The Best Beaches in Finland

Suomenlinna Island, Helsinki


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Finland has some great, sandy beaches, perfect for a relaxing vacation by the water.

You'll find beach island beaches, volleyball, surfing, sand to bury your toes in and even some interesting stories; one of the beaches used to be a landfill. 

Here are the best Finnish beaches that you should add to your travel bucket list.

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    Hietaniemi Beach (Hietsu) in Helsinki

    Hietaniemi beach

    Ralf Roletschek/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 

    Hietaniemi Beach is probably the most popular beach in the Finnish capital Helsinki. Called "Hietsu" by the locals, Hietaniemi Beach has lots of sand and beach amenities for any kind of traveler, even if you didn't pack all the gear in your suitcase.

    It's a great place to play beach volleyball. It even hosts an annual beach volley tournament.

    Unusual fact: This isn't a naturally occurring beach. In fact, this area used to be a landfill, before it was then used for storing sand that was hauled in by barges from the ocean floor. When the stored sand wasn't fully used, it still remained, until people started using it as a beach. 

    To get there, you can simply ask any local for directions or take bus line 55A from Kamppi.

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    The Suomenlinna Beaches Near Helsinki

    Suomenlinna Island Helsinki

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    Suomenlinna is a fortress on an island of the same name, which boasts several Finnish beach areas. This location is great to spend a day bathing, eating, and sightseeing.

    Suomenlinna (which means "Castle of Finland") is a UNESCO World Heritage site with an interesting history. It was built in 1748 as a fortress to protect Sweden against Russia. Today, it's a popular tourist destination (locals love it, too) and a great place to picnic. It can, however, get pretty crowded in the summertime, it's a popular tourist destination (locals love it, too) and a great place to picnic. It can, however, get pretty crowded in the summertime.

    You can hop to the island using a 15-minute ferry and walk around until you've found your favorite spot for hanging out.

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    Yyteri Beach in West Finland

    Yyteri Beach

     Photo courtesy of Yyteri Beach Lomakeskus

    A beautiful beach on Finland's west coast is Yyteri Beach. Here, you can enjoy the sand, sun, surfing, golfing and volleyball. Part of this beach is one of the nude beaches in Finland.

    The beach itself is clean, white sand with shallow parts, making it accessible to families. The water is warm and there are convenient toilets, a restaurant, and kiosks nearby. There is lodging nearby, too, including a hotel, cottages and a beachside camping area. For campers who want a little luxury, there's the well-known Yyteri Hotel & Spa.

    The entire beach is located just outside the town of Pori and there's a direct bus connection to the city center of Pori. You'll find the town 90 minutes east from Tampere or two hours north of Turku.

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    Nallikari Beach in Oulu

    Nallikari Beach, Oulu, Finland

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    This beach is clean and simple, with plenty of amenities, such as food and snack kiosks, restaurants, water sports rentals, a hotel and even little cottages for camping. Walk out on the pier and take in the beautiful view. 

    Warning: It gets chilly here in the winter and even the spring. On a plus side, when the sea freezes over, you can take an adventurous walk on the water. That's a unique way to experience the beach. You may even see people ice skating—yes, on the sea.