What to Know for a Bermuda Honeymoon

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A top honeymoon destination for generations, Bermuda is probably the most relaxing spot that a couple could pick for their first vacation together as Mr. and Mrs. The country's legendary pink sands, flower-bedecked landscape, clear blue waters, and powdery pink beaches sit just 600 miles off the coast of North Carolina.

Too far north to be considered part of the Caribbean, Bermuda consists of more than 150 small islands and islets in the Atlantic. The ten largest ones are linked by causeways and bridges to create a mainland area of about 21 square miles.

What to Do There

Beach season is May through October, with daytime temperatures in the mid-80s and evening temperatures in the 70s. November through March, the temperature is mostly in the 60s and 70s. Too cool for the beach but great for a honeymoon that includes tennis, golf, and put-putting around.

In fact, Bermuda boasts more golf courses per square mile than anywhere else in the world. If tennis is your game, you'll also find ample opportunities to lob balls across the net. And since Bermuda is an island nation, just about everything you'd want to do in, on, and underneath water, you can do here.

To protect the environment, car rentals used to be forbidden. A few years ago, regulations were eased so that electric mini-cars became available. Still, mopeds are the preferred form of transportation and most visitors use them or taxis to navigate the pretty, narrow lanes.

Just about everyone goes sight-seeing in Hamilton, the capital, where Bermuda-shorts-clad officers direct traffic and cruise ships dock. You'll find evidence of Bermuda's British roots all around. Front Street's shops purvey china, porcelain, crystal, perfume, leather goods, watches, jewelry and more at duty-free prices. Specialty shops overflow with English and Scottish cashmeres and woolens. And if you've ever wanted a floor-length kilt — or matching his and hers ones — this is the place to find them.

Where to Stay in Bermuda

Choose from large or small hotels , cottages, or apartments. These are favorites with honeymooners and other couples:

  • Royal Palms Hotel: Intimate boutique hotel with exceptional complimentary breakfast that guests rave about
  • Cambridge Beaches: The oldest resort on Bermuda, this secluded and historic hideaway on 30 manicured acres offers a private beach. Children under 16 are only permitted to visit at certain times and children under 5 are never allowed.
  • Elbow Beach Hotel: Top-of-the-line property (it's a former Mandarin Oriental resort) on 50 lavish acres with beachfront views and Colonial architecture
  • Hamilton Princess & Beach Club: A Fairmont managed property in Bermuda's "city" hotel in Hamilton, the capital
  • Fairmont Southampton Princess: Fairmont's sprawling beach and golf family hotel overlooks a scenic harbor on one side and miles of pink-sand beach from Bermuda’s highest point. It offers an amenity-rich honeymoon — restaurants and bars, the beach, a swimming pool and hot tub, a huge spa with its own indoor swimming pool, golf, tennis, and water sports. The downside: It's also a magnet for conventioneers.

What to Expect

If you're the kind of couple who likes to play all day and party all night, Bermuda may not be for you. It's a quiet, wealthy, conservative island. Some may call it dull; others would characterize it as peaceful -- it all depends on what you like.

There are no casinos and there's little nightlife to speak of. Consequently, that makes dining out the focal point of an evening. Fodor's lists and reviews a number of local restaurants; if you're visiting at a peak period, make reservations before you leave home. While there are some bars and clubs scattered around the parishes, more of the "action" takes place in hotel lounges, which can be dreary places with lousy music. Better to get into bed early and make your own fun.

Bermuda Destination Weddings

]If you're considering getting married in Bermuda, find out the details before you arrive — including the required 15-day waiting period after you apply and before the wedding takes place.

Ask for assistance from your hotel's wedding coordinator, who can make you feel as if it really is possible to handle all the arrangements from hundreds (or thousands) of miles away.

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