Best Burgers in Louisville, Kentucky

Are you looking for the best burger in Louisville, Kentucky? There are plenty of great hamburger choices, from diner patty melts to fancy burgers piled high with toppings. Here are some spots to check out. Which one is your favorite?

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Mussel and Burger Bar

Mussel & Burger Bar Downtown 
113 S 7th St, Louisville, KY 40202-2703, USA
+1 502-749-6451

The owners of Guaca Mole have taken burgers up a notch at this Jeffersontown restaurant. As the name suggest, there is a large menu with selections beyond the burger, though there are over 10 burger options available. Then, the Jeffersontown location did so well they opened a spot downtown as well. More burger location options!

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Exterior of the Hammerheads restaurant with two outdoor tables with umbrellas on either side of the door. There is a fake hammerhead shark attached to the building's siding, above the doors

Courtesy of Hammerheads

921 Swan St, Louisville, KY 40204-1809, USA
+1 502-365-1112

Known as the trendy barbecue spot in Germantown, Hammerheads also serves up tasty burgers. Choose your meat (options include angus, chorizo, elk and venison) plus—if that isn't enough—you can request fries cooked in duck fat, adding another flavor element.

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Burger Boy

Burger Boy Diner 
1450 S Brook St, Louisville, KY 40208-2056, USA
+1 502-635-7410

Open 24 hours, Burger Boy is a classic diner. It's a go-to spot for an inexpensive and casual meal, you'll often see University of Louisville students grabbing a bite, along with a few regulars from the neighborhood. Plus, the spot is located late into the night. So, if you come during bar hours, you are likely to see young people who have had a beer or two chopping down french fries.

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Bluegrass Brewing Company: BBC

654 S 4th St, Louisville, KY 40202, USA
+1 502-551-5355

With multiple locations and known as a brewer of popular beers, BBC is a place to meet friends after work, watch the game or generally unwind. The menu is large with a steak burger, a bison burger and a spinach burger. BBC is a community staple. After all, they host the Blessing of the Beer for St. Patrick's Day.

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2295 Lexington Rd, Louisville, KY 40206-2818, USA
+1 502-618-1712

After their success with a BBQ spot near Come Back Inn, the owners of Hammerheads opened Game, a restaurant with even more protein options; angus, antelope, duck, lamb, kangaroo, salmon and more. Tired of the average beef burger? This might be the restaurant for you.

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Best Burgers in Louisville, Kentucky