The 5 Best Australian Workout Vacations

Going away is a great time to relax and recoup, but it’s also no excuse to let go of your exercise regime. Fitness, workout or yoga retreats are perfect for people who want to rejuvenate and relax while exploring a new location while getting every cell singing with vitality along the way.

From gym junkies to those looking for a low-impact exercise that you can take home with you, there’s a fitness vacation in Australia to suit everyone.

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The 5 Best Australian Workout Vacations

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Workout vacation #1: Great Walks of Australia, Various Locations

If you’re the kind of person who leans more towards hitting the bush trails than hitting the gym, then Great Walks of Australia is the fitness holiday for you.

Featuring some of the best multi-day walks in Australia, with a knowledgeable tour guide to take you through rugged and untouched Australian landscapes, it’s truly an experience like no other.

With most walks covering around 12 kilometers per day, you’re guaranteed to stay active on any one of the guided walks. Choose between scaling the iconic Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, trekking The Great Ocean Walk ending at the Twelve Apostles in Victoria, exploring the mountains and forests in Queensland on the Scenic Rim Trail, or taking the Larapinta Trek in the Northern Territory.

Walks vary from short, weekend walks to multi-day treks with up to 15 kilograms of equipment to carry, so be sure to pick a walk that matches your fitness level.

Workout vacation #2: The Vitality Coach Personalised Retreat, Queensland, and New South Wales

Established in Europe in 2004, Nikki Fogden-Moore – also known as The Vitality Coach – has been helping people reach their fitness goals with personalized retreats that focus on adopting a sustainable lifestyle that promotes health, well-being and, of course, vitality.

These getaways are best suited to people who want to kickstart their exercise regime with a well thought out plan, or for those who want to revise their current exercise regime and see results more quickly.

Personalised retreats are available in Noosa, Queensland, and Byron Bay, New South Wales. Both locations boast excellent beaches, creating an inspiring backdrop for your fitness holiday.

The Vitality Coach also runs bespoke business and group retreats, so if going on your own sounds like a little much, you can grab a few friends and enjoy a group holiday with lasting results.

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The 5 Best Australian Workout Vacations

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Workout vacation #3: Golden Door Health Retreat Elysia, Hunter Valley, New South Wales

Golden Door Health Retreat Elysia in the beautiful Hunter Valley, around three hours from Sydney, will not only rejuvenate your body but also your mind. With incredible views across one of Sydney’s best-known wine regions, a day spa and an extensive list of fitness options, you’ll be both relaxed and energized at the end of your stay.

Fitness activities range from low-intensity options, such as yoga, Thai Chi, stretch, and Pilates; medium intensity options, like walking tracks or fitball; to high-intensity options such as bootcamps, hiking, boxing and deep water running.

A typical day would include an early wake-up, with Thai Chi to welcome in the day before a medium or high-intensity workout session, all before breakfast. A well-being workshop brings you to lunch, before a session of yoga and entertainment in the evening.

Workout vacation #4: OnTrack Weight Loss Retreat, Victoria, and New South Wales

Specifically designed for those looking to drop a few kilos, the OnTrack Weight Loss Retreat will help you get motivated, drop fat and change your habits.

You can stay between 1 to 12 weeks, depending on your needs, and participate in a high-energy program that cater to all fitness levels, from beginner to gym junkie.

With a location on Sydney’s Central Coast, and another in Torquay in Victoria, there’s plenty to motivate you at these specialized camps. You’ll work out each day, eating healthy meals in between and making life-long friends. Unlike other bootcamp programs, OnTrack holds seminars so that all guests, no matter what your goals, will see long-term success.

Workout vacation #5: Qualia, Whitsunday Islands, Queensland

A holiday at the 5-star island resort, Qualia, may not seem like workout vacation, but there are enough activities to keep even the most energetic fitness-lover happy.

Jam-packed with snorkeling tours and beaches, bushwalking tracks and fitness equipment, as well as personal training sessions and complimentary yoga classes, you’ll have no trouble breaking a sweat.

The Whitsundays is also home to Australia’s only island champion golf course. Golf-lovers can spend days putting each green, and enjoy the incredible luxury of the Qualia resort in the evenings.

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