Best Beer Gardens in Dresden

Drink your way through Dresden in Summer

The frost has barely left the air before Germans are making their way to the biergarten. Perfect for sipping beers throughout the summer, Dresden’s beer gardens offer the ideal vantage to enjoy the city’s parks, riverfront and regal baroque architecture (as well as some off-the-beaten-track attractions).

In addition to spectacular views, beer gardens are a gateway into everyday German life. Drink up in Dresden's best biergartens and mark it as a cultural experience.

Drinks in Dresden’s Biergartens

Biergartens are often attached to regional breweries and offer the chance to sample local beer. A German pilsner or hefeweizen is always a solid choice, or go with a regional specialty like the unfiltered Zwickelbier.

Beers come in .3, .5, and even liter amounts. As the cost of living in Dresden is quite low, expect to pay bargain prices of between €2.50 - 3.50 for a half-liter of beer.

If you prefer wine or schnapps, there are usually some basic offerings. Kids and non-drinkers can partake in biergarten culture with sparkling water, juice, or soda.

Food in Dresden’s Biergartens

Food is an after-thought at many beer gardens, but that doesn’t mean they aren't worth a nibble. Order a bretzel (pretzel) for just €1, or try biergarten classics like schnitzel, currywurst, pommes (french fries) or bratwurst with senf (mustard). A hearty meal at a Dresden beer garden usually costs less than €10!

Biergarten Season in Dresden

Gardens are traditionally open in the summer months, from mid-June to early-October. If weather permits, biergarten season can creep up or extend. Look for special events throughout the year, as well as openings during the Christmas market season.

Wondering what a beer garden visit entails? Refer to our full guide to German beer gardens and test our your skills at the best Dresden beer gardens.

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    Dresden Schillergarten


    The largest beer garden in Dresden is located about a 15 minute drive or 25 minute scenic bike ride from the altstadt (olf city). More than 1,000 seats provide a view of the Blue Wonder, one of the sights of Dresden, with the Elbe cycle path and river bordering the garden. The attached hotel is one of the oldest buildings in Dresden, opened in 1730.

    Address: Schillerplatz 9, 01309 Dresden
    Phone: 49 0351 811990 

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    Augustusgarten am Narrenhäusl.JPG
    Erin Porter

    Augustusgarten’s slogan of Dresdens schönster biergarten (“Dresden’s prettiest biergarten") may, if anything, be an understatement.

    Located just across the Elbe river from the altstadt (old city), these plentiful wooden benches and tables offer one of the best views back at the city. Enjoy people-watching and beer drinking as the day slides by. For the kids, there is a small playground.

    Address: Jägerstraße 19, 01099 Dresden
    Phone: 49 0351 8020774

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    Lingnerterrassen in Dresden


    Drink like royalty at this castle location, also known as Villa Stockhausen. Elegantly perched above the curve of the Elbe River, there is a view of the Blue Wonder to the left and the Altstadt to the right. Pair your visit to the biergarten with a tour of the castle every Wednesday at 3:00pm or the first Saturday of the month at 2:00pm.  

    Address: Bautzner Straße 132, 01099 Dresden
    Phone: 49 351 4568510

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    Watzke goldenen reiter Dresden

    There are three Watzke locations which serve the beers they've been brewing since 1898. Summer outdoor seating provides the perfect vantage for people-watching near the Goldenen Reiter (golden rider). Tuesdays are maßbiertag with a special of one liter beers for €5.90.  

    Address: Schillerplatz 9, 01309 Dresden
    Phone: 49 0351 811990 


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    Dresden Kunsthofpassage

    GettyImages / AndresGarciaM

    Head into the Neustadt (new city) to mingle with the young and hip. Among the interlocking hofs (courtyards) behind Görlitzer Straße 25 there is the Kunsthofpassage (art courtyard passage).

    Here you will find courtyards dedicated to the elements, metamorphoses, light, mythical creatures, and a court of the animals.  Tables are set out in summer so you can spend your time gazing at the massive giraffe and wandering monkeys over a beer.

    Address: Görlitzer Straße 25, Dresden

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    waldschloesschen biergarten in dresden

    This brewery is hidden away in the hills above the Elbe River Valley. Opened in 1836, the elegant restaurant opens to a welcoming beer garden terrace over the river with leafy trees providing shade. Sample their house beers with live music on Sundays.

    Address: Am Brauhaus 8b, 01099 Dresden
    Phone: 49 0351 6523900

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    Dresden beer Redenberg

    GettyImages / Atlantide Phototravel

    Located above the Elbe and below the historic Brühl's Terrace (nicknamed "The Balcony of Europe"), this multi-tiered biergarten is the perfect place to end a day of sight-seeing. An outlet of the nearby Radeberger Brewery, try the unique unfiltered Radeberger beer.

    If you want to know more about the beer, there are tours of the factory.

    Address: Terrassenufer 1, Dresden
    Phone: 0351 4848660