13 Best Beaches in Bermuda

Known for its reefs, limestone cliffs, stunning stretches of pink sand beaches, and turquoise water, Bermuda is a beach lover’s dream. However, while many resorts have their own beach section for vacationers, many public beaches are simply breathtaking and worth a stop. Here’s a guide to some of Bermuda’s most popular public beaches and what they offer beachgoers—from chair and umbrella rentals to available food options. All you need to do is get ready to have the best beach day ever.

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Clearwater Beach and Turtle Bay

Clearwater Beach - Bermuda
demerzel21 / Getty Images
Clearwater Beach, Bermuda

Once off-limits, Cooper’s Island was recently re-opened to the public. Clearwater Beach and Turtle Bay, two of several beaches on the island, are full of natural wonder and stunning views. Quiet and off-the-beaten-path, the beaches are secluded but do offer chair and umbrella rentals, as well as the ability to rent snorkeling gear, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards. Gombey’s Bar on Clearwater Beach is a full-service restaurant and bar that can help relieve any beach craving.

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Church Bay

Church Bay, Bermuda

A hot spot for marine life, Church Bay is on Bermuda’s southern shore. Parrotfish and angelfish aplenty swim around in the turquoise-hued water, while the small beach is private and protected. The park has basic amenities, including bathrooms, picnic areas, and a concession stand where you can rent snorkeling equipment for an up-close-and-personal encounter.

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Elbow Beach

Elbow Beach, Bermuda
wwing / Getty Images
Elbow Beach, Bermuda

While most of Elbow Beach is private property, there is a section of this stretch of sand that is open to the public. Here, you can rent snorkeling gears, sand chairs, chaise lounges, beach umbrellas from the hotel; however, the price can be steep. There are basic bathroom facilities on the public side of the beach and Mickey’s Bistro, where you can grab snacks and drinks. (Note that the bistro's dress code is smart casual, so ensure you have a cover-up available.)

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Horseshoe Bay Beach

Rocky Shores Near Bermuda's Horseshoe Bay
Photo by Scott Dunn / Getty Images
Horseshoe Bay Cove, Bermuda

One of the most popular spots for a dip is Horseshoe Bay Beach. Located on the island's southern coast, Horseshoe Bay Beach comes with all of the amenities one would want for their beach vacation. The beach rents chairs—there are several options available—as well as towels and umbrellas. There is also snorkel equipment, boogie boards, and paddleboards to be rented for more adventurous beachgoers. A shop at the beach sells essentials like aloe and sunscreen, while a full-service restaurant and fully stocked bar are available to help make it a perfect beach day.

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Daniel's Head Beach Park

Scotts Hill, Bermuda
Phone +1 441-705-1111

Formally the Canadian Forces Station site, Daniel's Head Beach Park is located near the island’s Royal Dockyard. A great place to spot exotic, tropical fish, a snorkel boat tour is available out of Daniels Head. There is also a surf shop that rents chairs, umbrellas, snorkeling equipment, kayaks, and more. There is also a small food shack with limited but authentic food and beverage offerings. Take the food back to your blanket or lounge in the concession’s seating area. Not to be missed is a floating water park. Run by X20 Adventures, the park features slides, obstacles, and even a kids' play place.

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Jobson's Cove

Bermuda, Jobson bay, White sand beach
Westend61 / Getty Images
Jobson's Cove, South Shore Park, Bermuda

Almost completely encircled, the juxtaposition of the turquoise water amongst the rock cliffs make Jobson’s Cove something that Instagram dreams are made of. The calm, shallow water tends to act more as a swimming pool than an ocean and there are tropical fish aplenty. While there are no restrooms or other amenities here, patrons can head to nearby Warwick Long Bay if needed. Be sure to come fully prepared to this beach, including food and beverages, as there are no rental or food facilities.  

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Shelly Bay Beach

Shelly Bay Beach in Bermuda
zxvisual / Getty Images
Shelly Bay, Bermuda

A protected cove, the water on Shelly Bay Beach stays shallow, even during high tide. While the stunning stretch of sand backs up into a nature preserve, allowing beachgoers to add a little exploration to their day, it does not have any beach amenities to rent. However, there are bathrooms and picnic areas, as well as a play area for children.

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John Smith's Bay Park

Devils Hole Hill, Bermuda

For a view that rivals Horseshoe Bay but with less crowds, John Smith’s Bay Park is a great option. The beach is stocked with snack concessions, which change depending on the season, as well as bathrooms and changing rooms.

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Somerset Long Bay

Tranquil beach scene at Somerset Long Bay, Bermuda
Trudie Ottolini / Getty Images
Somerset Long Bay, Bermuda

On the Royal Dockyard side of the island is Somerset Long Bay. The area is free of beach rentals and amenities besides bathroom facilities. But there is something extra adventurous about this beach. Somerset Long Bay is a hot spot for kiteboarding, as its position enables the wind to catch the kites just right.

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Snorkel Park Beach

Bermuda Beaches
onepony / Getty Images
Royal Naval Dockyard, 7 Maritime Ln, Sandys, Bermuda
Phone +1 441-234-3100

Located near the Royal Dockyard and easy to access from nearby docking cruise ships, Snorkel Park Beach is the answer to beach prayers. The park has just about everything one would need for a beach day, including bathrooms, lockers, beach chairs, umbrellas and water sports rentals. It’s open every day of the week and has a packed calendar of family-friendly events. A beach bar and restaurant around out the offerings of this shallow-watered, reef-filled lagoon.

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Tobacco Bay

Bermuda, St. George's, Tobacco bay
Westend61 / Getty Images
Tobacco Bay, Bermuda, Bermuda

Located on the east end of Bermuda is Tobacco Bay. The beach is known for its infusion of fish due to the shallow, calm waters and limestone rock formations. A hot spot for snorkeling, equipment can be rented on the beach itself. Additionally, paddleboards, kayaks, floats for children, and other water sport rentals are available. No worries if you forgot all your beach essentials. Kiosks dot the beach and will be able to provide just about anything needed, from towels to beach chairs.

Food, too, can be found at Tobacco Bay in the form of a family-friendly restaurant and bar. Wahoo bites and rum swizzles are highly recommended while enjoying the view here.

The beach also has some night activities, depending on the season. In the summer months, patrons can enjoy Tobacco Bay’s Bonfire and Bohemia, featuring live music, happy hour specials, and a roaring beach bonfire.

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Warwick Long Bay

Warwick Long Bay
Massimo Calmonte (www.massimocalmonte.it) / Getty Images
Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda

Dubbed “Bermuda’s Longest Beach,” Warwick Long Bay is nestled on the island's southern coast. Deep pink sand and crystal waters await beachgoers, as do walking trails that surround the beach area.

While swimming on a calm day is almost required, there are times where there is an undertow and a steep drop-off due to some of the natural barriers surrounding the beach.

Most times during the year, there are no beach amenities at Warwick Long Bay, so come to this beach fully prepared. However, there are usually concession stands that sell snacks during the summer months and rent a few simple beach amenities. But be prepared and pack plenty of water—and maybe some rum—to ensure you have an enjoyable day at the beach.

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West Whale Bay Park

Whale Bay Park in Bermuda
Sasha Weleber / Getty Images
Phone +1 441-236-5902

Located in Bermuda’s Southampton Parish, the biggest on the island, West Whale Bay Park is one of the best beaches to bring small children. The water is shallow, and low tide gives visitors an up-close-and-personal view of the coral reefs surrounding the area. The beach is also prime for whale watching during early spring. However, amenities here only include bathrooms and picnic areas, so be sure to take everything, from food to beach chairs.

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13 Best Beaches in Bermuda