Bargains Galore on 64 in Arkansas

A street scene of a rural area along US Route 64 in Arkansas

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Bargains Galore on US 64 is the largest (at least the longest) yard sale in Arkansas. It's 160 miles of sales which span most of the state: from around Beebe to Fort Smith. It takes a few days to really shop the entire sale.

However, it's not just your average yard sale. You'll find your average yard sale trash to treasures, but you'll also find antiques, new items, collectibles and more. Many people sell handmade furniture or art along the route. You can even find produce. Even if you're not a flea market or yard sale person, you can probably find something you want if you're persistent enough.

Even if you don't find that great bargain, the sale runs through some of the most scenic places in Arkansas. You'll pass lots of scenic vistas and some great tourist attractions. Be sure to plan some time to take advantage of those too. Generally, the sales are open from sun up to sun down. However, like most garage sales, it varies by vendor.

Where to Go to Start Shopping

This annual sale takes place all along US 64 in Arkansas. It starts in Fort Smith, hits Van Buren, Alma, Ozark, Altus, Clarksville, Russellville, Morrilton, Conway, Vilonia, and Beebe. Overall, 24 cities participate, including Atkins, El Paso, Menifee, Blackwell, Hartman, Mulberry, Coal Hill, Knoxville, Plummerville, Dyer, Lamar, Pottsville, and London.

Many ask where the "best place" to shop is, but it really is a huge sale. You'll find great buys along any part of it. It would be hard to say where the best place to shop was unless you knew exactly what you were looking for, and even then two vendors at opposite sides of the sale might both be selling the items.

Safety Tips and Advice

Because of the nature of this sale and the highway, it can be a little dangerous. Use your turn signals when you want to pull over and don't make any U-turns or sudden stops. You can always turn around and go back. Remember, people who aren't visiting the sale are also using the highway.

You should also be aware of following too close because not everyone will be polite enough to use turn signals and some will stop suddenly. Drive slower than the speed limit. All the sudden stopping and going can cause fender benders (or worse).

Finally, be careful while crossing the street -- some people will not stop for pedestrians. Be sure to hold on to children and animals. 

Insider Info

  • There are some participants located off the highway, so look for signs. There are also food vendors along the route, but packing a lunch is a good option as well. Wear comfortable shoes. You should also be prepared for the heat -- August in Arkansas is quite hot, so bring water and wear cool clothes. Take small bills and change so you don't have to wait for change to move on to your next find.
  • Supposedly, Friday is the best day to hit the sale. It starts on a Thursday, but not every vendor is out and selling them. Friday features almost all of the vendors and inventory is high.
  • Be sure to bring cash. These days, most vendors have some sort of mobile credit card processing company, but not all of them do. Also, vendors will give better deals on cash purchases because they can avoid paying credit card processing fees. When making an offer, be sure you tell them you intend to pay with cash. 
  • Yard sale shopping tips that work everywhere else will work at this sale too. Some of the vendors are just local families and individuals, but some are professional flea market vendors -- so don't forget to bring your best flea market strategy.
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