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Hong Kong breakfasts offer plenty of selection. From the homegrown Cantonese specialty that is congee to the world famous scrambled eggs at the Australian Dairy Company and bumper sized British fry-ups, we pick five of the best places to get breakfast in Hong Kong.

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Australia Dairy Company

Australia Dairy Co.
圍棋一級 / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

Absolute legend. Nothing to do with Australia and little to do with dairy the Australia Dairy Company is an unassuming cha chaan teng that serves up what is probably the best scrambled egg in the world. For the uninitiated, cha chaan tengs are basic canteens where Hong Kongers were first introduced to western style food – albeit with a Hong Kong twist. In recent years they’ve enjoyed a booming comeback. At ADC, expect a stark interior of white tiled walls and chipped tables and service that is at best functional and hostile at worst. But also expect sublime food; the fluffy, flavorsome scrambled eggs laid over white toast are famous across a city that is discerning about its food. The breakfast costs little more than a few dollars. An open secret - you may need to queue to grab a seat.

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Flying Pan

Flying Pan Hong Kong
Courtesy of Flying Pan
1/F, David House, 37-39 Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Where they take breakfast seriously. This Hong Kong stalwart has been dishing up late night breakfasts to the clubbing casualties of Wan Chai and the bar flys of Lan Kwai Fong for over a decade. The menu tilts towards Americana and is extensive; you’ll find eggs thrown together with avocado and salsa; chicken and swiss cheese and everything in between; griddle, challah French toast, omelets and slightly under par British fry-ups complete an encyclopedic lineup. Open twenty-four hours. They also serve beer.

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Delaney's hong kong
Courtesy of Delaney's
Basement, Mary Building, 71-77 Peking Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Phone +852 2301 3980

Hungry? Hangover? Get yourself to the Delaneys. There is simply no better breakfast in the world than a greasy fry up and Delaney’s are Hong Kong’s premium purveyors of sausage, bacon and the other key ingredients needed for a heart attack on a plate. Nearly twenty years in the business this Irish pub is one of the city’s most popular drinking spots and also the best place in town to get your hands on an oversized breakfast. It's not cheap, the price tag on the fry is the same you’ll pay for a main course, but in return, you earn a bumper-sized breakfast, toast, and tea. For those crawling out of bed late, Delaney’s is also a top spot to watch football, rugby, cricket, and other expat sports.

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18 Grams

18 grams hong kong
Courtesy of 18 Grams
Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, Cannon St, 15-27號Hoi To Court
Phone +852 2893 8988

Forget the food and enjoy your breakfast continental style with a slap in the face espresso or mellower flat white from 18 Grams. This tiny hole in the wall coffee stop has quickly established itself as the hottest ticket in Hong Kong for coffee aficionados who know their Arabica from their Robusta. But beginners shouldn’t be put off; staff, who can regularly be seen knocking back their own concoctions, are friendly and willing to patiently explain the ins and outs of different beans and different drinks. Recommended.

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Fuk Kee Congee

fuk kee congee
lee_weiwei0503 / Instagram
104 Fa Yuen St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Phone +852 2385 1230

Hong Kong’s very own breakfast fuel; congee is a white rice porridge served either plain or flavored with different savory ingredients from fish balls to pork belly. It’s an acquired taste but one well worth trying if it's your first time in town. If the various meat cuts sound unappetizing, sample a vegetarian congee or try it plain with side servings of spring onion and ginger. You can find congee shops all over the city – and many will have their own special congee - but one of the more celebrated congee shops is Fuk Kee Congee in Mongkok.
Where: 104 Fa Yuen Street, Mongkok​

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The 5 Best Breakfast Spots in Hong Kong