Bed Bugs in Las Vegas Hotel Rooms

Hotel Bed in Las Vegas
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Many are concerned that bed bugs from hotel rooms will infiltrate their luggage, take a free ride home with them and wreak havoc in their homes. Well, that is a valid concern considering that it is a real threat in plenty of hotels around the world. However, the prevailing opinion is that it is not a major problem in Las Vegas.

However, you should know that if you wake up with tiny bites all over your body it is possible that bed bugs are present in the hotel room you are occupying. So what should you do if you suspect that there might be some bed bugs in your Las Vegas hotel room?

First, if you are really concerned about bed bugs you should be proactive and get the searching out of the way immediately.

How to Inspect a Room for Bed Bugs

When you check in, do a quick inspection of the room. This will put your mind at ease or indicate you need to take action.

  • Pull back the comforter or duvet and check the sheets for spots or stains that look either brownish or slightly red. Often these are telltale signs of bed bug droppings
  • Pull back the sheets and check the seams of the mattress. Bed bugs hide deep in these seams and will attempt to burrow in and wait for the next victim to appear
  • You could also check the furniture. Take a look at the seams and under cushions for any sign of bed bugs. (If the furniture is of a dark color use a piece of white paper and place it near these areas and check to see if any appear on the paper)

Although most have not had an issue with bed bugs in Las Vegas, it is possible that on any given day a traveler could bring in bugs from another location and contaminate a hotel. Bed bugs are real and it is an area of concern for hotels in Las Vegas. allows you to plug in an address and search for a hotel that might have a possible infestation. At last check, the registry listed 367 bug reports across the state of Nevada. Keep in mind that just because a hotel had bed bugs once it does not mean it has a widespread problem. Also, realize that these are all personal reports by readers and the ability to confirm each and every account is impossible. What might be a harmless insect to a professional can be perceived as a bed bug to a weary traveler.

Bed Bug Photos and Information

The Southern Nevada Health District does a great job of educating the reader on bed bugs as well as including some decent pictures of those tiny insects that can scare even the most adventurous of travelers. The health district also gives advice on what to do if you encounter bed bugs in a hotel. The district advises, "Most good hotels have a plan in place to deal with bed bug infestations. If you believe a room is infested with bed bugs, notify the front desk immediately."

The Hotel's Response to Bed Bugs

This is where it gets tricky. You have to prove you see a bed bug, especially if it is a crowded weekend in Las Vegas. You can call downstairs and tell them that you saw a bed bug and they can send someone up to tell you that you are mistaken. That can happen. However, if you see a bug, take a picture with your cell phone. Next, walk to the front desk and ask to speak with a manager about the bed bug situation and show them the picture. They should do something about it.

What they should do is give you another room immediately and close off the other room until professional exterminators can come in to resolve the issue. Further, the Southern Nevada Health District recommends, "To prevent bringing the bed bugs with you to the new room, have clothes washed in hot water and dried in a commercial dryer for one hour and store luggage in a sealed plastic bag."

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