Belize Travel in August and September

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August is considered Belize's "little dry", with average rainfall dropping off considerably in the middle of the country's wet season.

September is a wet, warm month in most of Belize. Average temperatures are misleading because it often feels ten or more degrees hotter than the thermometer reads. The air is intensely muggy and tropical. Rainstorms are usually torrential, but brief, and it's easy to run indoors and wait for them to pass.

August and September Averages

  • Belize City:
    Highs of 86ºF, Lows of 77ºF in both August and September
    Average Rainfall: 7 inches in August, 9.5 in September

Events in August

  • International Costa Maya Festival
    In Early August, San Pedro on Ambergris Caye is home to the biggest yearly festival in Belize. Formerly called the Sea & Air Festival, the celebration includes parades, live music, dancing, delicious cuisine, and numerous competitions and contests.

Events in September

  • St. George's Caye Day
    On September 10th, Belize celebrates the 1798 Battle of St. George's Cay, in which a handful of locals defeated superior Spanish forces on the tiny island.
  • Independence Day
    On September 21st, all of Belize celebrates its independence from Britain, gained in 1981.

Tips on Traveling in August and September

During the International Costa Maya Festival in August and Independence Day in September, advance reservations are recommended to guarantee accommodations.

Belize's weather is very temperamental, but Belizeans deal with it every day of their lives. Know that when it comes to wardrobe, cool and casual is key. Bringing an umbrella or poncho will never hurt.

Most importantly, never let a rainy day ruin your vacation! The next day will likely bring brilliant sunshine.

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