Be a Revolutionary War Spy in Colonial Williamsburg

Latest installment of popular RevQuest spy game

Colonial Williamsburg

Learning about the Revolutionary War will be even more fun for kids and families visiting Colonial Williamsburg from now on.

The popular 18th-century living history site has launched “RevQuest: The Old Enemy,” the latest installment of its popular text-message based alternative reality game where players become agents of the Committee for Secret Correspondence. Using a smartphone or other device with texting capability, families become spies navigating through the streets of the Revolutionary City in search of secret meeting spots, hidden messages, and most importantly, an ally critical to saving the American Revolution.

It's the newest chapter of the “RevQuest: Save the Revolution!” series, which turns visitors into agents working covertly to help their fight for independence from Great Britain. Fighting has already begun though the fledgling nation has no professional army or navy, facing a struggle against the most powerful military force in the world.

You can start your spy mission before leaving home at, by virtually navigating the streets of Williamsburg and interacting with residents to find foreign agents who may be able to help. After arriving at Colonial Williamsburg, you can continue your quest, breaking codes and avoiding detection, and discovering that not everyone is as he or she seems.

“RevQuest: The Old Enemy” is based on true events and builds upon the success of three earlier chapters, which together have been enjoyed by nearly 83,000 guests since the game first debuted in 2011. “RevQuest: The Old Enemy” runs from March 31-November 30, 2014. The game is free with a Colonial Williamsburg admission ticket.

Date: Mar. 17, 2014

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