Best Burgers in DFW

DFW serves up some of the juiciest burgers in the world. My favorite burger right now is the Western Burger at Twisted Root. It was amazingly delicious. When I have another "cheat day," I will definitely head to one of DFW's best burger joints. Beef: It's what's for dinner!

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Twisted Root Burger Co.

©Angela Patterson

I just tried out Twisted Root Burger Co in Plano and oh my freakin' goodness it was fantastic! I loved the funny bumperstickers/decorations. I loved the references to Chuck Norris. I really loved the pickle bar. I wasn't previously a fan of Bread 'n Butter Pickles but theirs were so amazing that I jumped on the bandwagon. My husband and I sampled all the pickles and went back for more before our burgers arrived. I ordered the Western Specialty Burger (1/2 lb. hamburger with pepper jack, bacon, jalapeno peppers and fried onion straws) served with french fries that were actual potatoes 5 minutes ago. The hubby tried the Blue Cheese and Jalapeno Burger made from buffalo meat.

Locations: Deep Ellum, Fairview, SMU, Plano, Richardson, Roanoke 

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JG's Old Fashioned Hamburgers

©Angela Patterson

Some clients turned me on to this place. The last time I ate there, I seriously expected Guy Fieri and a camera crew to walk in any minute. It's a great little place with the diner feel. The hamburgers are just like the ones you had growing up. They only use fresh ingredients like Idaho potatoes and certified-Angus beef. JG's hand dips their own milkshakes. Yummy. I love the black-and-white checked tablecloths. It's perfect for families with small children -- casual and welcoming. An outdoor patio table too. It's darn good eatin' and the price is right too.

JG's Old Fashioned Hamburgers, 12101 Greenville Ave., Suite 109, Dallas, TX 75243. 972-644-8628

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The Commissary

©Angela Patterson

I'd heard about this place for a long time before I finally got to check it out. I love the location in the Dallas Arts District. The patio is fantastic. I lunched with a friend on a perfect sunny afternoon.

I absolutely had to try the Dallas Burger. It was a 7-oz. beef patty topped with roasted poblano peppers, pepper jack cheese, BBQ sauce, lettuce/tomato on a sesame seed bun. Yummers. I loved the blend of peppers, cheese and BBQ sauce. It's now my favorite burger in DFW. The french fries were out of this world. At only $9, it was quite reasonable. Next on my must-try list: the Big Tex Burger (chipotle mayo, chili rub and pickeled jalapeno peppers). Can't wait!

The Commissary, 1722 Routh Street, Suite 102, Dallas, TX 75201. 214-643-6557

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Keller's Drive-In

©Angela Patterson

Why introduce the kids to a fast-food joint with a smiley meal of sub-par food? You can't beat Keller's Drive-In.  It's one part character, one part nostalgia, and a whole lotta delicious. Burgers are served fast (but doesn't taste like fast-food) and you might see some really cool classic cars while you're there. Iced-cold beer is served -- and you can even take a 6 pack to go when you leave. 

This is a Bucket List item: it's a casual, kid-friendly burger joint that every person in DFW needs to experience. It's worth the drive.

Keller's Drive-In: 6537 E. Northwest Hwy., Dallas, TX 75231. 214-368-1209
Keller's Hamburgers: 10226 Garland Rd., Dallas, TX 75218. 214-319-6060
10554 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX. 214-357-3572

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5 Guys Burgers and Fries

It's this simple: burgers, fries, dogs. You know they do french fries right because the store sold 127,042,520 pounds of potatoes in 2010. Wow! that's a lot of taters.

Five Guys has been ZAGAT rated since since 2001 -- so they know how to produce a hot, juicy, delicious hamburgers.

In a hurry? Skip the line and order from your computer or smart phone! You'll definitely get in and out here.

Really good news: they just put a location inside Laguardia Airport in New York! I sampled a burger recently. It's still delicious -- even in an airport!

Locations: Dallas, Denton, Irving, Mesquite, Plano, Southlake

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Love Shack

Angela Patterson

Chef Tim Love rocks! He won the Food Network's Iron Chef competitions against one of the world's greatest chefs (while shooting tequila and wearing his cowboy hat). He's a rock star of chefs -- and make that a cowboy chef sporting a cowboy hat. He's been at the helm of Fort Worth's famed Lonesone Dove restaurant, where you can get rabbit and rattlesnake sausage, lamb sliders and chili. He won the Iron Chef competition. He will win you over at his restaurants. OK, back to the burgers. The world needs more Love Shacks. Just try one and you'll name him the Iron Chef of hamburgers. PS: Get the one with the quail egg on top!

Locations: FW Stockyards, Trinity Park FW, Denton

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Snuffer's Restaurant & Bar

©Angela Patterson

Way back in the late 80s, my BFF and I were in Snuffer's on Greenville Avenue -- somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 a.m. Across from us sat Edie Brickell & New Bohemians. Cindi and I bought Edie's hamburger and cheddar fries. She came over to thanks us and I asked for an autograph. She signed her name and drew a picture. Of an alien. How cool is that? The burgers are huge. The Cheddar Fries are legendary. All I can say is eat one today and create your own delicious memory.

Locations: Greenville Ave, Addison, Park Cities, Plano, Rockwall, Southlake, Highland Village.

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Readers Respond: Who Do You Think Serves Up the Best Burgers in DFW?

Share your favorite burger places with us. How do you like it prepared? Share your secrets so we can try a delicious different combination.

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My Review of In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out has the greatest burger buzz in America. What is it about this place that made people stand in line (or sit in the drive-thru) for hours when it first opened in DFW? Magic? Maybe.

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