Bars Along Central in Nob Hill Albuquerque

Albuquerque Nob Hill Bars

The bars found along Central in Nob Hill in Albuquerque have a lot to offer, not the least of which is some of the city’s top places to sit and relax with a brew or special drink. Most are found within a short distance from each other, all within a few blocks along Central Avenue.

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    B2B Bistronomy

    B2B Beers
    ••• B2B Bistronomy

    3118 Central SE
    (505) 262-2222

    Though B2B is known for its many interesting burger combinations, it has its own brewed beers as well as a large lineup of beers on tap.

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    Bosque Brewing
    ••• Aileen O'Catherine

    106 Girard SE, Ste. B
    (505) 508-5967

    The relaxed atmosphere of Bosque Brewing Company, along with its good beers and good food make for a great place to sit and have a pint after work, or meet with friends for a bite. They have a rotating lineup of specialty beers as well as year round options.

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    Gecko's Bar & Tapas
    ••• Gecko's

    3500 Central SE
    505) 262-1848

    Gecko’s has long been a favorite of UNM students. The outdoor patio seating offers a place to watch Nob Hill shoppers while taking in the views of the Sandias. Gecko’s is known for its tapas. Gecko's also has a location in the northeast heights on Academy.

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    3101 Central NE
    (505) 255-4200

    Imbibe’s rooftop patio bar with three built-in fire pits has a direct view to the Sandias. On weekends it’s hard to get a seat, so get there early. Imbibe has a humidor room for those who imbibe. 4 p.m. – 7 p.m. Happy Hour, Monday – Friday.

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    ••• Visit Kelly's for their great brews and good food. © Aileen O'Catherine

    3222 Central SE
    (505) 262-2739

    What began as a gas station on the eastern edge of Albuquerque in 1939 has morphed into a casual, friendly place to gather with family and friends. The original filling station look is Kelly’s unique décor. Offering excellent, in-house brews, Kelly’s is a local hot spot. The sports bar features games. The outdoor patio seating features the perfect spot to try the 20 different brewed beers.

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    Lemoni Lounge
    ••• Lemoni Lounge in Yanni's. Yanni's

    3109 Central NE 
    (505) 268-9250

    Lemoni Lounge features a spacious, beautiful lounge within Yanni's Restaurant. Relax while listening to live music and trying some specialty cocktails, such as Dragon Lemonade and Green Chile Bloody Mary.

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    3201 Central NE 
    (505) 255-2424

    The Monte Vista Fire Station has been a Nob Hill institution for decades. Its rooftop bar is a big draw. The Station has a restaurant as well.

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    Nob Hill Bar and Grill
    ••• Nob Hill Bar and Grill

    3128 Central SE
    (505) 266-4455

    The Nob Hill Bar and Grill is a vibrant hotspot after dark, providing a full dinner menu and a bar that features house made specialty cocktails. They have a revolving line of craft beers as well as wine.

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    ••• © Aileen O'Catherine

    4310 Central SE
    (505) 255-6782

    If they don’t win you over with the good pub grub, they will with the Stone Brew Company Double Ale on tap. The live music on Sunday night ranges from folk to bluegrass, and on the walls, they always feature the work of a local artist. O’Niell’s has been an Albuquerque legend since 1994. Happy hour 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

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    3500 Central SE
    (505) 255-8781

    With a sophisticated ambiance and award winning northern Italian cuisine, this Albuquerque restaurant and bar have remained popular for 22 years. Features live music throughout the week. Outdoor patio seating available, weather permitting.

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    Tractor Brewing Company

     118 Tulane SE
    (505) 433-5654

    Tractor Brewing has a location in Nob Hill as well as in Wells Park. The small pub just off Central and Tulane features their many craft beers.  A food truck is usually parked just outside the doorway for those who need a bite.

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    ••• Two Fools Tavern. © Aileen O'Catherine

    3211 Central NE
    (505) 265-7447

    Two Fools Tavern looks every bit like a real Irish pub, with dark wood, small round tables designed for intimate talk, and plenty of warm stout on tap. Two Fools is fashioned after an authentic Irish pub, and like the real thing, features live music and real pub grub.

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    Zacatecas Tacos
    ••• Photo Courtesy Zacatecas

     3423 Central NE
    (505) 255-8226 Zacatecas is known for its tequila bar, where they specialize in signature cocktails, build-your-own Margaritas, South of the Border specialties and a large selection of Tequila and Mezcal. Their restaurant is an authentic Mexican style taqueria.

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    ••• © Aileen O'Catherine
    Zinc features a wine cellar on the lower level with deep, cushioned seating and an extensive wine list. Whether heading out for a play or looking for an evening of relaxation, the Zinc bar delivers. Live music Sundays through Thursdays.