Before You Plan Your Spring Break in Las Vegas

Plan It Right For Spring Break Vacation

Delano Beach Club
Photo by Zeke Quezada

You need to have an epic spring break and Las Vegas is the place for it. Now, you need to find out how you can afford it. The options for a low cost spring break are plentiful all you need to do is find them. Cheap food, cheap rooms and cheap drinks are exactly why you'll go to Las Vegas for spring break this year.

If you decide that you want to save money while spending your time off in Las Vegas you might have to eliminate the nightclubs of Las Vegas. Well...if you are a female it might be easier to hit the clubs, guys, just find a place for a beer and hit the pools.  Also, if you need a few FREE things to do in Las Vegas try these suggestions.

Getting to Las Vegas for Spring Break

Getting there is usually the biggest challenge, so make it easy to start your spring break in Las Vegas by finding the best deal. Get all the flight information you need as well as hunt down the best bargain for Spring Break


Find a Hotel for Spring Break in Las Vegas

You can find a hotel in Las Vegas that will not take all your money, that happens to have a nice pool and offers affordable food. You just have to be willing to cram twelve of your friends into 300 square feet.


Choose a Pool for Your Spring Break Party

As Spring Break begins so does pool season in Las Vegas. Find the best place to spend your entire afternoon as you recover from the previous evening indiscretions. Drink plenty of water and recharge at a Las Vegas pool.


You need a lounge for your early Spring Break Celebration

You need a lounge for your early Spring Break Celebration and the best thing about a lounge is that it usually is free. Eyecandy sound lounge at the Mandalay Bay is the way to go if you want to save on a cover charge and you still want to feel like you are hitting the clubs. Want to save money and have a great time, hit the Carnaval Court at Harrah's, entertainment, drink specials and a lot of fun people.


Find a Nightclub for Your Late Night Spring Break Action

The nightclubs in Las Vegas are where all the action seems to be after 11. They can cost a bit but I am sure you can a place that fits your budget. Stay away from the bottle service unless your financial aid check came in.


You might Need to Eat During Spring Break

You have to eat during Spring Break and I understand that the amount of money set aside for food is a tiny fraction of your budget, I can help. This is your resource for cheap food that will keep you alive between the empty calories of alcohol.