Bargain Movie Theaters in Oklahoma City

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A night out at the movies can get quite expensive, particularly with the premium experience at the best theaters in town. So, if you want to save money on your trip to the cinema, check out these discount theaters in Oklahoma City instead.

Once known as dollar theaters, tickets for these locations are a little more expensive these days, but they still offer a chance to see some of the biggest films on the big screens—a few months late. Discount theaters exclusively screen movies that have been out of the box office for a little while, but if you want a day-at-the-movies experience, you can still enjoy the show.

Unfortunately, there aren't too many of these bargain theaters left these days; for example, theaters in Yukon and near Plaza Mayor have closed. Still, be sure to check out one if you want to spend the day at the movies for cheap.

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Northpark Cinema 7

12100 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73120, USA
Phone +1 405-755-9279

Now an AMC Classics Theatre, the Northpark Cinema 7 is located in Northpark Mall. As with most bargain theaters, don't look for a lot of extras when you visit this theater as it's small compared to most modern theaters, and the seats have seen better days. Tickets are around four dollars per person and the concession stand has decent prices. Tuesdays feature admission of just one dollar, but the regular additional charge for a 3D film of two dollars still applies.

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Classics Crossroads Mall Cinema 16

1211 E Interstate 240 Service Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73149, USA
Phone +1 405-632-4872

Another Oklahoma City AMC Classics Theatre, the Crossroads Mall Cinema 16 movie theater offers new films at just four dollars any day of the week. Like Northpark, there are fewer amenities for this AMC theater. Still, the Crossroads Mall Cinema was renovated in 2017 and some of its seating and features have been upgraded as a result, making it the best discount theater in town. Also like Northpark Cinema, Crossroads Mall Cinema has discounted Tuesdays and a two-dollar additional fee for 3D films.

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Jones Theatres Hornbeck Theatre

125 N Bell Ave, Shawnee, OK 74801, USA
Phone +1 405-275-0964

Originally opened in the late 1940s by former Shawnee Mayor Adam Hornbeck, ​the Jones Theatres Hornbeck Theatre has been remodeled to operate in conjunction with Carmike Cinemas. This one is a bit of a drive from downtown Oklahoma City in the town of Shawnee, but with admission at just two dollars (plus tax), you won't beat this deal. The concession stand also features special discounts on Tuesdays and operates seven days a week.

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Metro Area Drive-In Movie Theaters

Another way to save some money at the theater is to go to a drive-in. Though their numbers have dwindled significantly across the country, there are still a few in the Oklahoma City metro area. Not only is it a unique experience, but ticket prices are several dollars less than you'll find at most non-bargain theaters when you pay for a car-full price versus standard admission. This is one of the best ways to experience new movies, too, and something you and your family will remember long after you return home.

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Save Money at These Bargain Movie Theaters in Oklahoma City