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The Special Beer and Breweries of Bamberg

Entrance to the brewery and restaurant Ambraeusianum, Bamberg, Germany
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What could be more enchanting than Bamberg’s cathedrals, castles, and rose garden? For some visitors, the attraction is its beer. Bamberg has been home to microbreweries before it was cool.

 Learn about Bamberg's special Rauchbier (smoked beer) and the many local breweries.

Bamberg's Rauchbier

Bamberg’s historic breweries craft over 50 types of beer, most notably the regional specialty of Rauchbier (smoke beer). An acquired taste for the uninitiated, this dark beer tastes like it sounds, like smoke. This is due to the unusual malting process where grains are smoked over a beechwood fire which is still present when it is transformed into beer.

Other Franconian Beer Specialties

If you prefer a lighter taste, Bamberg’s plethora of microbreweries frees it from the regional constraints of many other German cities. Where the North generally offers pilsners and Bavaria has a slew of Hefeweizens, there is a beer of every flavor in Bamberg. However, the traditional breweries usually only offer two to three beers on tap at a time, so sample a seidla of beer (0.5 litre)

  • Kellerbier - Unfiltered and hoppy, this is usually served straight from the barrel into stone mugs.
  • Zwickelbier - Similar to Kellerbier, the difference is that the beer was taken from a small tap on the maturation tank and appears hazy.
  • Vollbier - Malty with a color that ranges from light gold to almost black.
  • Bockbier - A heavy seasonal beer that appears in the autumn.
  • Fastenbier - Only offered during Lent, this beer offers a mixture of light and smoked malt.
  • Schwarzbier (Black beer) - A dark, malty lager beer that is bottom-fermented.

Bamberg Bierkellers

While each brewery offers a different atmosphere, expect to drink in the region’s Bierkeller (beer cellar). The name is a bit of a misnomer as Bamberg Bierkellers actually appear more like beer gardens. Sit "auf dem Keller" in the outdoor hillside seating which take advantage of the views of the quaint town and river, while the brewing and storage rooms are kept cool in the Keller.

In addition to the breweries in town, there are an estimated 300 breweries in the neighboring towns. Few places in the world have the density of breweries as found around Bamberg. So get out there, get drinking and explore.

Bamberg Brewery Tour

The Bamberg Tourist Office offers a map to tour the many different breweries, or you can simply follow our recommendations.

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Brauerei Schlenkerla

Erin Porter

The most famous of Bamberg's breweries is this Brauerei dating from 1405. Located in the heart of the Alstadt, this charming half-timbered building houses a traditional cellar environment, no-nonsense service and the famed Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier with a bacon finish.

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Spezial Keller Bamberg

This peaceful, expansive biergarten provides the best views of all of Bamberg from Kaiserdom to the Kloster Michaelsberg.And the climb justifies the many beers you should enjoy here.

If you arrive outside of summer, rustic accommodations inside keep beer drinkers cozy in the cooler seasons.

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Gasthausbrauerei Ambräusianum

Ambrausianum brewery and pub
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The newest brewery offers a modern brewpub vibe with jubilant crowds that flood out onto the main street. But don't think its all about the party; the massive copper beer boilers on prominent display make it clear that the beer is the star.

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Mahrs Bräu Bamberg

Mahrs Brewery Bamberg


Dating back to 1670 and family owned since 1880, this brewery is known for its distinctive beer, Mahr's Ungespundet-hefetrüb. The name is a mouthful, almost as tasty as the unfiltered, smooth, malty beer it represents. Easy to order, just ask for "u" (ooh)!

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Klosterbraurei Bamberg

Bamberg Klosterbraeu Brewery

Located on the slant of the hillside in the mill district, it is all about tradition at Bamberg's oldest brewery. Opened in 1533, expect things to be no-nonsense, but there is little need for accessories with beer this good and a view of the Regnitz.

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Brauerei Fässla

Exterior of the Brauerei Fassla
 Bernt Rostad/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Opening in the first year of peace after the thirty year war in 1649, enter through the giant factory doors to a lush biergarten. Though enclosed in greenery, two murals of the town still invite Bamberg in. Inside, wood panel walls offer Franconian specialities and a hotel in which to rest your boozy head if you have had one too many.

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