Bargain Movie Theaters in Oklahoma City

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A night out at the movies can get quite expensive, particularly with the premium experience at the best theaters in town.  So why not find a bargain movie theater instead. They were once known as dollar theaters, though ticket prices are usually double that these days.  Still, just by waiting a bit of time after a film's release, you can save a great deal of money.

Unfortunately, there aren't too many of them left these days.  For example, theaters in Yukon and near Plaza Mayor have closed.  But here are the bargain movie theaters in the Oklahoma City metro area, with links to get showtimes and purchase tickets online.  

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    Northpark Cinema 7

    Now an AMC Theatre, the Northpark Cinema 7 is located in Northpark Mall at 122nd and North May Avenue. As with most bargain theaters, don't look for a lot of extras.  It's small compared to most modern theaters, and the seats have seen better days.  But with $2.00 general admission and good concession prices, it's a perfect choice to catch a flick and save a buck.  Speaking of a buck, Tuesdays feature admission of just $1.00.  The additional charge for a 3D film is $2.00

    See what's showing at Northpark 7.

    12100 N May Avenue / Suite G
    Oklahoma City, OK 73120
    (405) 755-9283

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    Jones Theatres Hornbeck Theatre in Shawnee

    This one is a bit of a drive from downtown Oklahoma City, but it's not too far if you live east of the city.  Plus, it's a pretty cool, historical building.  Built in the late 1940's by former Shawnee Mayor Adam Hornbeck, it's been remodeled and is operated in conjunction with Carmike Cinemas.  Admission is just $2.00 for all showings, every day, and Tuesdays feature $2.00 concession items (drinks, popcorn, candy).

    See what's showing at the Hornbeck Theatre in Shawnee.

    125 N. Bell Street
    Shawnee, OK 74801
    (405) 275-0963

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    Another way to save some money at the theater is to go to a drive-in. Though their numbers have dwindled significantly across the country, there are still a few in the metro.  Not only is it a unique experience, but ticket prices are several dollars less than you'll find at most non-bargain theaters.