The 9 Best All-Mountain Snowboards of 2019

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Over the years, snowboards have devolved dramatically, becoming more specialized and technical than ever before. So much so that whether you want to explore deep powder in the backcountry, glide along groomed trails at the resort, or hit the halfpipe, chances are you’ll find an excellent board that has been finely tuned to help you do just that. But what if you’re the kind of rider who wants to do all of those things, and perhaps even more?

Thankfully, there are plenty of options for the snowboarder who doesn’t want to put limitations on the type of terrain or snow that he or she wants to ride. Dubbed “all-mountain” boards, these products are meant to be versatile enough to be ridden anywhere without sacrificing performance in any single area. The best all-mountain snowboards allow riders to seamlessly transition from the resort to the backcountry and back again without missing a beat. And if they want to ride rails or catch big air off of a jump, they’re capable of doing that, too.

If you’re an all-mountain rider you’re going to want an all-mountain snowboard that offers a medium level of stiffness with plenty of responsiveness, too. These boards need to be able to turn quickly, offer a high level of agility, and provide plenty of forgiveness. They also tend to be geared well for beginners, but have plenty of room to expand to intermediate riders and experts can take advantage of their qualities as well. With that in mind, these are our picks for the very best all-mountain boards available today. 

Our Top Picks

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Best Overall: Nitro Quiver Fusion

Nitro Quiver Fusion


The Nitro Quiver Fusion is the very definition of the all-mountain snowboard, handling the backcountry and resort trails with equal aplomb, while remaining quite capable in the terrain park as well. The board’s classic shape gives it the appearance of something straight out snowboarding’s past, while its modern materials, build quality, and design sensibility ground it squarely in the present. The Fusion offers a medium level of stiffness that provides a solid level of forgiveness, while its versatility makes it a board that riders of all experience levels will find themselves gravitating towards. Fast and responsive, with plenty of pop, this is a snowboard that will remove the barriers of where a rider can and can’t go. 

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Best Overall Runner-Up: Jones Mind Expander

Built from the ground up to do it all on the mountain, the Jones Mind Expander is a board that takes some inspiration from the surf community. That's because it is the result of a collaboration between pro rider Jeremy Jones and surfboard designer Chris Christensen. The result is a snowboard that can float on deep powder and effortlessly carve a mountain, both in and out of bounds. When looking for ways to improve handling and control, Jones added web-fused carbon to the nows of this board, which helps to eliminate vibration when dealing with hard-packed chop. That helps to extend the versatility of the Mind Expander, giving riders even more choices when it comes to the terrain they are equipped to take on.

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Best Women’s All-Mountain Snowboard: GNU Ladies Choice

GNU Ladies Choice


With the Ladies Choice, GNU brings all-mountain riding to female snowboarders too, delivering a product that truly is fantastic on all types of terrain. In fact, this board falls squarely in the middle in terms of flex, giving it a high level of forgiveness that shines through not only in the park and on groomed trails, but off-piste in the backcountry as well.

Its high level of stability will inspire confidence everywhere on the hill, including both hard and soft pack. Quick and surprisingly nimble, this board blasts through turns and holds an edge even on dicey terrain. This makes it an excellent choice for beginners still honing their skills, as well as experienced boarders who are looking to get faster and bolder on the snow. 

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Best Women’s All-Mountain Snowboard Runner-Up: Burton Feelgood

Burton’s women-specific Feelgood snowboard is proof positive that the company hasn’t forgotten about the ladies either. This board offers a stiffer ride and has been tuned for groomers, but can easily transition to the terrain park or backcountry as needed. Available in two different models, riders can opt for either the rocker version for a looser, more flowey experience or they can choose the more stable camber option that carves like a sports car. Either way, this board is aimed at a more experienced snowboarder who can appreciate the level of control and stability that the Feelgood delivers, complete with an an aggressive shape that shreds powder with ease.

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Best for Backcountry Snowboarding: Burton Skeleton Key

Burton Skeleton Key


One of Burton’s more versatile snowboards, the Skeleton Key gets high marks for its speed and agility on and off the trail. This is a board that can turn quickly without losing momentum, making it ideal for use anywhere on the hill or in the terrain park. From deep, fresh powder to hard, chunky ice, the Skeleton Key can ride it all, maintaining precision control at all times. It’s grippy feel and ability to hold an edge make it a nice option for beginners, although more experienced riders will appreciate everything that it brings to the table, too. This is one board that can truly do it all, eliminating the need to carry a whole quiver of others with you to the mountain.

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Best for Versatility: Ride Warpig

The Ride Warpig’s shorter, stockier design is likely to throw some experienced snowboarders for a loop when they first take it for a ride, but its swiftness and agility are sure to win them over quite quickly. This is a board that is incredibly agile, making it perfect for riding in trees or making quick adjustments in deep backcountry snow where there is often little room for error. The Warpig’s unusual design doesn’t cause the board to compromise its performance in any way, allowing riders to glide along effortlessly while carving up the slopes. Although it is surprisingly lightweight, this is a board that has no problem taking on deep powder, jibbing rails, or just bombing down the hill. While fairly forgiving and easy to ride, this probably isn’t the best option for beginners. Everyone else will love the way this board feels underfoot, allowing intermediate and advanced riders to take their game to the next level. 

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Best for Beginners: GNU Müllair

The best thing you can say about the GNU Müllair is that it is so nimble and responsive that it will inspire confidence, even in riders who are relatively new to the sport. Tuned a bit more for riding the backcountry and groomed trails, rather than the terrain park, the Müllair is nevertheless a great all-around snowboard that can handle just about anything you throw at it. With a stiffness level that tends to be on the higher side, this board isn’t quite as forgiving as some of the others on this list. That said, it does feature a mid-taper shape and a soft nose that was designed to float on powder and carve groomed trails with ease. If you find yourself taking on sketchy terrain or conditions with any regularity, this is definitely the board for you. 

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Best for Beginner Women: Rossignol Gala

Another board built for the ladies, the Rossignol Gala delivers all-mountain performance with a floaty, comfortable ride. With its mid-flex rating and a high degree of forgiveness, the Gala is the perfect option for beginning riders and those still building out their skillsets. This is a board that takes a great deal of the frustration out of learning to snowboard, adding in a healthy dose of fun and excitement along the way. Rossignol deliberately designed the Gala to ride groomed trails especially well, but it still holds its own in the terrain park and in light backcountry duties. New riders looking for a board that is versatile and provides room for advancement will definitely find a lot to love here. Its wallet-friendly price reduces the barrier to entry significantly as well.

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Best for Experienced Riders: Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro

Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro


This Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro is truly a snowboard that can ride the entire mountain, with a forgiving mid-flex that experienced riders will love, but newbies can handle, too. This model deftly holds its edge on snow and ice, providing a great sense of confidence on virtually any type of terrain. The board feels so responsive underfoot that it will encourage riders to go places and try things that they haven’t done before, offering a level of performance that gives them the confidence to push their capabilities to the limit.

Intermediate riders who are still learning and improving their skills will especially love this all-mountain board as it seems to offer endless possibilities for growth and expansion. Lightweight, quick, and easy to turn, this is the kind of board that you will enjoy riding in years to come just as much as you do now.

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