The Most Beautiful Train Journeys In The USA

Amtrak conductor
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The United States is a country which has grand and majestic scenery along with several areas that are truly beautiful, although many people won't get the opportunity to visit many of these places. When it comes to viewing beautiful scenery, there are few better ways to do it than from a comfortable seat on a train, from where you can watch the landscapes open up and pass by through the window. There are plenty of routes that offer great scenery in the USA, and here are some of the most attractive journeys that can be enjoyed across the country.

Chicago To San Francisco

Nicknamed the 'California Zephyr' by Amtrak, this beautiful line is one of the best ways of crossing the Rockies, and there is no doubt that the mountain scenery is amazingly beautiful whether you travel in the summer or winter. Because of the rugged terrain, those who created the line had to dig 29 tunnels, including the Moffat Tunnel which cuts through six miles of the Rocky Mountains taking hours off the journey time. The route also runs along the side of the Colorado River for many miles, and it is often possible to spot people out white water rafting down the rapids if you travel through this area during the day.

New York To Montreal

Departing from New York, this route takes travelers north with the train quickly leaving the suburbs of this great city to head north up towards the Hudson River Valley. The landscapes in this area have been the inspiration for many of the country's greatest artists, and the scenery from the train is truly remarkable, and along with the beautiful hillsides, travelers also get to see the mock medieval turrets of Bannerman's Castle. As it heads further north, the line runs along the shores of Lake Champlain, where the summer sees visitors and swimmers enjoying the water, before heading on to the beautiful city of Montreal.

The Grand Canyon Railway

This spectacular line runs from the charming town of Williams, Arizona for sixty-five miles through the Grand Canyon National Park before terminating at the very rim of the canyon itself. This is a leisurely and scenic ride that has train cars that are specifically designed for viewing the stunning scenery as you travel, and also has a second departure during the busiest period where necessary. While the majority of the trains are pulled by the diesel engines, there are also regular runs operated by steam trains, which adds to the magical experience.

Seattle To Los Angeles

The stunning scenery of the North West coast of the country is home to the route known as 'Coast Starlight', which combines wonderful coastal scenes, forests and mountains to offer a wonderful perspective on this part of the country. Near the northern end of the line, the beautiful views over Puget Sound are truly magical, while the route also passes near Mount Rainier which has glaciers over the peak throughout the year. Further south, the line follows the shores of the Pacific Ocean for over a hundred miles of beautiful coastal views.