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Pink-sand beaches and Bermuda are nearly synonymous, the coral-tinged strands provide pastel contrasts between shore and sea. The bigger beaches are pleasantly bustling on summer days, but even on crowded Bermuda it's still possible to have an isolated stretch of sand to yourself, especially if you come off-season (when the weather is too chilly for swimming, but not for strolling). If you're into long walks, Bermuda's South Shore Park connects two of the island's best-known beaches, Horseshoe Bay and Warwick Long Bay.

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Horseshoe Bay

Bermuda's most popular beach combines the beauty of a half-moon swath of pink sand with a range of amenities not found at most other beaches on the island, including a lifeguard on duty from May-September, food and drinks from the Horseshoe Bay Beach House, and available beach chair, umbrella and snorkeling equipment rentals. It's perfect for kids, but can get crowded at times.

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Warwick Long Bay

© Robyn2175 via Flickr

This half-mile beach in Warwick Parish is noted for its picturesque offshore coral formations; its pink sands push up against a background of scrub grass. Walkers, joggers, and equestrians enjoy the relative seclusion of this strand, Bermuda's longest. The offshore reef keeps the waters calm.

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Tobacco Bay Beach

Tobacco Bay, Bermuda
Photo by Captain Tucker/CC by SA 3.0

Tobacco Bay Beach is the most popular beach in St. George's Parish, and earned its name when survivors of the wrecked ship Sea Venture discovered tobacco growing there in the 1600s. Offering views of unique limestone formations offshore and the brilliant colors of the reef in its shallow waters, Tobacco Bay Beach is a great destination for  sightseers and beachgoers alike. 

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Elbow Beach

© Cangul via Flickr

Elbow Beach is probably the beach most familar to tourist thanks to the nearby resort that takes its name. This pink sand strip also is the closest beach to the city of Hamilton. Half of the beach is reserved for guests of the Elbow Beach Hotel, but the western end is public and provides calm-water swimming and snorkeling thanks to the offshore reef.

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West Whale Bay Beach

humpback whale
Wwelles/CC by SA 3.0

Named for its occasional humpback whale sightings, West Whale Bay Beach off Whale Bay Road in Southampton Parish is a great spot for sightseeing, fishing, and playing in the grass and sand. For the best chance of whale sightings, visit between April and March

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Clearwater Beach

© TravelingOtter via Flickr

Located at Annie's Bay on Cooper Island, this manmade beach (once part of a U.S. Air Force base) has hiking trails, a playground, and beautiful views. Spacious and relatively unknown to tourists, this is a great place for families to spread out and relax. Lifeguards on duty May-September.

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Jobson's Cove

Jobson's Cove, Bermuda
Photo by Kansasphoto/CC by 2.0

Located off South Road in Warwick Parish, this tiny cove is a haven for those seeking amazing views in a secluded, little-known oceanfront area. A small cove surrounded by harsh rocks but curiously very few waves, Jobson's Cove is a great place to dip your feet into the clear, crisp waters of Bermuda and take in the vivid colors of the Caribbean landscape. 

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Astwood Cove

© kansasphoto via Flickr

A quite, secluded beach in Warwick Parish, Astwood Cove sits beneath a steep cliff. You can picnic and hike under the trees at neighboring Astwood Park, and there are rental apartments and bed & breakfasts within easy walking distance.

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Hog Bay Beach

Photo by NathanMac87/CC by 2.0

 You'll need to grab a tide chart to visit this beach, but it will be well-worth the visit - just ask the locals. Reachable only by hike in Hog Bay Park in Sandy's Parish, Hog Bay Beach may be small (and may disappear at high tide), but for the 4 hours or so a day that it is visitable, it is great for collecting sea glass, seashells, and driftwood, and for taking in unique, Bermudian ocean views. 

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