See the Bargains Up for Grabs on Linking Road in Mumbai

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    Indian Clothing on Linking Road

    Indian dresses on Linking Road, Bandra.
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    Mumbai is the style capital of India. From the bustling street bazaars to the exclusive designer boutiques, fashion blends and clashes here in a way that's unique to the rest of the country.

    Trendy Bandra, in Mumbai's western suburbs, is a well known shopping haven. Locals flock to Linking Road to spend their cash on the latest clothes and accessories. It's a fusion of modern and traditional, and East meets West, where streets stalls contrast with brand name shops. In this article, discover the types of bargains you can expect to find along Linking Road.

    Start: Corner Waterfield Road and Linking Road

    The bargain shopping begins at the corner of Waterfield Road and Linking Road. You'll know you're there when you reach the rows of street stalls overflowing with people and vendors selling brightly colored Indian outfits.

    Where to Shop

    The street stalls tend to be grouped together according to the type of goods they sell. You'll come across Indian traditional clothes first, followed by shoes, then bags and belts. Further along Linking Road is the territory of the brand name stores. The sheer variety of merchandise and styles on offer can be bewildering. Therefore, it's recommended that you first take a good look around before buying anything.

    What to Keep in Mind

    It's a busy area. Expect crowds and chaos as stall holders compete for shoppers, and shoppers compete for discounted items. Bargain hard. As a rule, don't pay any more than half the quoted price, and its often possible pay less than this. The best method is to feign indifference about your desire for the item and even walk away if necessary. In most cases this will result in an immediate drop in the asking price. See these Tips for Getting a Good Price at Markets in India.

    Browse the following pages to see more of what's up for grabs on Linking Road.

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    Shoes on Linking Road

    Shoes on Linking Road, Bandra.
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    Linking Road is particularly well known for its huge variety of cheap shoes -- stall after stall of them. Prices start from only a couple of hundred rupees. But at that price, don't expect them to last for long before you have to repair them!
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    Scarves on Linking Road

    Scarf sellers on Linking Road.
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    You'll also find lots of random vendors hawking their wares on Linking Road, such as this scarf seller. Some vendors wander around with their items, while others throw them down in a bundle on the pavement. You can purchase a scarf for under 100 rupees.
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    Fancy Handbags on Linking Road

    Guys selling handbags on Linking Road.
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    Don't these guys wear the handbags so well? They were quoting 600 rupees for a bag, as the starting price for negotiations. A bargain, if you like big bags with lots of bling!
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    Hippie Handbags on Linking Road

    Hippie handbags on Linking Road.
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    If fancy handbags aren't your style, and you'd prefer something a little more funky and casual, you'll also find hippie-style handbags for sale on Linking Road.  They're brightly colored and embroidered, and available for only a couple of hundred rupees.
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    Shopping Center on Linking Road

    Shopping Center on Linking Road.
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    If you're feeling adventurous, take a peek inside this shopping center, located close to the Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet on Linking Road. It's narrow and stuffy inside. However, there's a wide variety of small shops where you may just find a fabulous bargain!
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    India Map Seller on Linking Road

    India map seller on Linking Road.
    © Sharell Cook

    Of course, the shopping experience would be incomplete without an ubiquitous guy selling maps of India. This one also had maps of the world on offer. Don't be too concerned about where to find him. Most likely, he will find you!