The Best Board Game Deals You Can Score for April 2021

Have fun with the family by taking advantage of these board game deals.

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Looking to add a little excitement to a family vacation or staycation? Add a board game to your packing list and prepare for some type two fun. Board games are great for camping trips (especially car camping, where you have more space), where you can hang out at the campground picnic tables and roll the dice. If you're taking a road trip, a full-sized game might not be the best move, but there are plenty of smaller options. And now, a majority of them are all on sale.

With everything from Monopoly to Catan to Twister, you have plenty of options to add some friendly competition to your trip. Find the board game that appeals to you the most, then schedule a date with your favorite people. May the best player win. 

Score these best board game deals before they’re gone.

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Mancala Board Game

Mancala Board Game

Courtesy of Overstock

Normally $47, Now $37 on Home Depot and Overstock

A board game that’s all about strategy! Up to four people can play this Mancala version. You’ll each take turns moving stones around the space, in hopes of collecting the most gems as you go. This game includes 96 blue, pink, green, and clear stones and folds up for easy storage or portability.

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Carcassonne Strategy Board Game

Carcassonne Board Game

Courtesy of Walmart

Normally $40, Now $31 at Amazon and Walmart

The Carcassonne castle is a popular destination in France, but you don't need to hop on a plane to visit. This board game lets you explore sans passport. Each player starts from scratch, building up the board with roads, cities, fields, and monasteries, while role-playing as a knight, monk, thief, or farmer to gain tiles, followers, and ultimately points to win. The game typically lasts for about 35 minutes, and is recommended for ages seven and up.

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I Should Have Known That

I Should Have Known That

Courtesy of Macys

Normally $20, Now $14 at Amazon and Macy's

Grab your trivia-loving pals and settle into game night. Featuring more than 400 questions, you don’t get points for the right answers, but rather, you lose points for the wrong answers. Covering a number of categories, the questions relate to topics you should know…but might not.

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Scramble Race to Place

Scramble Race to Place

Courtesy of Walmart

Normally $23, Now $13 at Macy's

Help the kids learn their shapes better in this game that’s all about speed! Two players race to see who can get all the pieces into their designated spots—all before the tray pops and pushes all the pieces back out. It’s best for kids ages 2 to 4.

The lowest price we've seen is $11.

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Passport To Culture

Passport to Culture

Courtesy of Amazon

Normally $30, Now $28

If you have a Trivial Pursuit-level knowledge of other countries, this is the game for you. Show off your skills with quiz questions, then win stamps for your 'passport.' This game is great for multiple players, and in teams, too.

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Apples to Apples Junior

Apples to Apples

Courtesy of Walmart

Normally $20, Now $13

A lot more kid-friendly than Cards Against Humanity, your little one can grab four to eight friends for this game, since it's geared toward kids aged 9 and up. The “judge” holds the green apple card, and the rest of the players hand over the red card in their hands that they think pairs with the green card the best. The judge then picks their favorite and that person wins that round. Pack this in your beach bag for when the water isn't quite warm enough for the kids to swim in all day long.

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The Blockbuster Game

The Blockbuster Game

Courtesy of Walmart

Normally $20, Now $10 at Macy's

Love streaming TV and movies? Miss renting VHS tapes from Blockbuster? This game is for you! You’ll battle your opponents to quickly name the most movies you can in categories like trilogies or zombie movies. You’ll also try to get your teammates to guess movies across categories by acting them out, quoting them, and describing them in just one word.

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Catan 5th Edition Board Game with 5-6 Player Extension Pack

Catan 5th Edition Board Game

Courtesy of Amazon

Normally $30, Now $24

Compete against even more people to build settlements, roads, and cities with this Settlers of Catan game and expansion pack. With the extra pack, you can add one to two more players to the mix, making it even more difficult (or easy, depending on your skills) to claim your land and gain resources, like grain, ore, wool, and brick—all of which you use to barter and build your town.

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Scrabble Game


Courtesy of Walmart

Normally $21, Now $14 on Amazon

Another classic board game, this one involves some thinking and digging deep into your mental vocabulary bank. Aim to build big words or to land on the triple letter score, so you can rack up your points and come out a winner—as top wordsmith.

This is the lowest price we've seen.

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Sorry! Game


Courtesy of Hasbro Plus

Normally $10, Now $8 at Amazon

A great board game for under $10, Sorry! involves moving your four pieces around the board and into your home base. You’ll need to draw a 1 or 2 card to start moving—and then cross your fingers an opponent doesn’t send you backward. Sliding, chasing, and racing are all welcome as you make your way around the board.

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Monopoly Classic Game


Courtesy of Amazon

Normally $20, Now $16 at Amazon

You can’t beat this tried-and-true board game, one that can typically go on for hours if you let it. For under $20, you get to buy property, build houses and hotels, and attempt to bankrupt your competitors. It’s a fun way to pretend you own land and homes in multiple locations, plus build your bank account with each rotation around the board. 

The lowest price we've seen is $15.

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