The Best Campground Reviews and Ratings

Your guide to the AAA, Trailer Life, Wheelers, and Woodall's campground ratings.

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Campground ratings, reviews, and travel guides can be helpful when planning your next camping trip. There are several reputable organizations, which rate campgrounds based on user experience and other criteria. Their names may be familiar to you: AAA, Trailer Life, Wheelers, and Woodall's. Their ratings are a benchmark that measures how well a campground meets various industry standards.

Typically, only private campgrounds are rated. Public campgrounds at state parks, national parks and forests, BLM areas, and Army Corps of Engineers are usually consistent in their amenities, services, and regulations.

Top Campground Reviews and Ratings

  • AAA Approved Campgrounds and Reviews - AAA maintains a continual program to inspect and evaluate every campground listed in its AAA CampBooks. Each campground is inspected annually and must meet specified requirements in order to be listed. Campgrounds displaying the AAA emblem can usually be relied on for quality service.
  • Trailer Life Campground Reviews- Trailer Life rates campgrounds annually on three areas of service: completeness and quality of facilities, cleanliness and physical characteristics of restrooms and showers, and visual appeal and environmental quality. The highest ratings would be 10/10/10. You can find these ratings on Trailer Life's online campground directory.
  • Wheelers RV and Campground Resort Guide - Wheelers uses a five-star rating system, with five stars indicating better than average in most services, three stars being normal expectations, and one star being below average. Ratings are collected by VIP Wheelers Reporters who have actually stayed at the campgrounds. These ratings are available in Wheeler's online campground directory.
  • Woodall's RV Travel Guides  - Woodall's inspects campgrounds annually to compile their "Diamond-W" ratings, the most thorough, yet complex ratings of them all. You can view campground descriptions and ratings on Woodall's Web site.
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