Top 7 Belize Eco-Resorts

Green and Earth-Friendly

Bacab Jungle Park, Belize
••• Bacab Jungle Park, Belize. Pixabay

With barrier reefs, jungles, mountains, rainforest, and the largest cave system in Central America, Belize has a vast concentration of natural wonders. Luckily, it's also invested in conservation, and the country has become one of the premier eco-tourism destinations in the world.

A History of Eco-Tourism and Conservation

With an economy that depends largely on tourism, Belize also has an invested interest in maintaining the natural health and beauty of the island environment. From the land, 36% of which is under protected status, to the surrounding waters, of which 13% are protected, the geography of Belize is critical to the success of its tourism industry. 

As such, Belize takes great pride in being a progressive eco-tourism and sustainable tourism country.