The 10 Best Breakfasts in Brooklyn

Start Your Day With a Brooklyn Breakfast

We've all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for many, it's also a favorite. If you think there is nothing more decadent and enjoyable than starting your day dining out and indulging in an incredible meal of farm fresh eggs, French toast, biscuits, and other early morning classic foods, this list of Brooklyn’s best breakfast spots will hit the spot. Obviously you can wait until the weekend for a lazy or boozy brunch to satiate your breakfast food craving before you spend the day exploring Brooklyn, but it’s also nice to sneak in a morning breakfast during the week. 

Although Brooklyn might be home to some of the best bagels in the country, sometimes you need to relax while you fuel up for the day and not just grab a quick fix of carbs. For serious breakfast lovers, and there's a difference between brunch and breakfast fans, keep this list handy. From timeless Brooklyn diners to notable restaurants that have an all day breakfast menu, here’s the...MORE inside scoop for breakfast lovers visiting Brooklyn. Enjoy!  

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    The Vibe: If you're visiting NYC, you must fit a breakfast at Egg into your itinerary, the Williamsburg restaurant consistently always lands on both local and national best brunch and breakfast lists, and we had to include it, because Egg deserves all the recognition it receives. Originally started as a pop up shop at a local hot dog restaurant, the restaurant has certainly grown in the past decade. Expect long lines on  weekends.

    What to Order: Eggs Rothko, which is an easy-cooked egg in a slice of brioche and topped with cheddar, is one of the most well known dishes. If you happen to love breakfast but not eggs, order their homemade granola or pancakes. 

    What to do After Breakfast: Egg is located in the heart of Williamsburg. While you wait for the shops on Bedford Avenue to open, head to the scenic East River State Park and stroll along the waterfront at this seven acre park with stunning views of Manhattan. Also many of the side streets are home to fantastic shops. For instance...MORE vinyl collectors must stop at Rough Trade NYC, just a few blocks from Egg. 

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    Milk Bar
    Milk Bar

    The Vibe: Since 2009, this Prospect Heights local favorite restaurant has been serving strong coffee and a stellar breakfast. Just to note, Milk Bar isn't a part of the popular NYC chain Momofuku Milk Bar, but a separate restaurant, and worth a visit. 

    What to Order: The eggs are a favorite, order the salmon eggs with sourdough toast with smoked salmon, pickled shallots and a poached egg. Milk Bar also has an extensive menu of toasts from an avocado toast to eggs and beans toast. Bring cash, because it's cash only at Milk Bar.

    What to do After Breakfast: The area is a short walk to The Brooklyn Museum, The Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the library's main branch. You could also could also spend the day exploring Prospect Park, which is nearby.

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    Jalapa Jar

    Jalapa Jar
    Alison Lowenstein

    The Vibe:  Jalapa Jar's breakfast tacos have a cult following. They recently moved their no-frills taco shop located at a stall in the Clark Street Subway station to a storefront on Schermerhorn Street in Downtown Brooklyn. Same good food, but you don't have to eat it a subway station, which is an added plus.


    What to Order: The Heights is a breakfast taco with mashed potatoes. Yes, that exists. Or order a Dirty 6th which comes with ground chorizo. 

    What to do After Breakfast:  Once you've scored your breakfast taco, check out City Point and the shops around Fulton Mall or take in a matinee at the BAM.

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    Cafe Mogador
    Cafe Mogador

    The Vibe: For the past five years, the Brooklyn outpost of Cafe Mogador has been charming Brooklyn diners. The Moroccan restaurant with its Middle Eastern decor is a breakfast destination. 

    What to Order: Moroccan eggs served poached with tomato sauce and pita bread. Other Middle Eastern dishes include Halumi eggs. However you can dine on the classics including extremely tasty buttermilk pancakes, french toast and a selection of omelets. 

    What to do After Breakfast: Explore the lively Williamsburg neighborhood and shop in the many stores or pop in some galleries. Cafe Mogador is located near East River State Park, a waterfront park with views of Manhattan. 

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    Tom's Restaurant
    Tom's Restaurant

    The Vibe: This old school diner has been a neighborhood favorite since 1936. The décor evokes images of Brooklyn’s diner culture that is sadly fading. Sit at a table and feel like you’ve stepped in a time warp at this family friendly beloved restaurant that is apart of Brooklyn’s history and soak in the charming ambiance. 

    What to Order:  The blueberry-and-ricotta pancakes are a local favorite, but you can order anything off the menu and you can't go wrong, even the toast is good. Don’t forget to wash your food down with an egg cream or a cherry-lime rickey. If it’s too early for a sugar rush, just order a cup of coffee.

    What to do After Breakfast: Located in Prospect Heights, it’s a short walk to The Brooklyn Museum, The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, or you can explore the shops on Washington Avenue in Prospect Heights. 

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    The Vibe: This twelve seat cozy restaurant in Williansburg is only open for breakfast and lunch, and in the evenings turns into another restaurant. The good news is each morning you can enjoy a traditional Japanese breakfast without having to hop on a flight to Japan.

    What to Order: At Okonomi, you can have Ichiju sansei, "a traditional style of Japanese set meal. Consisting of seven-grain rice served with miso soup, roasted fish, vegetables, and an egg, ichiju sansai." Just to note, there is no menu and you "are invited to come and choose from our daily selection of fish prepared in four different ways: shio yaki (salt-roasted), saikyo miso (sweet miso), sake kasu (sake lees), and kombu jime (dry kelp cured). At Okonomi, "everybody gets the same set meal like a family." 

    What to do After Breakfast: Located in Williamsburg close to Bushwick, you can explore the arty hood, checking out the street art. Although its a lengthy walk to the Bushwick Collective, you can...MORE still spot great street art and stop in the shops and galleries in the area.

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    Black Walnut
    Black Walnut

    The Vibe: Recently opened in the Hilton in Downtown Brooklyn, Black Walnut is not just your standard hotel restaurant. Run by Carroll Gardens chef & restaurateur Rob Newton (Nightingale Nine; Wilma Jean; Smith Canteen), the breakfast menu has an inventive twist on standard classics and the space is airy and welcoming.

    What to Order:  Choose from one of the four breakfast sandwiches including a sandwich with Japanese milk bread, shaved ham, arugula, fried egg, and piave. Or order Lemon-Ricotta pancakes with maple-butter, candied pecans & powdered sugar. 

    What to do After Breakfast: Downtown Brooklyn is a shopping mecca. Walk down Fulton Street and check out the stores. Downtown Brooklyn is also home to City Point with Century 21 and the Alamo Drafthouse. An added plus for breakfast lovers, there are discounted tickets to all flicks shown before 2pm at the Alamo Drafthouse. 

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    Madcap Cafe

    Alison Lowenstein 

    The Vibe: This cozy cafe in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn, which opened in spring 2018, is a popular with the locals. Sit back in the charming atmospheric cafe and order one of their many tasty breakfast dishes. Madcap is also open for dinner and drinks.

    What to Order: The eggs and cheese on flatbread is not to be missed. Another highlight is their yogurt with fruit. An added plus is the friendly waitstaff and the moderate prices.

    What to do After Breakfast: Stroll through this neighborhood which was once Brooklyn's Little Italy and the setting for the 1980's classic Moonstruck. In recent years, the neighborhood has transformed into  haven for young families and has a large French community. The streets are lined with brownstones and make for an ideal after breakfast walk. 

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    Teresa's Polish Restaurant in Brooklyn Heights. Photo © E. Freudenheim

    The Vibe: This Brooklyn Heights staple serves some of the best Polish food in the city. The laid back diner atmosphere, makes it the ideal place for a low key breakfast before you start exploring scenic Brooklyn Heights. 

    What to Order: The menu has a host of breakfast food staples, but the challah french toast stands out. Other options include blintzes and pierogies. 

    What to do After Breakfast: Make a left out of the restaurant and walk toward the Brooklyn Height's Promenade. If the meal left you feeling energized, walk down Clinton Street toward the Brooklyn Bridge. 

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    Cafe Luluc
    Yelp, Kay C.

    The Vibe: This casual French restaurant on Smith Street in Boerum Hill has a moderately priced and extremely tasty breakfast, as well as a very European feel. Grab a magazine from the wooden rack on the wall, and read while you dine at this local favorite. Choose a seat in the backyard patio in the warmer months.

    What to Order:  Brioche French toast, spinach and goat cheese quiche, pancakes, eggs benedict, should sit at the top of your list. Just to note, go to the cash machine before you head to Cafe Luluc, because it's cash only.

    What to do After Breakfast: Stroll down Smith Street, the main shopping drag in Boerum Hill. Once you reach Atlantic Avenue, make a right and continue down toward Flatbush. Atlantic Avenue has numerous boutiques. Be sure to stop in Erica Weiner to check out her jewelry and Kimera for clothes.