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Whether you’re the owner of a mom-and-pop property with 20 sites or the manager for a major state RV park, running a campground manually is a herculean task. Fortunately, there is software that can make your life easier by providing an end-to-end management solution, leaving you with more free time and a better bottom line.

Campground management software can vary greatly in terms of features, price, and the extent to which it can be customized, but most have a few key elements in common including real-time reservations and online bookings, integrated point-of-sale and inventory, and automated accounts and reporting. Read on to discover our favorite campground management software.

The Rundown
  • Best Overall: Campspot
  • Best Runner-Up: RMS
  • Best Customer Service: CampLife
  • Best for First-Time Users: Bonfire
  • Best for Advanced Users: Astra
  • Best for Larger Campsites: Guest Tracker
  • Best for Reservations Only: RoverPass

Best Overall: Campspot



Why We Chose It: We chose Campspot as our overall winner because of its intuitive design and clever features that help to maximize your revenue.

What We Like
  • Easy-to-use software

  • Innovative features designed to increase income

  • No setup, import, or subscription fees

What We Don’t Like
  • Limited discount application during the booking process

  • Some users report occasional glitches

  • More complex functions may be irrelevant for smaller campgrounds

Founded in 2015, cloud-based campground management software Campspot was created by campground owners for campground owners. It is the ideal solution for all kinds of outdoor hospitality properties across North America, from RV parks to private and municipal campgrounds. With a stellar rating on Capterra, reviewers love how easy the software is to use as well as the company’s first-class customer service. 

Standout features include automatic grid optimization, dynamic pricing according to demand, and point-of-sale management for processing secure credit card payments and tracking inventory in real-time. The Lock Site feature is a particular highlight, driving revenue by encouraging prospective campers to pay an additional fee to reserve a specific campsite.

Best of all, Campspot doesn’t require a long-term contract or charge setup, import, or subscription fees. Instead, it costs roughly $2 per online booking.

Best Runner-Up: RMS



Why We Chose It: We chose RMS for its highly customizable nature, which allows you to tailor its features to suit the specifics of your campground and target clientele.

What We Like
  • Can be customized to suit all properties

  • Allows guests to manage bookings from their cellphone

  • Support team is available 24/7

What We Don’t Like
  • Some users find the software difficult to use initially

  • Set-up time can be lengthy

  • Integration with online travel agencies (OTAs) could be improved

Founded in 1985, RMS knows how to help you increase your reservations and revenue while also saving valuable time and money. The company’s cloud-based campground management software can be configured to suit the individual characteristics of your property, with customizable elements including rate plans, site types, add-on charges, campground rules, and much more. You can even manage multiple campgrounds via a single platform. 

Other features that make RMS a valuable choice include a "book now" function on your website, dynamic pricing, and interactive property maps. The guest experience has dramatically improved as well, thanks to a mobile check-in feature that allows them to review policies, redeem special offers, and pay securely on their phone. RMS also creates automated reports and detailed guest profiles for targeted marketing purposes.

Best Customer Service: CampLife



Why We Chose It: Near-perfect reviews and a reputation for knowledgeable staff that go above and beyond to help with training and troubleshooting make CampLife our top choice for customer service.

What We Like
  • Excellent customer support and training

  • Flexible pricing based on three different plans

  • Accessible via the cloud from anywhere in the world

What We Don’t Like
  • Standard plan excludes some key features

  • Most plans charge an additional online reservation fee

  • All plans involve a one-off implementation fee

With a high rating on Capterra and enthusiastic reviews from current users, CampLife is known for its excellent customer service.

The software was developed by campers with a clear idea of what good campground hospitality should look like and can be tailored to suit parks and resorts of any size. There are three plans: Standard, Premium, and Unlimited. All of them include an online reservation system, mobile check-in, an interactive campground map, and point-of-sale reporting. 

Added features of the Premium and Unlimited plans range from dynamic pricing to Quickbooks integration. Customer support and training are always free. To get started, simply schedule a detailed demo with an expert team member.

Prices depend on the plan you choose and how many campsites you have, but start from about $99 per month. Expect to pay an implementation fee and a fee for each reservation made through the service's website. The Unlimited plan does not have a reservation fee.

Best for First-Time Users: Bonfire



Why We Chose It: Bonfire stands out as the best choice for first-time users because of its intuitive interface and excellent training materials.

What We Like
  • Access to 24-hour support

  • Online library of how-to videos

  • No contracts or per-reservation fees

What We Don’t Like
  • Monthly subscription is relatively expensive

  • Some users report compatibility issues with Apple products

If you’re thinking of making the move from a notepad and pen to digital campground management software for the first time, choosing cloud-based Bonfire will make the transition a lot easier. The software is designed with a focus on simplicity and ease-of-use, with 24/7 support and free training. We particularly like that every customer has the ability to speak directly with its co-founder to discuss any queries or issues. 

Bonfire also provides access to an online library of FAQ videos that explain everything from how to add amenities and electric meter charges, to how to upload photos and apply dynamic pricing rates.

The software includes an all-in-one reservation system for online bookings, secure credit card payments, and automated core industry reporting. Request a free demo before deciding to buy, then opt for a monthly subscription (about $150 per month) or a discounted yearly subscription (around $1,500).

Best for Advanced Users: Astra



Why We Chose It: Astra is our top pick for those in search of a more comprehensive management tool due to the incredible variety and flexibility of its features.

What We Like
  • Can be hosted locally or via the cloud

  • Includes a listing on

  • Comprehensive financial and accounting reports

What We Don’t Like
  • Users report a steep initial learning curve

  • Some say that it is difficult to make changes independently

Astra can be stored either via the cloud or on your desktop, with the latter option being an ideal solution for campsites with unreliable internet.

It is an advanced choice, with an almost overwhelming variety of features (many of which can be fully customized). Highlights include real-time, around-the-clock, online booking via your own website, and an included listing on Plus, there's the ability to view and manage availability both via a grid and an interactive park map. 

You can implement multi-tier pricing rules, set up recurring charges and automatic payments for long-term guests, and allow for payment via credit card, debit card, or gift card. Your store inventory is managed automatically, and custom financial reports can be integrated with popular accounting packages, including QuickBooks Pro.

Although reviewers suggest that Astra’s learning curve can be considerable, dedicated staff are on hand for training and support throughout.

Best for Larger Campsites: Guest Tracker

Guest Tracker

 Guest Tracker

Why We Chose It: We chose Guest Tracker due to the company’s experience in managing state and provincial parks, marinas, and lodges, as well as private campgrounds.

What We Like
  • Over 15 years of campground management experience

  • Plans can be customized according to number of units

  • Option to enable campsite activity bookings

What We Don’t Like
  • Commission fees apply to the Essentials plan

  • Some users have difficulties using reporting features

  • Desktop version is not compatible with Apple without additional software

Guest Tracker software can be customized to suit any property size and the company specializes in providing solutions for campgrounds including large state and provincial parks.

Start by choosing between two plans—the Essentials or the Enhanced—and then decide which additional features are relevant to your business. You can also choose to store the software via the cloud on a subscription basis, or make a one-time purchase and have it installed on your desktop for easy offline access. 

Guest Tracker enables guests to make online reservations via a mobile or desktop device. It also allows you to implement custom and seasonal rates, and to offer permits, camp packages, and online activity bookings.

Use the integrated point-of-sale system to keep track of store inventory, and the OTA integration to show real-time availability on sites like VRBO. Should you need emergency assistance, Guest Tracker’s support staff are available 24/7.

Best for Reservations Only: RoverPass



Why We Chose It: RoverPass made our list because of the visibility it gives your campground by including it in the company’s extensive online marketplace.

What We Like
  • Site Lock feature helps to generate extra income

  • Considerable flexibility in terms of pricing options and contract lengths

  • Exposure to over 30 million users on the RoverPass marketplace

What We Don’t Like
  • No option to integrate with other OTAs

  • Some users report occasional technical glitches

  • Per-reservation fee is higher than most competitors

Campground owners that solely wish to digitize their reservations system will appreciate the focus and simplicity of RoverPass.

All clients can join the RoverPass online marketplace, which increases your bookings by allowing your property to be found by more than 30 million users. Choose the Central Reservations System version and allow customers to book directly online.

You can configure the rules and rates to your unique requirements, and adjust them according to site type, season, holiday dates, and days of the week. Implement the Site Lock feature, and generate additional income by allowing guests to pay extra for a specific site.

Payments are processed securely online, and you can even communicate directly with your clients via the platform. Ask for a free demo, benefit from 24/7 support, and payment option includes a monthly subscription with a $5 reservation fee.

Bottom Line

The best camp management software for you depends on the size of your property, the complexity of your site rules and amenities, how tech-savvy you are, and your budget. Need a solution that’s easy to set up and quick to learn? Bonfire is our top pick for first-time users. Want something with more in-depth features? Try Astra or Guest Tracker. CampLife stands out for its exemplary customer service, while RoverPass is a great option for those that want little more than an online reservations system. For software that caters to the widest range of properties, we chose Campspot and RMS as our winner and runner-up, respectively. 

What Is Campground Management Software?

Campground management software is ideal for people who work in the hospitality industry. It helps campground owners manage rates, on-site rentals, reservations, and accounting.

Can I Customize My Campground Management Software to Suit My Site?

Absolutely. All of the software listed here allow some degree of customization in terms of camp rules and rates. Astra and Guest Tracker are particularly flexible, with the former offering options for multi-tier pricing, recurring charges, and automatic payments; and the latter allows for online activity bookings.

How We Chose the Best Campground Management Software

Narrowing the many campground management software services out there involved carefully researching each one and comparing its features, terms, and pricing. To be sure that the companies consistently deliver on the promises made on their websites, we also read independent reviews from past and present users on software marketplaces like Capterra and companies had to have a top rating to be considered. 

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