Love Beaches and RVing? BeachRex Brings the Two Together

Greg Balazic is developing a beach fanatic website for RV and beach lovers

Greg Balazic

Great painters can inspire new great painters, great musicians can inspire the next generation of great musicians and even great RVers can inspire other RVers to get and experience great adventures.

That is the case with one RVer in particular and his desire to help people experience some of the great things he has. His name is Greg Balazic and he operates BeachRex. Let’s look at Greg’s story as well as some of the services BeachRex provides.

About Greg Balazic

Greg Balazic is one of the world’s greatest beach lovers. Balazic has been enchanted by beaches since he can remember and six years ago he decided to turn his passion into his profession and life. The best way for Balazic to live off his profession? By trying to help others in their beach adventure. Six years and 2500 beaches later, Balazic has launched BeachRex to help others join in his passion for the world’s beaches.

What Is BeachRex?

The simplest way to summarize BeachRex is by their own tagline, “Find the Perfect Beach.” BeachRex is a website dedicated to helping RVers and other travelers alike to find a beach that is just perfect for their trip. 

Reminder: BeachRex is just in its early stages and is not currently outfitted with all of the search results and options that Balazic envisions for the site upon completion. The following information is provided on how the website hopes to function after further development. 

How BeachRex Works

Log onto and you’ll immediately be greeted by a large search box underneath the phrase, “Find Your Perfect Beach.” Use this search box to plug in an idea of where you want to be such as “Florida’s Gulf coast,” or “Bay of Fundy,” to get an idea of different results pertaining to that particular beach or beaches.

Once you have selected a potential beach you will be able to explore that area in-depth without ever having to leave your computer screen. Accompanying media within a search may include photographs, 360-degree panoramas, video and more. Currently, BeachRex is utilizing Zlatni Rat beach in Croatia to give a demonstration at some of the accompanying features that BeachRex will provide.

It’s all good and well if the beach looks pretty but often travelers and RVers will need more than that. No worries as BeachRex hopes to be more than just a pretty website. BeachRex hopes to provide what type of beach it is (i.e. fine gravel, sugar sand), if it good for families, nearby dining and accommodations, parking, what size of groups the beach would be practical for, information on nearby amenities such as bathrooms and sporting fields and plenty more.

The site will also have plenty of room for user comments and ratings so you can get the down to dirt information from others who have been to the beach and provided further information. Like any destination, pictures and nearby amenities are great, but it’s truly the people who have been there that can best help you determine if the beach is the right trip for you.

How You Can Help Improve BeachRex

If BeachRex is something you’d like to become a reality, you can help! Log onto and look for the big Donate button. The faster Balazic and BeachRex find funding, the faster you can enjoy all the great potential features this website has to offer and find the best beach for you.

Balazic has traveled up and down the European coast to help spread his passion and try to make BeachRex a viable option for those travelers who want to find the perfect beach. If beach travel is also a passion for you try and don’t forget to get inspired by Balazic’s amazing travel blog as well which contains more photos, personal stories as well as some great travel tips for the beach lover in us all.

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