The Best Attractions and Things to Do in Scandinavia

Here are the "best of the best" attractions and things to do while you are visiting Scandinavia. Depending on the region you are visiting, don't miss the Scandinavian attractions closest to your destination!

Depending on the time of your travel to Scandinavia, also see Scandinavia by Month and Weather in Scandinavia.

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    Scandinavia's top attractions also include the geysers, especially the Blue Lagoon near Iceland's capital Reykjavik.Reykjavik Visit one of the many hot thermal pools which are always pleasantly warm, whatever the Reykjavik's thermal pools are open from early morning until late in the evening. If you like this experience, you simply have to visit the Blue Lagoon near Reykjavik, so take a look at The Blue Lagoon in Iceland!

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    ••• Northern Lights in Norway. seanscott/Getty Images

    The Northern Lights are definitely one of Scandinavia's best attractions. Tromso in Norway is the best place in Scandinavia to watch the Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis. This display of light in the sky can be seen only in polar regions. The effect is caused by particles from the solar wind getting trapped in the Earth's magnetic field. The lights "turn on" when particles crash with the atmosphere, which results in a showing of colored flames.

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    Top 3 Scandinavian Natural Phenomena

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    Frederiksborg Castle in Denmark
    ••• Frederiksborg Castle in Denmark. Brandon Rosenblum Moment

    Finding the best castles in Denmark can be hard for first-time visitors, but this guide will quickly lead you to the biggest and greatest. Explore the castles and learn more about Scandinavian kings and queens in Royalty in Scandinavia.

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    Old telephone box, Rikstelefon, which stands behind Storkyrkan (Stockholm Cathedral), Stockholm, Sweden
    ••• Old telephone box, Rikstelefon, which stands behind Storkyrkan (Stockholm Cathedral), Stockholm, Sweden. Peter Cook/Getty Images

    Sweden's capital Stockholm is one of Scandinavia's top attractions by itself. This city offers so many interesting sights and history that travelers often find the best way to explore this city is a guided tour, with many photo opportunities. Stockholm offers all kinds of guided tours, but the most interesting and wonderfully unique can be found in Top Guided Tours in Stockholm!

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    Fredensborg Palace
    ••• Fredensborg Palace, Fredensborg, Zealand, Denmark, Europe. Kim Petersen/Getty Images

    These wonderful gardens in Denmark offer peace and quiet for everyone and let you get away from the busy city life for a while. During the Baroque period, French design had a strong influence on Danish castle gardens and gives them their special flair. These quiet retreats should definitely be a part of your trip if you are planning to visit the Copenhagen area. This destination is also part of the 3-20 Day Tour Suggestions.

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    Whale watching
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    In Scandinavia, whale watching is very popular among tourists, and many travelers choose to go whale watching on a whale safari during their vacation in Norway or Iceland. Adventurous travelers can even sign up for special whale safaris offering to let you swim with the whales - find out more about Whale Watching in Scandinavia!

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    ••• Visitors ride past displays made entirely of Legos in boats made of Legos at the Legoland amusement park in Billund, Germany. Bob Krist/Getty Images

    The famous Danish theme park Legoland in Billund is great fun! 340 billion pieces of Lego and many rides can provide entertainment for days! Every building, boat, train and car is constructed from millions of Lego blocks in amazing detail. Outdoor and indoor activities!

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    ••• Skiing in midnight sun, Narvik Ski Resort in North Norway. Christian Aslund/Getty Images

    Winter attractions in Scandinavia? Yes, right here. For your winter vacation, this is a must. Famous from the 1994 Winter Olympics, Norway's Lillehammer area is known for the spectacular local ski terrain and the many local winter sports activities. Find out about the 6 major ski resorts in Norway. Learn more about Norway's top ski resorts or, go cross-country skiing in Scandinavia!

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    Buildings at sea
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    If you're visiting in the summer, explore the beautiful sandy beaches in Scandinavia! With the weather in Scandinavia, the best time for a summer visit to Scandinavian beaches is late June through late August. Here's how you can find a great beach area near your destination.

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    Grona Lund amusement park, Stockholm, Sweden
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    Djurgarden is one of Scandinavia's top attractions for many travelers. Take a stroll across Djurgarden, which is Stockholms popular island with parks, events, and activities. Djurgarden is the number one recreational area in Stockholm, especially for travelers, and has over 10 million visitors each year! This walking tour offers great views and sights of Stockholm.