The Best Places for Breakfast in St. Paul

Where is the best place for breakfast in St. Paul? Whether you are looking for mountains of food, locally-sourced ingredients, child-friendly, hangover-curing, arty, bustling, peaceful, or some or all of the above, there's an excellent breakfast place for you in St. Paul. Here are the top places for breakfast in St. Paul.

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Day By Day Cafe, West 7th

Day by Day Cafe

Day by Day Cafe

The Day By Day ​cafe occupies a blue-and-purple house on West Seventh street. The inside has eclectic decor with collections of books, toys and trinkets, plants and artwork and mosaics on the walls. There's a patio with outdoor seating for the summer months. The breakfasts are huge, classic, and well prepared. The menu has healthy (tofu veggie scramble) and not-so-healthy (a bacon-based "Heart Stopper" breakfast) and everything in between. The French toast is excellent. The customers are neighborhood families, couples, hipsters, punks, and everything in between, with a warm welcome for everyone. This is a great place to take children for breakfast as kids get a bucket of toys to play with and there are several child-sized menu options.

Day By Day Cafe, West 7th Street, St. Paul

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Shish Cafe, Grand Avenue

Shish Cafe, Grand Avenue

Shish Cafe

Shish on Grand serves Mediterranean-inspired breakfasts as well as classic breakfast dishes. The "breakfast from Jerusalem", is a favorite, a platter of a sampling of pita, gyro, olive, feta, tabouli, hummus and fruit. Their omelets are packed with fine flavors, with American and Mediterranean options, and the rosemary potatoes served with their omelets are terrific. The highlight of Shish is their Turkish coffee. Cardamom flavored, strong, and designed to be drunk from small cups with plenty of sugar, this is better than any espresso you've ever had. There is outdoor seating on Grand Avenue on warm days.

Shish Cafe, 1668 Grand Avenue, St. Paul

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The Neighborhood Cafe, Selby and Snelling

The Neighborhood Cafe, Selby and Snelling

The Neighborhood Cafe

The Neighborhood Cafe couldn't have been better named. They've been part of the Mac-Groveland neighborhood for years, serving solid portions of good food with friendly and efficient service. The majority of the customers are regulars, but new and established customers all receive the same warm welcome. The customers are a mix of families and children, couples and groups of friends of all ages. Although there's usually a little wait at the weekend, they'll get you in and fed just as fast as they can. The breakfast options include all the classics you'd expect, plus some Mexican-inspired meals, and a rack of chilli sauces. The coffee is good and comes in a carafe to your table, and they have homemade cinnamon rolls. Breakfast is served all day.

The Neighborhood Cafe, 1570 Selby Avenue, St. Paul.

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Highland Grill, Highland Park

Highland Grill, Highland Park

Highland Grill

The Highland Grill is one of the local Blue Plate Restaurant group's venues, known for comfort food and friendly service at several Twin Cities restaurants, and you can expect more of the same from this restaurant. The bright dining room at the Highland Grill serves classic breakfast dishes, phenomenal pancakes, Chilaquiles, various varieties of Eggs Benedict and omelets, and many other options, which all come in generous portions. This place is welcoming for families and children, who get coloring sheets and a basket of toys to play with while they wait for food.

The Highland Grill, 771 Cleveland Avenue, St. Paul

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Colossal Cafe, St. Anthony Park

Colossal Cafe

Colossal Cafe

The Colossal Cafe in St. Paul is the slightly larger twin to the original (tiny) Colossal Cafe in Minneapolis. There are more of the same goodies at the St. Anthony Park location, all made from scratch and with local ingredients when possible. The Colossal Cafe has a more grown-up, gourmet atmosphere than the classic neighborhood breakfast place, fitting for its St. Anthony Park location. The pancakes are fluffy goodness, the omelets are tasty and served with French bread instead of the more traditional potatoes, but the bread is homemade and fresh out of the oven, so no complaints here. The organization is a little different to the standard breakfast place as you'll need to order at the register and then wait for your table and food, although you'll get coffee while you wait.

The Colossal Cafe, 2315 Como Avenue, St. Paul

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Bon Vie Cafe, Cathedral Hill

Bon Vie Cafe, Cathedral Hill

Bon Vie Cafe

Bon Vie Cafe is a charming breakfast and lunch spot in Cathedral Hill. The menu changes every week with new breakfast and lunch dishes, homemade from local ingredients when possible. Gourmet coffee drinks are available, and there are cakes and pastries from sister business A Piece of Cake, a delicious way to finish your breakfast.

Bon Vie Cafe, 485 Selby Avenue, St. Paul

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Mickey's Diner

Mickey's Diner, Minneapolis
Alexius Horatius / Wikimedia Commons

A classic diner in downtown St. Paul, in a custom-built art-deco railroad-style building. Breakfast is served 24 hours a day, every day. Mickey's Diner hasn't closed their doors in years. Mickey's opened in 1937 and have perfected the classic greasy breakfast options served to a random mix of customers (including construction workers, tourists, punks, hungover college students) by gruff wait staff. The bacon and hashbrowns are great and the pancakes are delicious.

Mickey's Diner, 36 West 7th Street, St. Paul

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Tillie's Farmhouse, Merriam Park

Tillie's Farmhouse

Tillie's Farmhouse

If you've ever wondered where the ingredients in your breakfast come from, wonder no more - Tillie's Farmhouse, formerly Trotter's Cafe, can tell you. Tillie's Farmhouse sources local, organic ingredients, and free-range eggs. The portions are not as gargantuan as most breakfast places, but certainly not meager. If you usually end up taking part of your breakfast home in a box, then Tillie's will fill you up well. There's a bakery on site, for delicious fresh toast and for loaves of bread to take home.

Trotter's Cafe, 232 Cleveland Avenue, St. Paul

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Best Breakfast in St. Paul: Honorable Mentions

Egg and I

Egg and I

There are plenty of other breakfast places which deserve a mention on this list. Keys Cafe (Downtown St. Paul and Hampden Park), The St. Clair Broiler (Mac-Groveland), and the Egg and I (Hampden Park/University Avenue) are three other excellent, classic breakfast joints in St. Paul.