BAZ Las Vegas at Venetian Las Vegas

Gatsby, Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge Are Alive On The Stage in Las Vegas

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There is a part in the show where the stage is bathed in a deep red light. Two men and one woman dance, seductively, and engage in a sultry movement that helps to tell a story but also keeps the energy of the performance moving. It would seem that as a stand alone scene it would be the highlight of any production but placed within the context of BAZ in Las Vegas it is helps you piece together the tale that the performers are trying to tell.

Baz is a tribute to the work of Australian screenwriter and director Baz Luhrmann whose credits include Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby among others. While the show does its part the deliver on a mash-up of stories and it feels familiar, the production itself delivers with original choreography and scene stealing action. It is a bit interactive theater with a touch of dinner theater on a foundation of a Broadway show talented cast and crew.

The Show About Love.

Going in to see BAZ I did not know what to expect, this writer did absolutely no research on the show prior to taking my seat. My familiarity with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby as well as his lifestyle with his wife Zelda center around their Paris years and factoids derived from Hemingway. Shakespeare has been both read and analyzed so Rome and Juliet are no strangers to the knowledge base. 

Literature, this is not.

Broadway production, this is not.

Las Vegas show performed in a nightclub with a cast that can rival most productions it is. The performers can belt out a tune like any you have seen on any theater in any place. The movements, the action, the dance, the song, the sound and the production is what you should come to expect from a Las Vegas entertainment scene that realizes that the Las Vegas show is changing.

This show, centered on stories from three big screen productions celebrates love through stories from the motion pictures while interjecting modern music and edgy humor. The cast is not confined to the stage as you’ll see the show being performed throughout the theater from the rails to the bar even to your very own seats.  At any given moment you may find a performer sipping a drink right beside you or hovering way over head. You may hear someone call from across the room or see someone dance across the tables and chairs.

What you’ll notice is the underlying theme of “Love” and the celebration of romance and courtship through music and performance.

This is a show based on motion pictures and you should appreciate it for what it is. This is not Shakespeare, or Theater as you may have stereotypically created a memory for it in your minds eye. It is Las Vegas entertainment in the way that the strip can deliver a good product with an elevated twist.

Baz Las Vegas is a sensory journey through a few love stories with a highly talented cast and an extra splash of Las Vegas.

BAZ Las Vegas
Venetian Las Vegas
Shows nightly at 8pm (Dark Tuesday)

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