Before You Plan Your Wedding in Las Vegas

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Before you plan your wedding in Las Vegas you should take a look at all of the options available to make your wedding the best that it can be. A wedding in Las Vegas can be anything from a small affair to a major event in a grand ballroom at a Las Vegas Resort. Tying the knot in Las Vegas should be perfectly suited to your tastes and budget, so use as many tools to plan the perfect wedding.

You'll need hotel info for friends and family, a place for a meal afterward, and somewhere to dance the night away. Las Vegas easily has all of those options and more taken care of for you. Spas, strip clubs, salons, sports books, shopping malls, and craps tables are all ready for you to have the best wedding party ever.

Find a Wedding Planner

These are the details you need for a wedding license and the hours that the important offices are open. Really, all you need is two people who love each other and someone to declare you legal. However, if you want that little paper that says everything you own now belongs to someone else, you'll need a marriage license.

Find a Hotel for Your Wedding 

When you decide to get married in Las Vegas your friends and family will need a place to stay so do a little research. Not everybody has to stay at the same hotel. Yes, it is more convenient but everybody has a way of researching for the best price so give people options with ideas on where to stay.

Find a Restaurant for After Your Wedding 

You'll need a place to eat after your Las Vegas wedding and there are plenty of romantic places to eat around town. However, you could also find a spot with a great view like Rivea at Delano Las Vegas or Top of the World at Stratosphere.

Find a Place to Celebrate 

The party will go on for most of the night, so find the place that will accommodate your entire party throughout the night. Need a lounge, a bar, or a restaurant? Beauty and Essex has a nice lounge as does Vice Versa at Vdara.

Making Travel Arrangements for Your Las Vegas Wedding

Don't freak out! Everybody will get to Las Vegas for the wedding but they might need a little help. Research rates and travel arrangements to get them going in the right direction.

Find a Place to Shop for Gifts

If you need to buy gifts or register for gifts, there are plenty of shopping malls and hotel shops in Las Vegas.

Find a Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

You will need a wedding chapel if you intend on exchanging vows. Research and see if you can find the perfect place to divulge just how much you really love each other.

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