Beaches in Barcelona and Catalonia

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    Where are the Best Beaches in Barcelona?

    Barcelona, Spain - La Barceloneta
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    What makes a beach 'the best'? For some, it's the one nearest to hand. What's the point in lazing on a beach when it's a mission to get there? For others, a pristine beach and crystal clear waters are what people are looking for.

    Barcelona has both of these types of beaches. With several popular beaches in the city center - one minute from the Ramblas and several just a few metro stops away - and other more attractive shores a short train ride away, you can choose how adventurous you want to be for your day in the sun.

    The beaches in this list can be split into three categories. Firstly the Barcelona city center beaches, which can all be reached within minutes by Barcelona Metro. Then there's those to the north-east of the city, along Line 1 of the Rodalies or Cercanias route And those to the south-west, on Line 2 of the Rodalies route.​

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    Barceloneta Beach in Barcelona

    Barceloneta Beach, Port Olimpic
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    Barceloneta is Barcelona's most central beach. You can walk to it from Las Ramblas and it is well served by excellent fish and paella restaurants. 

    The beach isn't the cleanest and it can get quite busy, but it's still a fun place to hang out.

    Don't leave your valuables unattended on Barceloneta beach. To get there, take the Barcelona Metro to Barceloneta or walk from Las Ramblas.

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    Nova Icaria Beach in Barcelona

    Seafood Chiringuito L'Escamarla, Nova Icaria Beach, Vila Olimpica District.
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    Nova Icaria is central enough for those who don't want to go far to lie on the beach, but it's not Barceloneta so it doesn't get quite as crowded. It's a staffed beach with Red Cross and the police based here. There are toilets, lockers and a cloakroom. 

    The Center Municipal de Vela, a sailing organization, is based at Nova Icaria. There are also beach volleyball nets and table tennis tables.

    Nova Icaria beach is close to the center of Barcelona. This beach is a ten-minute walk from Ciutadella/Vila Olimpica.

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    Bogatell Beach in Barcelona

    Bogatell Beach in Barcelona.
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    Bogatell is in Barcelona, northeast of the city center. Bogatell beach has no metro station of its own. Walk towards the sea from Ciutadella/Vila Olimpica, Bogatell, Llacuna or Poble Nou metro stations. The beach is opposite the Parc del Poble Nou.

    You can also walk along the coast from Barcelona, past Nova Icaria Beach. 

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    Ocata Beach in Barcelona

    Ocata Beach in Barcelona
    ••• Ling Travel/Flickr/cc 2.0

    Ocata beach is one of Barcelona's cleanest beaches. Its flatness is great for sports, which is why there is an annual volleyball tournament there in June. 

    The area is well served by beachside restaurants. It's in the town of El Masnou, to the northeast of Barcelona. Take Line 1 of the Cercanias local railway (Rodalies in Catalan), the local commuter train, to Ocata station.

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    Caldetes Beach in Barcelona

    Caldetes Beach in Barcelona
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    Also known as Caldes d'Estrac is a few miles north-east of Barcelona. that has a history as a spa and resort town for the ultra-rich. Although it's more of a tourist destination today, it's still a lovely, picturesque beach with golden sands.Take Line 1 of the Cercanias (Rodalies in Catalan), the local commuter train, to Caldes d'Estrac

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    Sant Pol de Mar Beach in Barcelona

    ••• Image: Saul Gordillo (Creative Commons/Some Rights Reserved)

    Northwest of Barcelona, on the way towards Lloret del Mar and Girona, Sant Pol de Mar beach is perfect for swimming and for snorkeling through its many coves. Take Line 1 of the Cercanias (Rodalies in Catalan), the local commuter train, to Sant Pol de Mar.

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    Castelldefels Beach in Barcelona

    Castelldefels Beach in Barcelona
    ••• Ramon Espiña Fernand/Wikimedia Commons

    Southwest of Barcelona, on the other side of Barcelona airport, Castelldefels is a lovely, sandy beach that attracts all variety of visitors and locals. To get to Castelldefels beach, take Line 2 of the Rodalies commuter train service to Platja de Castelldefels for the beach itself or to Castelldefels for the town.

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    Garraf Beach in Barcelona

    Garraf Beach in Barcelona
    ••• Wikimedia Commons

    Garrif is just southeast of the center of Barcelona, past Castelldefels. It's located inside of a bay ​and is quite rocky in parts. Garraf itself is an old fishing village that has retained its quiet charm. To get there, take Line 2 of the Rodalies commuter train service to Garraf.

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    Sitges Beach in Barcelona

    Sunset at Sitges beach near Barcelona in Catalonia.
    ••• Photo taken by Rohan Reilly/Getty Images

    Sitges has several beaches of all varieties, including clothing-optional beaches, gay-friendly beaches, and family-friendly beaches. To get here take Line 2 of the Rodalies commuter train to Garraf.