Best Hotel Bathtubs for Traveling Couples

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    Cove Haven Poconos Bathtubs

    cove haven bathtub
    ••• The iconic heart-shaped honeymoon bathtub. Cove Haven.

    Where can you find the best bathtubs? That's an important question to ask yourselves when deciding on a romantic getaway. Because when it comes to bathtubs, bigger is better.

    The best bathtubs -- those with room for two, and perhaps even a private view -- allow for long, lingering soaks together. They're a perfect prelude to romance. While big showers can be great watery fun, their insistent spray encourages quickies. Big bathtubs, on the other hand, inspire a slow, languid buildup to passion.

    For that reason, it's always a disappointment when we visit a reputedly romantic hotel, peek into the bathroom, and find a tub sized for an overgrown toddler. To ensure you won't meet that fate, we present photo evidence of some of the best bathtubs around.

    For the best experience in a hotel bathtub, don't forget to pack the bubble bath. And if it's a jetted tub, use bubble bath sparingly. Trust me on this.

    The grand-daddy of tubs-for-two, Cove Haven Poconos Resorts is...MORE renowned for its heart-shaped bathtubs.

    Duos with an even higher tolerance for kitsch can opt for a suite with a seven-foot tall champagne glass whirlpool bath-for-two. Other units feature a private indoor pool with an adjacent hot tub.

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    Mirror Lake Inn Bathtubs

    mirror lake inn
    ••• Like love, the best bathtubs are both wide and deep. Mirror Lake Inn.

    Best of the best are the bathtubs at the Colonial House at the Mirror Lake Inn in New York's Adirondacks region.

    The jetted bathtub is the centerpiece of this large bathroom. Freestanding, it affords easy access from both sides and the spacious room provides both privacy and natural light.

    After a day of skiing or hiking the 'Dacks, there's nothing like soaking in a warm tub together.

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    Chatham Bars Inn Bathtubs

    ••• We especially like the handrails around this tub, a safety feature that's important for those who are slippery when wet. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Chatham Bars Inn on Cape Cod features large, freestanding bathtubs in some of its cottages.

    Know how you can tell if a bathtub is designed to be best for two? Its faucet will be centrally positioned or outside the fixture, rather than at one end that threatens to poke one of the bathers.

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    SoHo Met Bathtub

    ••• Former sudsers include Madonna and her family, Gwyneth Paltrow and hers, Diddy, 50 Cent, and other boldface names. But not all together. Or at once. © Vincent Sardone.

    There's only one bathtub this big at Toronto's Soho Met Hotel and it's located in the penthouse overlooking the city.

    Standard rooms at this hotel do not feature this amenity. Only its penthouse is the tops.

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    Las Ventanas al Paraiso Bathtubs

    ••• The indoor-outdoor tub at Las Ventanas makes bathing an even more sensual experience. © Las Ventanas.

    In the Los Cabos area, Las Ventanas al Paraiso sets the standard with spacious all-suite rooms and star-style service.

    The bathroom leads to a private, walled courtyard with its own shower.

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    Palmilla Bathtubs

    ••• Two can bathe by candlelight in this oversize bathtub. She's already got the wine and awaits her partner. © One&Only Resorts.

    Does Mexico have the corner on best bathtubs? This indoor one with a view at the One & Only Palmilla resort ranks among the best.​

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    Sandals Royal Plantation Honeymoon Spa Suite Bathtubs

    ••• The bathroom also contains a separate shower and French doors that open to a private space. © Royal Plantation.

    The bathroom in the Honeymoon Spa Suites at Sandals Royal Plantation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, contains a large Jacuzzi bathtub for two.

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    Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun Honeymoon Suite Bathtubs

    ••• At a tropical resort, life doesn't get much better than having a balcony bathtub with a view -- and someone you love to soak in it with. © Secrets Resorts.

    A honeymoon suite at Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun is worth it for this outdoor and oversized bathtub alone.

    Marble surrounds the bathtub at this Cancun all-inclusive resort. Note that this is a feature of the resort's honeymoon suites and not all rooms offer the outdoor bathtub.

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    Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn Bathtubs

    ••• These big bathtubs are available in the inn's Mission Suites. © Fairmont Hotels.

    The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn has the best idea of all when it comes to bathtubs: strategically position them close to the bed.

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    Signature at MGM Grand Bathtubs

    ••• Even if you're a loser at the tables you'll feel like a winner in the tub. The unit is so seductive you may never make it to the Strip -- the Las Vegas Strip, that is. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Built as a hotel/condo, the Signature at MGM Grand Signature at MGM Grand ​in Las Vegas has oversize jetted bathtubs.

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    Four Seasons Florence Bathtub

    ••• © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    The bathtub in a Renaissance Suite at the Four Seasons Florence hotel is more than a place to soak. In the center of the room and framed in marble, this behemoth is the center of attention.

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    Queen Victoria Grand Suite Bathtub

    ••• Corner positioning and a view of the sea. All that's missing is tea for two. But if you stay in a stateroom on this level, your private butler will be at your beck and call. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Although Queen Victoria is a luxurious ship, the only place where you can enjoy her best bathtubs is in the Grand Suite.

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    Wedgewood Vancouver Bathtub

    ••• Baths are strategically located within leaping distance of the bed. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    Luxurious and romantic, many of the suites at Vancouver's Wedgewood Hotel have bathtubs that comfortably fit two.

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    Anantara Seminyak Bali Big Bathtub

    ••• There's room for two in this tub. © Anantara.

    How far are you willing to travel to take a bath? This one is located in the heavenly Indonesian resort Anantara Seminyak Bali.

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    Little Palm Island Bathtub

    ••• The resort's spa features two couples baths. The facility will fill the tub, light the candles, dapple the water with rose petals, draw the curtains, and the rest is up to you. © Yuri Daiter.

    Little Palm Island is a private resort in the Florida Keys for adults. One of its big bathtubs is inside a freestanding structure.

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    Hotel Valley Ho Bathtubs

    ••• Couples on a smaller budget can opt for a studio king room; these contain a deep bathtub designed by Philippe Stark. © Hotel Valley Ho.

    Sink into an oversized round bathtub in a suite at Scottsdale's Hotel Valley Ho.

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    Roxbury Motel Bathtub

    ••• The inside of the bathroom is designed to evoke the interior of a genie's bottle -- and provide a setting where magic happens. © Roxbury Motel.

    Relatively small in circumference but big in depth, the bathtub at the Roxbury Motel in New York State is part of the enchanting Genie's Bottle suite.


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    Big Bathtubs at Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas

    ••• © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    The four corners of the multi-story Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas contain Apex suites, which feature big round marble bathtubs.

    Standard rooms at the hotel have big bathtubs that comfortably accommodate one person. If you want a big, round bathtub for two like this, you must reserve an Apex suite.

    In addition to the comfort of the big bathtubs, users enjoy views through floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Las Vegas. Apex suite bedrooms have two big glass windows so guests can see a panorama of Las Vegas from their king-size bed.