just the camping minimalist), size and portability are important considerations when it comes to a camp blanket. The Matador Pocket Blanket weighs just 3.8 ounces and packs within seconds, so it’s ideal for the backcountry. This go-anywhere blanket is also incredibly durable—it’s puncture-resistant, water-repellent, and even includes ground stakes, weighted corners, and sand pockets in case it’s windy out. It's available in four snazzy colors: red, black, alpine green, and ocean. This blanket is 63 x 44 inches and comes with an integrated storage pouch.

Final Verdict

The Yeti Lowlands Blanket (view at Amazon) is our top choice for its fabulous insulation properties and stain-resistant construction. It keeps you dry and doesn't get dirty easily, which are the two must-have features of any good camping blanket. But if you are trying to stay on a budget, the Kelty Bestie Blanket (view at Amazon) saves on price without skimping on features.

What to Look for in a Camping Blanket


The best camp blankets are designed to withstand the elements and the natural wear and tear that comes with the territory. Look for a blanket that’s made of ripstop nylon, high-quality cotton, fleece, or wool to ensure that it’s designed to last. Ideally, your blanket should also have a durable water repellent finish (DWR), to help keep ground moisture at bay.  


Your camp blanket should add a significant layer of warmth to your body, not just look Instagram-worthy (although that doesn’t hurt, of course). This means that it should provide hefty insulation (not just thickness) and keep you warm down to at least 40 degrees, if not colder. Don’t just get a random wool blanket; get a technical blanket from a trusted outdoor retailer.


It’s always a huge plus when your camp blanket can act as a stand-in for your sleeping bag or fold up into a pillow if you’re in a pinch. Some blankets are designed to convert into various forms, rendering them a more practical, versatile choice than others. And if you’re headed into the backcountry, your blanket should fold up neatly into a compact, lightweight square.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are some non-flammable blanket materials?

    If you plan on singing around the campfire, you should consider flammability when purchasing a blanket — especially if you have young children. Materials like polyester, wool, nylon, and silk are fire resistant. They tend to self-extinguish and are hard to set afire. Cotton and linen, by contrast, are especially flammable.

  • How do I clean a camping blanket?

    Many camping blankets can be washed and dried by machine at the settings you'd select for your clothing. However, this is something you should confirm by looking at tags on the blanket or through searching for the product's features on the retailer's website. Wool blankets, for instance, may require dry cleaning.

  • Do I need a sleeping bag in addition to a camping blanket?

    You should consider temperature when deciding whether or not to bring a sleeping bag as well as a camping blanket. Sleeping bags come in different shapes and sizes and are designed for specific temperature ranges so they can comfortably insulate you from the cold.

    In colder weather, you should consider pairing a camping blanket with a sleeping bag because blankets typically lack a zipper and hood, which can better trap heat. For the spring or summer, a camping blanket alone may be sufficient and will also be easier to carry as they are typically more lightweight than sleeping bags.

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