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Are you looking to plan your first trip to Mexico? There are several different aspects to consider before you go, from travel documents to health and safety concerns, and of course which destination to choose and what activities to pursue during your stay. Here are some resources to help you get your trip planned and figure out what you need, where you should go and what you should do, to help make your Mexico vacation a success.

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General Info

Having some basic knowledge about Mexico before you go will help you make the most of your time there.

When To Go

Your first consideration should be the timing of your trip. Your own schedule may be the determining factor, but you will want to take into account the weather in Mexico, any festivals or events that you'd like to attend, and whether it's high or low season.

Where to Go and What to Do

Choosing your destination and activities, and planning your itinerary can be one of the most fun aspects of preparing for your trip. The options are limitless. Do you want to get a tan on one of Mexico's gorgeous beaches, learn about history in one of its fascinating colonial cities, or let the good times roll at one of the country's vibrant fiestas?

Passports, Travel Documents and Entry Requirements

Early in your travel planning, you should make sure you have all the necessary documents to travel to Mexico. Passports can take a few months to process so make sure you apply far enough in advance. You probably won't need to apply in advance for a visa: when you enter the country you will be given a tourist card.

Money Matters

Find out how to manage your cash in Mexico, what you need to know about carrying money, exchange rates for the Mexican peso and other concerns about money for travel in Mexico.

Mexico Travel Health Issues

Staying healthy is an essential factor in making sure you enjoy your time in Mexico. The main health problem that visitors to Mexico face is the dreaded Montezuma's Revenge, which is really just a fancy way to say traveler's diarrhea. There are some pretty simple precautions you can take to avoid having this problem, though.

Staying Safe in Mexico

There's been a lot of brouhaha recently about safety in Mexico and a lot of people are worried that Mexico is too dangerous, but most of Mexico remains safe to visit. You can improve your chances of staying safe while traveling in Mexico by following thse tips.

Getting Around Mexico

If you're planning a short getaway you may just go to one destination and stay there the whole time, but if you have a bit more time and are hoping to see more of Mexico, you'll have to deal with transportation. Getting around Mexico can be a challenge, but it's worth it to experience more of what the country has to offer.

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