Best Bay Area Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Kit H. via Yelp

The Bay Area is known for its great dining, which means we’re not wanting for Michelin-starred restaurants – there are 53 of them to be exact. So we’ve narrowed our list down to 13 that have received two or more stars. 

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    Brandon Y. via Yelp

     Number of Michelin Stars: 2
    Neighborhood:  Nob Hill
    1722 Sacramento St.
    Telephone: (415) 567-5432

    This Italian fine-dining restaurant has had a Michelin star ever since the first Bay Area Michelin guide came out in 2007. That’s a full decade of excellence, people. Executive chef Suzette Gershman has been at the helm for 28 years and shows no signs of slowing down her innovative output. 

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    Cherylynn N. via Yelp

     Number of Michelin Stars: 2
    Neighborhood: Marina
    3127 Fillmore St.
    Telephone: (415) 440-0460

    French chef Dominique Crenn has made her nest here in San Francisco with this multi-course tasting menu experience. The ingredients are fresh and local, inspired by the bounty that surrounds in the Bay Area, but with Crenn’s gentle French touch. Be aware the restaurant plans to move to a ticketed dinner system come April 17, 2017. 

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    Yue Studio Y. via Yelp

     Number of Michelin Stars: 2  
    City: Palo Alto
    201 South California Ave.
    Telephone: (650) 328-8899

    Billed as French modern cuisine, Bruno Chemel’s dishes are more like abstract art. Dinner is an ​eight-course tasting menu full of items like goat cheese fondue, alba truffle and parsnip soup and noirmoutier turbot with eggplant and olives. But the menu changes seasonally, depending on the best of the produce of course. 

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    Daniel C. via Yelp

     Number of Michelin Stars: 3
    Neighborhood: SOMA
    22 Hawthorne St.
    Telephone: (415) 685-4860

    Once the head chef of the French Laundry, Corey Lee has created something entirely unique to the Bay Area at Benu and has been at the helm for seven years running. Hailing from South Korea originally, Lee’s menu is a little bit French, a little bit rock and Seoul. Think crispy frog legs with sweet and sour vegetables or thousand-year-old quail egg with potage and ginger. 

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    Ann S. via Yelp

     Number of Michelin Stars: 2
    Neighborhood: North Beach
    373 Broadway
    Telephone: (415) 393-9000

    What was the brainchild of chef and restaurateur Daniel Patterson is now in the good hands of Matthew Kirkley. The restaurant still serves a tasting menu of the fine American palette, but also recently gained some Quince veterans as their wine director and pastry chef. Dungeness crab, grapefruit, and champagne still sounds like a winning combo. 

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    Judy H. via Yelp

     Number of Michelin Stars: 2 
    City: Oakland
    3859 Piedmont Ave.
    Telephone: (510) 653-3902

    When local critic Michael Bauer goes on about the bread, you know you’ve hit the jackpot. Chef James Shyabout offers a new tasting menu with every month that is roughly American cuisine: Veal tartare and horseradish;  frozen pear with juniper; and a dried roe sandwich. 

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    Kent D. via Yelp

     Number of Michelin Stars: 2
    Neighborhood: Mission
    3416 19th St.
    Telephone: (415) 874-9921

    Fine-cuisine gets the dinner party treatment at this light-hearted restaurant. The ticketed dinners are served around a communal live edge wood table, where you’ll make friends with strangers quickly as you bond over the amazing dishes in front of you. 

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    Kin H. via Yelp

    Number of Michelin Stars: 3
    City: Los Gatos
    320 Village Lane.
    Telephone: (408) 354-4330

    The ingredients come straight from the farm at this high scale restaurant. Ingredients come in not just in weekly shipments but sometimes daily – ​freshly picked from the farm for the freshest dinner you could ever imagine.

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    David T. via Yelp

    Number of Michelin Stars: 3
    Neighborhood: SOMA
    178 Townsend St.
    Telephone: (415) 828-7990

    This is an amazing meal, but be ready to shell out the cash. This tasting menu is $1000 ticket. The interior feels a lot like another casual dining affair, with chef Joshua Skenes wandering around in jeans and a flannel. But the food is nothing but ordinary: wild thistle with bouillon, buckwheat greens, and uni toast are some of the more experimental ingredients that have been used. 

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    French Laundry

    Number of Michelin Stars: 3
    City: Yountville
    6640 Washington St.
    Telephone: (707) 944-2380

    This fine-dining stalwart never repeats an ingredient throughout your entire meal. You can see the farm from out the windows and there’s a whole course dedicated to bread, butter and salts (thousand-year-old salts!) It’s an absolutely out of body experience. 

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    Anthony N. via Yelp

     Number of Michelin Stars: 3
    City: St. Helena
    900 Meadowood Ln.
    Telephone: (707) 967-1205

    Modern American is the name of the game here. Christopher Kostow runs the kitchen and was just nominated for yet another James Beard Award. It’s fresh and exciting and the Meadowood resort is beautiful to boot. 

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     Number of Michelin Stars: 3
    Neighborhood: Jackson Square
    470 Pacific Ave.
    Telephone: (415) 775-8500

    This romantic, dimly lit classic French spot has gone from one star in 2011 to three today. Opt for the tasting menu to get the full experience and whatever you do, don’t skip out on the wine.