10 Best Beaches of Northland, New Zealand

Dawn. Mckenzie Cove, Langs Beach. Hen and Chicken island on horizon. North Island, New Zealand
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Northland, at the northern end of the North Island of New Zealand, is famous for many attractions. However, it's the beaches that really take your breath away. The region protrudes north from Auckland and nowhere is far from the coast. However, the west and east coasts are quite different. The west is wild and windswept, pounded by big seas and the prevailing westerly wind. The east coast is much more sheltered and varied. There are many bays, rocky outcrops, and islands that are a haven for water sports of all kinds.

With so many great beaches, it is difficult to select just a few as highlights. Here's a selection of beaches you really should not miss. They are all east coast beaches between Auckland and the Bay of Islands and are listed from south to north.

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    Pakiri Beach

    Horse riding, Pakiri Beach, Auckland, New Zealand
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    Pakiri is just ninety minutes north of Auckland but a world away. It's a long stretch of five miles/nine kilometers of almost pure white sand. On the beach itself, there is a ​campground and little else, making this a great place to find some wild isolation. It's also home to one of New Zealand's best horse riding experiences, Pakiri Beach Horse Rides.

    The Goat Island Marine Reserve at Leigh is also nearby. Here you can swim, snorkel or ride a glass bottomed boat amongst huge schools of fish.

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    Mangawhai is less than one and a half hours' drive from Auckland and is a very popular holiday spot for Aucklanders. While the harbor here is large and provides safe swimming, it's the ocean beach that is particularly spectacular. In addition to swimming and surfing, there is an excellent walk along the coast to the north.

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    Langs Beach

    Langs Beach, Bream Bay looking towards Hen and Chickens Island group. Near Whangarei , North Island , New Zealand
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    Nestled between Mangawhai and Waipu Cove by a winding but very scenic road, Langs Beach has some of the loveliest sand of any beach in New Zealand. Its unique pink hue has attracted many artists as well as holidaymakers. The beach sits at the southern end of Bream Bay and there is a magnificent view of the Hen and Chicken Islands, just a few miles offshore. This is a great beach for swimming, walking, and just enjoying the scenery.

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    Uretiti Beach

    Uretiti Beach in New Zealand
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    The stretch of sand on Bream Bay to the south of Whangarei Heads is known as Uretiti Beach. This is a safe swimming beach with walks along the coast in either direction. There is also a popular camping ground here and the southern end of the beach is a semi-unofficial nude beach.

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    Smugglers Cove

    Smugglers Cove beach
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    This small beach is one of the best-kept secrets in the Whangarei area of Northland. It is on the northern side of Whangarei Harbor, not far from the Heads. To find the beach, follow the road to the Heads and turn off at Urquharts Bay. At the very end of the road is a car park. From there it is a ten-minute walk over farmland to the small and secluded bay.

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    Matapouri Bay

    Matapouri Bay
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    Matapouri Bay is one of several lovely beaches along the Tutukaka Coast, to the north east of Whangarei. The sweep of white sand beach is now backed by a number of holiday homes. It's possible to find a little more seclusion by walking the coastal track north to the next beach, Whale Bay (the walk takes forty minutes in each direction); along the way are some of the best views on this part of the coast.

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    Kayaking on Whananaki Inlet
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    The main feature of Whananaki is the narrow estuary which separates the southern and northern ends. There is a long footbridge across the river; otherwise, it's a ​four-mile/six-kilometer drive by road around the river mouth.

    There are fabulous beaches and walks on both sides of the harbor and a beautifully situated DOC campsite on the northern beach, Otamure Bay.

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    Mimiwhangata Coastal Park

    Mimiwhangata Coastal Park
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    One of the most isolated beaches in Northland, this is also one of the most beautiful. The bay itself is one of many in the area, offering a huge variety of scenery and walking tracks.

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    Oakura Bay

    Oakura Bay
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    This one-kilometer long beach of white sand is on the southern side of Whangaruru Harbor. It's a wonderful place to explore, with coastal walks in both directions. At the southern end, scaling a few rocks leads you to a large rock pool.

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    Bland Bay

    Bland Bay Dawn
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    Bland Bay is on the northern side of Whangaruru Harbor. The bay itself is separated from another lovely beach on the inner harbor side by just a thin strip of land. This is another breathtaking location and has numerous walks, beaches, and headlands to explore in addition to simply enjoying the beach itself.