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Getting that special shot ...
Getting that special shot ... Bernd Biege

  • Bernd Biege is a travel writer and expert on Ireland who's lived there since the 1990s and authored seven books including "Stefan Loose Travel Handbuch Irland," a comprehensive German guide to the country.
  • Biege has been a journalist and travel writer since the early 1990s in Germany where he studied German and History at Stuttgart University.


Bernd Biege is a former writer for TripSavvy who wrote about travel to and from Ireland, especially from the United States and Germany.

Biege, a native of Germany, moved to Ireland in the late 1990s. Living in the province of Ulster (but not in Northern Ireland) and working as a writer, he has witnessed Ireland's transformation through the "Celtic Tiger" period and the following downturn. He has traveled extensively both in the Republic and in Northern Ireland since then, using (nearly) all modes of transport and staying in all sorts of accommodations along the way.

However, he started out in journalism before coming to Ireland, in the 1980s while still at university, first writing for a local newspaper near Stuttgart and later for German and international print magazines. Since moving to Ireland he has concentrated on writing about his adopted home country—from tourism matters to political commentary.

In addition, Biege has authored seven books and worked on several video films including a comprehensive 620-page travel guide in German called "Stefan Loose Travel Handbuch Irland" (3rd edition 2016); "DuMont Direkt Dublin" (2017), a pocket-friendly guide to Ireland's capital; and the far more substantial "DuMont Reisehandbuch Irland" (2017). He is also a member of the National Union of Journalists.


Bernd holds a Master's degree in English, German and History from Stuttgart University.

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