The Best Bloody Mary In Las Vegas

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The ultimate remedy to cure the pain of a good night the next morning is the Bloody Mary. It's a proven fact. My father would tell me to cure a hangover with a beer in the morning but the thought of that usually has me clutching my head and trying to keep my late night meal in my stomach. (I know, you're thinking "That's the knowledge that your father passed on to you?") However, when you are in Las Vegas and the night goes long and the fun bleeds in to the next day you need to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel that is the morning after.

I'm here to tell you that there is. The dim light with soothing sound and pain easing qualities is at Fusion Bar at Palazzo. The Bloody Mary will recharge you and get you back into day long party shape. It's spicy with a hint of sweet pepper punch and celery love. One Bloody Mary at Fusion and you'll soon be ordering shots of their infused vodka for everyone.

Fusion is a casino bar so naturally they should make a good drink but the beauty of this spot is that it is convenient and can get you a no nonsense Bloody Mary without dragging your body into a restaurant.

The Blood Mary Options in Las Vegas

This should be a simple drink and the truth is that if you just need to cure the symptoms of a long night you might want to avoid these suggestions for a good drink. Realistically, do you want to see a cart with so many options for a Bloody Mary when you are feeling a bit hungover? Well, if you do check out these ideas for a refreshing and revitalizing Bloody Mary in Las Vegas.

  • Hexx at Paris Las Vegas – The beauty about the Bloody Mary selection at Hexx is that it is open 24 hours and they have 5 different cocktails to choose from. This is your spot when you need a Bloody Mary at 3am before an early morning flight. The monster Bloody Mary, actually called, The Colossal, comes with shrimp, crab legs, bacon a beef stick all in a container that looks more like a pitcher than a cocktail glass.
  • Todd English PUB  (cart) - This is a popular Sunday brunch option and you'll really enjoy their Bloody Mary if you are into a big show. I am always perplexed at the idea of the best Bloody Mary's only available during brunch on Sunday but I get it. The largest congregation of hungover patrons must be on the last day of a Las Vegas weekend. This Bloody Mary cart is impressive and offers plenty of options.  Their daily Bloody Mary is a treat but is $16 too much for an elixir?
  • Veranda at Four Seasons
  • Morels Bloody Mary Cart - The cart is ready to cater to your Bloody Mary needs at Morels. It’s not as elaborate as others on the strip but it will take care of what ails you. The drink is crafted right at your table and it affords you the luxury of being adventurous with your Bloody Mary or just going straight to the morning after help that is needed.
  • The Peppermill - If you sit in the cafe or the bar you'll get the same drink and it is pretty much what you should expect from a classic Bloody Mary. Just the classic version with enough spice to scare away the morning demons.


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