These Are the Best Bars in Niagara Falls

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    Where to Go for the Perfect Pint in Niagara Falls

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    Water isn't the only thing flowing in abundance in Niagara Falls as local pubs and breweries abound. At the turn of the century, the area used to be one of the top producers, and consumers of beer in the country and only one of those things has changed. While many of the local breweries closed their doors decades ago, the local bar scene has stayed pretty hot thanks to the throngs of tourists who come to visit Niagara Falls.

    From classic Irish pubs to craft beer bars, Niagara Falls has it all. So regardless of whether you're in New York or Ontario, grab a drink and cozy up to the bar at any of these spots on either side of the border.

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    Doc Magilligan's Irish Pub

    Doc Magilligan's Pub
    ••• Doc Magilligan's Pub

    Irish pubs and Western New York go together like chicken wings and blue cheese. You'd be hard-pressed to drive more than a few blocks without coming across one, but Doc Magilligan's isn't like the rest. The highly manicured dining room is a staunch contradiction to the usual hole-in-the-wall spots, and their beer list is expansive by comparison to most Irish pubs in town.

    6400 Lundy`s Lane
    Niagara Falls, ON
    +1 905-356-1161

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    Wine on Third

    Wine on Third
    ••• Wine on Third

    Wine on Third offers a level of luxury that is hard to come by in Niagara Falls, New York, as many of the more upscale bistros reside on the other side of the border. Guests have their choice of a variety of high-end liquors and wine to enjoy while relaxing in the polished space.

    501 3rd St
    Niagara Falls, New York
    (716) 285-9463

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    The Griffon Gastropub

    Griffons Gastropub
    ••• Griffons Gastropub

    With over 50 beers on tap at their Niagara Falls location, it should come as no surprise that The Griffon Gastropub is one of the most popular spots in town. Can't quite make up your mind as to which beer to try? Grab the flight for a variety of samples.

    2470 Military Rd
    Niagara Falls, New York
    (716) 236-7474

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    Third Street Taproom

    Third Street Taproom
    ••• Third Street Taproom

    It may not be the most polished watering hole in Niagara Falls but Third Street Taproom one of the more revered. The tiny spot nearly doubles in size with the addition of the backyard area with views of the Seneca Casino in the background. It's the perfect spot to grab a cheap beer, far enough away from the crowds of tourists.

    439 3rd St
    Niagara Falls, New York
    (716) 282-8277

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    Players Sports Bar

    Western New York is notorious for the love of their sports teams so it's should be fitting that Players Sports Bars is one of the most popular in town. Thanks to their extensive beer options, you can regularly find the spot filled with Buffalo Bills fans on any given game day lamenting their loss. With nine televisions behind the bar alone, you'll never miss a game again–although, if you're a Bills fan, I bet sometimes you wish you would.

    328 Niagara St
    Niagara Falls, New York
    (716) 282-9533

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    Taps Brewing Company

    Taps Brewery
    ••• Taps Brewery

    Taps Brewing Company offers a sprawling space with an expansive bar that overlooks their brewing vats. Its sheer size makes it perfect for their live music sessions every Tuesday and Saturday. Sample any of their small-batch brews or grab a growler to go.

    4680 Queen St
    Niagara Falls, ON
    +1 289-477-1010

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    ••• Weinkeller

    Situated right in the heart of Clifton Hill, Weinkeller is truly in the midst of all of the action. The craft winery isn't just a great spot to grab a glass of Niagara County's esteemed Chardonnay. With its highly crafted menu of local fair, the bistro is a great spot to stay for dinner.

    5633 Victoria Ave
    Niagara Falls, Ontario
    +1 289-296-8000