Berlin With a View

Best Berlin Sights with Panoramic Vistas

If you want to get a different perspective of Berlin and its sights, how about getting up there and seeing the German capital from a bird's eyes perspective? Take your pick from these unique places for a stunning view of Berlin's cityscape.

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    Berlin's TV Tower

    Alexanderplatz and TV Tower, Berlin
    ••• Russell Trow

    The TV Tower is Berlin’s highest building (1,207 ft) and visible throughout all central districts. Nicknamed Telespargel ("tele-asparagus"), the TV Tower was built in the former GDR between 1965 and 1969. An elevator takes you up to the silver-tilted sphere, where you find a viewing platform as well as a little rotating cafe with a charming 70s atmosphere. On clear days, your can see as far as 26 miles.


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    Berlin Reichstag with Glass Dome
    ••• GNTB/GbR Lehnartz, Klaus und Dirk

    The Reichstag, the traditional seat of the German Parliament, is adorned with a modern glass dome, which offers a look into the parliamentary proceedings as well as panoramic views of the Berlin skyline. Come here in the late afternoon or evening: The lines to get in will be shorter, and the view at sunset is spectacular. On top of the Reichstag, you’ll also find a restaurant with a rooftop garden, which offers breakfast, lunch and dinner at reasonable prices – sweeping views included.

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    Berlin Victory Column
    ••• GNTB/Jochen Keute

    The slender Victory Column in the midst of Berlin’s park Tiergarten is a 230 feet high monument, commemorating Prussia’s victory over France in 1871. The column is topped by the golden statue of goddess Victoria, fondly called Goldelse ("Golden Elsi") by the locals. You have to climb 285 steep stairs to get to the open-air viewing platform, which is set right below the giant goddess – but you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking vista of the surrounding park and Berlin.

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    Week End Club

    Week End Berlin
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    Berlin's night club with the best vista - for a hip vibe with sweeping views of the cityscape, hit the Week End, located on the 12th and 15th floor of an old office building at Alexanderplatz. With the bar and furniture at the center of the club, the panoramic windows looking out onto Berlin are the signature of this hot spot. Make sure to take the elevator all the way up to get a breath of fresh air on the club's rooftop terrace.

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    Potsdamer Platz
    ••• GNTB/Rainer Kiedrowski

    The red clinker-clad Kollhoff tower is with its 338 feet the highest building at Potsdamer Platz; the fastest elevator in Europe takes you up to the skyscarper’s viewing platform on the 24th and 25th floor, where you’ll have an unparalleled vista of the futuristic architecture that Potsdamer Platz is famous for.

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    High Fly ballon Berlin
    ••• Andreas Klug/ Air Service Berlin

    For the adventurous traveler, a ride in the High-Fly Balloon, one of the largest helium balloons in the world, offers a unique bird’s eye perspective of Berlin's center. The gondola, which can hold up to 30 people and is securely attached to a long cable, silently rises up to 490 feet in the air.  The ride is especially romantic at night, when the balloon is illuminated and Berlin’s lights sparkle all around you.