The 11 Best Places to Get a Burrito in San Francisco

Cropped hands holding burrito in restaurant.
Digging into burritos.

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Burritos may seem like a dime a dozen in this city—the same place the filled-to-the-gills, bursting-at-its-seems Mission-style burrito came to fruition—but once you find your favorite you'll know: not all burritos are created equally. Whether you love them extra juicy, with rice or without, or packed with chunks of avocado, salsa, and sour cream, San Francisco has just what you're looking for...and then some. Make a note: consuming a super burrito with all its fine goodness too quickly might just take you out of commission (though leave you thoroughly satisfied) for the night. Eat responsibly. 

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La Taqueria

Carnitas burrito, super dorado
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Neighborhood: Mission
2889 Mission St.
Telephone: (415) 285-7117

Voted “Best Burrito in America” by opinion poll generator FiveThirtyEight, La Taqueria is a local institution, albeit one that may have to relocate if the sale of its building goes through. For now, the beloved taqueria remains in the heart of the Mission, and still hosts lines out the door for its famous burritos: rice-free and insanely delicious, especially the carne asada burrito, grilled to a subtly crisp perfection and filled with who refried or pinto beans, pico de gallo, and plenty of meat. 

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Taqueria Cancun

A smothered burrito at Taqueria Cancun
 Taqueria Cancun website 

Neighborhood: Mission
2288 Mission St.
Telephone: (415) 252-9560

Especially popular with the late-night crowd, Taqueria Cancun whips up a super burrito that bursting with goodness—saucy beans, ripe avocado, ample rice, and cilantro—enough to soak up any after-effects from too much partying. The bright yellow space offers a pleasant environment for chowing down, though the eatery's close enough that you can take your burrito to go and be people-watching in Dolores Park in minutes. There's a second location along Market Street.

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El Farolito

El Farolito's Chorizo Burrito

Neighborhood: Mission
2779 Mission St.
Telephone: (415) 824-7877

Neighborhood: Mission
2950 24th St.
Telephone: (415) 641-0758

Another San Francisco favorite with multiple Bay Area locations (including some in the East Bay), El Farolito is known for its finely-tuned beans-to-rice ratio, and for doling out just the right amount of sour cream. It's a hole-in-the-wall late-night haunt that packs in the crowds after midnight, who come hungry for items like the Super Shrimp and Meat Burrito, bursting at the seams with cheese, rice, beans, avo, salsa, and sour cream. 

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Papalote Mexican Grill

A Papalote Feast, with burritos, tacos, and more.
 Jason Lam/Flickr 

Neighborhood: Mission
3409 24th St.
Telephone: (415) 970-8815

Neighborhood: NOPA
1777 Fulton St.
Telephone: (415) 776-0106

Another Best Burrito winner, according to multiple SF Weekly reader polls, Papalote scores accolades for its salsa, a secret recipe that even helped beat the taqueria in a throw-down with TV host and American Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay. It lends an extra juiciness to the burritos, which come in your choice of flour, whole wheat, spinach, or roma tomato tortillas, as well as tortilla-free.  

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Taqueria Los Coyotes

Neighborhood: Mission
3036 16th St.
Telephone: (415) 861-3708

Although Taqueria Los Coyotes offers a fine selection of San Francisco's famously overstuffed Mission-style burrito, the big seller here is its California burrito, a 1980s invention that utilizes french fries as one of its main ingredients, along with streak, cheese, avocado, and sour cream. It's a no-frills burrito joint. Simply order at the counter, wait for the cashier to call your number, and then get noshing!

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Senor Sisig

Senor Sisig

One of the grandfathers of San Francisco's glowing food truck movement and its Off the Grid events, Senor Sisig is hailed for its “Filipino fusion flavor,” a coming together of Mexican and Asian cuisine that results in burritos oozing with tasty and aromatic goodness, including adobe garlic rice and creamy cilantro. Follow their Twitter feed or check their website to find out where they'll be dishing out next (weekly locations include SF's SOMA neighborhood and Daly City.

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Pancho Villa Taqueria

Pancho Villa Exterior

Neighborhood: Mission

3071 16th St,

Telephone: (415) 864-8840

Queue up, place your order, then enjoy the assembly-line creations of Mission-style burritos bursting with fresh ingredients. While Pancho Villa draws crowds both day and night, space seems to open up quick. Be sure and have an extra dollar or two ready for the roaming Mariachi musicians who come through on weekends, then sit back and enjoy the authentic Mexican ambiance. 

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The Little Chihuahua

A burrito and accompanying drink at The Little Chihuahua
The Little Chihuahua/FB 

Neighborhood: Lower Haight

292 Divisadero Street

Telephone: (415) 255-8225

This cozy artisanal taqueria along Divisadero Street in the Lower Haight (and with additional locations in Noe Valley and the Mission) serves up a fine selection of innovative burrito offerings, including a delicious Fried Plantain & Black Bean Burrito with smoky chile salsa and the decadent Al Pastor Burrito, complete with al pastor pork, sautéed onions, poblanos & grilled pineapple salsa. If you're feeling a little extra frisky, opt for one of the smothered burrito options—a healthy topping of green chile or red guajilo sauce—for a small extra fee. 

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Taqueria La Cumbre SF

Neighborhood: Mission

515 Valencia Street

Telephone: (415) 863-8205

Known as one of the birthplaces of the Mission-style burrito (it was here that Mexican immigrants Raul and Michaela first created the iconic “assembly-line style”), Taqueria La Cumbre celebrated 50 years in the Mission neighborhood in 2017. It's a legendary establishment, attracting a notable fanbase with its multiple burrito sizes, vegetarian and seafood options (ranging from falafel to fresh fish burritos), and tortilla varieties.  

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Street Taco

Neighborhood: Haight 

1607 Haight Street 

Telephone: (415) 525-4435

Friendly service, a jovial atmosphere, and straightforward burrito options all in a convenient Haight-Ashbury locale. The eatery boasts a diverse meat selection that includes nopales (cactus), camarónes (grilled shrimp), and alambres (chicken or beef with peppers and cheese), and its popular Street Burrito comes filled with double the portions. 

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El Faro

Neighborhood: Mission 

2399 Folsom Street

Telephone: (415) 647-3716

The other contender for “inventor” of the Mission-style burrito is El Faro, which sold its first burrito in 1961 to a group of San Francisco firefighters. Their super burritos are made of fresh tortillas bursting with heavy helpings of rice, beans, meat, and cheese, but in recent years it's their breakfast burritos—including one with chorizo and scrambled eggs—that have really gained traction. 

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