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Best Overall: Thule Chariot Lite 2

Thule Chariot Lite 2

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The Chariot Lite 2 not only acts as a lightweight bike trailer for two children, but quickly transforms into a stroller, jogger and even ski sled. Weighing just over 27 pounds, the bike trailer can safely haul up to 100 pounds of kids and cargo. A built-in suspension system makes the ride comfortable for both rider and child, even over rough terrain. The durable trailer fabric features mesh windows for plenty of ventilation, with a retractable weather cover for when it rains and attachable sunshade. A large mesh pocket at the back lets you stow any extra gear needed for the day. The entire trailer folds down and the wheels pop off at the push of a button for compact storage. When in stroller mode, the handlebar angle is adjustable and includes a wrist strap so it can never run away from you. A simple foot brake locks the trailer in place, while a five-point safety harness ensures the safety of your kids at all times. The trailer is designed with onboard storage of the bike, stroller, and jogger kits (sold separately) so you can quickly convert while on the go.

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Best Budget: Schwinn Echo Double Bike Trailer

For occasional riders who don’t want to drop a fortune on a bike trailer, the Schwinn Echo is your best bet. This affordable bike trailer offers full-size 20-inch tires that deliver a smoother ride for everyone involved. The retractable mesh canopy delivers great views and ventilation for the kids, with a roll down weather shield should things turn south. The comfortable seats with three-point harness come with shoulder pads and mesh pockets to stow helmets when not in use. Also included is a flagpole for extra visibility while on the road. With no suspension, this bike trailer is strictly for on-road or paved bike path use. A folding frame and quick release wheels make for easy storage, while a parking break adds an extra level of safety when in stroller mode. The trailer itself weighs 24 pounds and can haul up to 80 pounds of kids and gear. A large trunk can easily accommodate a diaper bag or a few bags of groceries. 

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Best for Bike Touring: Burley Nomad Cargo Bike Trailer

Instead of loading down your bike with a series of bags or racks and panniers, why not simply pull the Nomad Cargo Bike Trailer behind. Weighing less than 15 pounds, this flatbed style bike trailer offers a huge cargo capacity of 105 liters and can carry up to 100 pounds. The interior includes a removable spacer to separate gear, with mesh pockets for securing small items. A weatherproof cover ensures your gear stays dry even in the worst downpour and helps prevent stuff from falling out as you ride. A series of D-rings both inside and out facilitate additional gear tie-downs. The trailer hooks into a standard forged hitch easily installed on your rear quick release. The trailer’s balance point minimizes torque on your bike and the spacing of the two 16-inch wheels keeps the trailer upright and stable even over rough terrain. The Nomad collapses and the wheels come off via the push of a button for compact storage and transport. A flag and reflectors help make the cargo bike trailer more visible when you are on the road. 

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Best for Hauling Pets: Burley Tail Wagon

The next time you head out on a bike ride with the family, why not bring your pet along?. The Burley Tail Wagon quickly hitches to the back of your bike to enable your dog to come along on any bike outing. The trailer axle is positioned towards the back of the frame to give your pet a smooth ride and makes for easy handling. A mesh cover and mesh windows on all four sides of the trailer ensure your pet remains cool, while a weatherproof cover rolls down to protect your furry friend should it start to rain or snow. All covers are removable if your dog prefers to ride al fresco. The trailer itself weighs less than 24 pounds and can carry an animal and gear up to 75 pounds. A safety flag and 360-degree reflectors add an extra level of visibility when you and your pet are out on the road. The wheels detach and the frame collapses down for compact storage. 

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Best for Surfers: Wheele SUP

Designed to carry surfboards and SUPs, the Wheele SUP is a lightweight, versatile trailer that easily attaches to a bike seat post using a purpose-built hitch. A steel-tube telescoping frame adjusts into three different positions to accommodate a wide range of board sizes. The frame includes three top board racks that are padded in high-density rubber to protect your board, with adjustable bungee cords to secure your board to the top racks. A rear wheeled connector includes 13-inch diameter wheels made from puncture proof foam. The wheels provide tracking and stability as you negotiate tight turns and crowded streets, as well as off-road conditions. All Wheele trailer components are interchangeable so that you can swap out the SUP rear connector for the optional surf rear connector. A detachable storage bag hooks under the trailer to carry wetsuits and other gear along to the beach. A pull strap accessory turns the rear connector into a wheeled board transport to get to and from the water. 

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Best for Athletes: Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer

Just because you have a child doesn't mean you need to stop working out — simply bring your child with you. The Thule Chariot Cross Multisport is an all-around trailer that can be quickly converted from a bike trailer into a standard stroller or even into a jogger and cross country ski sled via a variety of sold separately kits. An adjustable leaf-spring suspension system ensures a smooth ride for your child over any type of terrain. Reclining seats enable your kid to comfortably sleep while on the go, while a five-point seat harness ensures they stay secured safely in place. The seat also features padding for extra comfort and is removable for easy cleaning. The extra large, three-compartment storage at the back accommodates plenty of gear and can be stowed away while in jogger mode to keep from tripping you up. The trailer collapses fully and the wheels can be removed via the simple click of a button for easy storage. The stroller wheels are stored onboard the trailer for quick conversion and snap in via a simple lever system. When not in use, the bike trailer arm is also stored onboard. 

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Best for Older Kids: Weehoo Turbo Bike Trailer

The WeeHoo iGo Turbo is ideal for kids that are old enough to pedal (two to nine years) but not yet old enough to ride their own bike. Using a single wheel design, this trailer easily hooks onto almost any adult bike via the seat post. Pedals allow your child to actively contribute to the ride, while the recumbent design lets them eat, sleep, pedal or just enjoy the ride. A three-point harness with foot straps secures your child in place, even if they should fall asleep. Hand grips add a sense of security and give your child additional leverage for pedaling. The trailer weighs 27 pounds and can pull a child up to 80 pounds. Two included panniers at the back wheel make plenty of room for groceries or extra gear. A pocket at the side stows drinks or snacks for your child to access on the go. Low to the ground, the Weehoo easily navigates tight spaces, even some offroad singletrack.

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Best for Grocery Runs: Burley Travoy Urban Bike Trailer

This urban bike trailer is ideal for the city dweller that runs their errands by bike. Pull the loaded trailer behind your bike, then quickly detach it to wheel the cargo into your apartment. The Burley Travoy hitches to the seat post of virtually any bike via the simple flip of a switch. Built on a sturdy aluminum frame, the trailer weighs under 10 pounds but can haul up to 60 pounds — that’s enough for a five-gallon keg. Two wheels keep the trailer stable when riding and the 22-inch width enables you to navigate tight spaces on city streets. When not in use, the trailer folds flat and fits inside a briefcase-size tote bag. 

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