The 5 Best Places to Take Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge

View of the Brooklyn Bridge, Jane's Carousel lit up at night with the manhattan skyline behind it

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The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most popular (and one of the most iconic) attractions in New York City. It was designed in 1869 by architects John A. Roebling and Washington Roebling. When it was opened in 1883 it was the world's longest suspension bridge and was the first permanent East River crossing. Today, The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. More than 100,000 motor vehicles, 10,000 pedestrians, and 4,000 cyclists commute between Brooklyn and Manhattan on the bridge every single day, according to the New York City Department of Transportation.

Over the years, people have worked tirelessly to get the perfect Instagram shot, testing out hundreds if not thousands of spots on the bridge and all over the city. If you want a stunning photo, there are five vantage points, in particular, that will get you the perfect photo of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Against the Manhattan Skyline

One of the best and most popular locations for a photo op on the Brooklyn Bridge is on the Brooklyn side of the two massive archways. For the best shot, people can position themselves on the southwest corner, on the side closest to the Statue of Liberty, and pose in front of a dramatic backdrop of Manhattan skyscrapers. This is a great opportunity for a panoramic photo, too, especially at sunrise or sunset.

Against the Background of an Archway

The Brooklyn Bridge has two 278-foot- (58-meter) tall suspension towers and each tower has two pointed, gothic revival-style arches. These arches make for another good shot of the Brooklyn Bridge. However, sometimes these spots get so crowded that models will most likely have to share the limelight with an array of tourists who all have the same idea. Photographers should be prepared to either Photoshop the mobs out of their pictures or ask people to kindly move out of the photo (which could—forewarning—make you some enemies). Or embrace the extra subjects in the photo.

This nifty spot is also a great location for a group shot on special occasions, such as with a bridal party in their suits and gowns. Cyclists have been known to pose with their jerseys on, nurses in their hospital scrubs, and the like.

Midway on the Bridge, Harbor Side

On a bright and sunny day, a person framed against the sky, water, and a collection iconic New York City buildings makes for an extra memorable shot. For those who are more interesting in shooting scenery rather than portraits, this spot provides gorgeous views of the city. It is best taken slightly toward the Brooklyn side, but facing Manhattan. 

In Front of the Brooklyn Bridge Historic Sign

Both archways feature prominent signs that read "Brooklyn Bridge," in case you want further, definitive, proof that you did, indeed, visit the iconic landmark. Both amateur and professional photographers tend to flock to DUMBO's Washington Street to take shots like this, so expect to have a lot of company at your photoshoot.

Statue of Liberty and Skyline

The Statue of Liberty is a considerable distance away from the Brooklyn Bridge, so it's challenging to get a good close-up of a person with the bridge and Lady Liberty in the background. However, photographers with a fancy telephoto lens or with cameras that have a great zoom feature are more likely to capture decent-quality pictures of the Statue of Liberty from the bridge (two landmarks in one!). This can include shots of the boats and barges, the Manhattan Bridge, the Empire State Building, or the smaller Chrysler Building.

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