Discover Bell's Inventions and Family in Baddeck, Nova Scotia

Alexander Graham Bell moved with his family to Baddeck after their first visit to the area in 1885. Their home, Beinn Bhreagh, was a refuge and a family gathering place for Bell, his wife Mabel, and their daughters. Here Bell flew his famous kites, tested airplanes and hydrofoil boats and surrounded himself with the children he loved so much. Bell's daughters gave his collections to the nation of Canada, provided that any museum honoring their father be built in Baddeck, the town he loved so well.

Alexander Graham Bell, best known for inventing the telephone, was a modern-day Leonardo da Vinci. He invented the hydrofoil and helped build the Silver Dart.

Today, you can learn about Alexander Graham Bell's life, family and inventions in Baddeck on Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island. Bell's daughters gave his collections to the nation of Canada with the stipulation that any museum built to house them be constructed in Baddeck, his home for 37 years.

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See Bell's Famous Tetrahedral Kites

Photo © Nancy Parode

Locals who lived in Baddeck during Bell's time said that they could see kites flying over the Bell home, Beinn Bhreagh, nearly every day.

Bell's favorite shape was the tetrahedron. He built kite after kite using this shape, believing it to be stronger than any other.

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Bell and Baldwin's Boat Broke Speed Records in 1919

Photo © Nancy Parode

Alexander Graham Bell's breakthroughs did not end with the telephone; he and partner Frederick "Casey" Baldwin successfully tested the HD-4 hydrofoil in 1919.

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See a Full-Size Replica of Bell's HD-4 Hydrofoil Boat

Photo © Nancy Parode

The HD-4 reproduction is built to scale; it is so large that it is difficult to photograph in its entirety.

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Alexander Graham Bell's High-Speed Boat

Photo © Nancy Parode

Bell and Baldwin tested the HD-4 in nearby Baddeck Harbour. It's all too easy to imagine the consternation of Baddeck residents during the tests.

Bell had already astounded the locals with his amazing kites and his Silver Dart airplane. The shockingly loud engines of the HD-4 hydrofoil boat were just one more annoyance or breakthrough, depending on your point of view.

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See the Remaining Pieces of Bell's Original HD-4 Hydrofoil

Photo © Nancy Parode

The Alexander Graham Bell Museum has replicated the HD-4 to match Bell's specifications. The museum also holds the remaining pieces of the original HD-4.

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Find the Artifacts on the Bell Museum's Quest

Photo © Nancy Parode

The Alexander Graham Bell Museum has several child-friendly activities. Children can go on a scavenger hunt or participate in discovery activities in this area.

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