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Michael Mina Gives Us A Taste Of Paris In Las Vegas

Bardot Cavier Parfait
Zeke Quezada

The focal point of Bardot should not be the bar but you have to see it to appreciate it. Rectangular and inviting, it makes you want have a drink and mingle and then sample more food and drink than you should. The dining room is lively but the bar is set apart from the restaurant. The light is better, the energy is Vegas and the cocktails are inventive.

But, we are talking about a restaurant and the food that is coming out of the kitchen at Bardot is impressive and has become better as the time moves away from opening. (my initial few visits were uneventful and riddled with inconsistent dishes)

Bardot at Aria Las Vegas is quickly becoming among the best in Las Vegas. Not surprising considering that Michael Mina has a history of putting together some successful concepts in Las Vegas.

Bardot Las Vegas

Aria Las Vegas
3730 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: (877) 230-2742

Cuisine:   French Bistro

Price Range:  Expensive

Hours: Mon - Fri 5:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Sat - Sun 10:00 AM - 10:30 PM

Attire: Business Casual

What should you expect:

Bardot is going for the French Brasserie concept and that allows for some casual comfort while surrounded by food that would not be out of place in a fine dining restaurant. The kitchen is plating items as well as anyone on the Las Vegas strip and the quality is right here with the best.  The atmosphere is jovial and celebratory. This restaurant could easily double as both a group dinner recommendation and a date night treasure. While it is not romantic the food will inspire romance.

How’s The Food at Bardot?

If you are looking for a complete meal that excites you for the duration of your dinner Bardot has some intriguing possibilities. The mains are a bit soft compared to the way the meal starts off. If you have limited options and budget, skip the big stuff down low on the menu and focus on the small plates and starters.

What you should try at Bardot Brasserie Las Vegas:


  • Escargot Bardot. This puff pastry with a french snail inside is delectable to the point where it would seem appropriate to drop a couple in your mouth at a time. Don't, these are not tic tacs they are nature's candy's and they deserve to be slowly enjoyed.
  • Duck Wings. These wings would be perfect with beers in front of a television if you were the type that loved a good blood orange glaze. No one will judge you if you lick your fingers so make sure to treat them properly.
  • Bone Marrow Au Poivre. Roasted bone marrow with just enough of a pepper crust to dance off of the onion jam that you will spread on that crusty bread. If you are not a fan of bone marrow this version will turn you into one.
  • Shellfish Tower. Yes, it is expensive but if you have a few friends with you go ahead and battle it out to see who gets more lobster.
  • Prime Steak Tartare. The egg yolk over the top add so much so make sure to mix it in well. Savor every last bite because these are the flavors you will remember later on when you try to explain why Bardot has shot to the top of your Las Vegas restaurant list.
  • Pork Chop. I have to say that after the starter dishes the pork chop does not hold my attention as it should. Don't get me wrong, it is good but the smaller plates to start are better.
  • If you must choose between the 14oz and the 20 oz rib eye go with the larger one as that one appears to be dry aged 35 days. The 14 oz steak has all the components of steak but when I had the dry aged steak it was far better. (it is possible that both were dry aged but on a recent visit the 20 oz steak had enough funk to show a little age. In a good way)

While you are at Aria be sure to check out a few more restaurants such as Carbonne, Sage, Bar Masa and Javier's.


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