Barcelona Weather in September

Rain or shine, here's what to expect during fall in Barcelona

September in Barcelona
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When you can barely trust your weatherman to get tomorrow's forecast right, it's insanely tricky to predict what the weather will be like months from now, especially regarding a part of the world you may not be familiar with. However, when traveling abroad, you can prepare for the most likely eventualities. Check out the weather in recent years in Barcelona in September for an idea of what to expect when visiting the city.

What Weather to Prepare for in Barcelona in September

Average temperatures are a good indicator of what kind of weather to expect when visiting somewhere for the first time, but it doesn't tell the whole story because the weather is rarely actually average. Below you can see what the weather was like in recent years in Barcelona to give you an idea of what to expect when coming to the city.

As you can see below, the weather is fairly reliable in the Catalan capital in September. It is usually warm, but not too hot. At night time the temperature drops, but not massively. Rain is rare but possible. If you plan to do some more traveling in Spain around that time of year, you should read our pages.

Early September: Basically, Perfect Weather

In early September, Spain tends to be quite warm, as summer is only just beginning to wind down. Temperatures tend of hover between 70 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit so not painfully hot, but still enjoyable.

Basically, perfect sunny weather! Rain is possible, but there hasn't been much in recent years.


It's still usually warm in mid-September. In fact, in recent years it's been in the 80-degree range. Again, Barcelona stays quite dry at this time of year, but as you can see, there are some exceptions.

Late September: Endless Summer

As you can see, the end of September stays warm; it's still summer even at this late stage in the year. Perfect for visiting Barcelona's beaches!

While visiting Barcelona in late September, make sure to check out Festa de la Merce, one of the city's best festivals, that takes place from September 20 to September 24.

Source: Weather Underground Almanac

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