Best Burritos in SF

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Ah, burritos. They’re a dime a dozen in this city. Some are considered the best in the country, and others? Well, others taste just like any other combination of rice and beans. But that’s what this list is for. The top burritos of San Francisco—whether you love them extra juicy, with or without rice, chucks of avocado or creamy, creamy guacamole, or with chicken or carne asada, whether you want it in the middle of the afternoon or after the bars close—are right here on this list. Just remember: consuming a burrito can lead to severe fullness. Eat responsibly. 

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    John K. via Yelp

     Neighborhood: Mission
    2889 Mission St.
    Telephone: (415) 285-7117

    Let’s start with the winner. La Taqueria’s burrito was voted best burrito in America by FiveThirtyEight, which once yielded absolutely insane lines. While the buzz has died down, there’s still a wait but it’s also still just as good as it was before. Order the carne asada burrito, which is stuffed with delicious avocado. Then they slap the whole thing on the grill to get the outside just an extra bit crispy so the whole thing comes together perfectly. Just know these burritos are delicious, but rice-free. And even though the line is long, it’s easy to snag a seat once you’re in there. 

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    Nori M. via Yelp

     Neighborhood: Mission
    2288 Mission St.
    Telephone: (415) 252-9560

    This popular late-night spot has a killer super burrito that will soak up any late-night partying. This burrito is dripping with goodies: saucy beans, avocado, rice and cilantro. Just beware that the microphone sounds a little bit like boot camp. Its bright yellow walls (and lack of massive crowds) make a lot more enjoyable during the day, but it's just as easy to take it to go and munch on in Dolores Park.

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    Matt G. via Yelp

     Neighborhood: NOPA
    1801 McAllister St.
    Telephone: (415) 440-9412


    Burritos here are thrown on the grill before being served. The chile relleno burrito is the go-to, stuffed with pico de gallo, rice, beans, and your choice of meat. If you’re for some reason, not the in mood for a burrito, their menu has plenty of other delicious options, like the Mexican salad, blue corn empanadas, green chile stew, or one of their many quinoa bowls (like we said, they have options). But the best part? Save your receipt and you’ll get a 15% discount down the street at Green Chile Pies for dessert. 

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    Kelly Y. via Yelp

     Neighborhood: Mission
    2779 Mission St.
    Telephone: (415) 824-7877

    Neighborhood: Castro
    2950 24th St.
    Telephone: (415) 641-0758


    Some favor El Farolito’s ratio of rice to beans. Some appreciate just the right amount of sour cream. Maybe it’s their super creamy avocado that’s tucked inside. Whatever it is, it is the perfect burrito to pack out and munch on at Dolores Park. 

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    Steph L. via Yelp

     Neighborhood: Castro
    3409 24th St.
    Telephone: (415) 970-8815

    Neighborhood: NOPA
    1777 Fulton St.
    Telephone: (415) 776-0106

    Another best burrito winner, this time deemed so by USA Today. The trick here in the salsa, which comes in four varietals. It makes for some super juicy, spilling over with tender meat, fresh tomatoes and some extra rice to soak it all up. It’s not open super late, but you can still have your late dinner burrito if you’d like.  

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    Jerry H. via Yelp

    Neighborhood: Mission
    3036 16th St.
    Telephone: (415) 861-3708

    The California burrito is the winner here with steak, fries, avocado, and sour cream. It’s It’s a no frills burrito joint—order at the counter, wait for your number and then nosh on down. Beware: it’s not open after the bars, but it makes for a great Dolores Park burrito!

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    Senor Sisig

     One of the grandfathers of the food truck movement in San Francisco, this truck slings burritos the size of small babies. Adobe garlic rice, pinto beans, lettuce, pico de gallo, a creamy cilantro and your choice of pork, chicken or tofu make the ingredients inside the Senor Sisig burrito. To find them, check out their Twitter page or website for where the truck will be.